Aunt Agga Issue #141


Q My daughter is a pole dance competitor (as a sport) and she wants to set up a pole in her house. I suspect that having a pole in the house is not good feng shui. What is your advice?

A My dear… As long as it is not set up near the entrance or door way then it should be fine. This kind of pole has to be securely mounted from floor to ceiling so if it is in the middle of some pathway, it will be a hindrance and can block the flow of chi. But if she has a room dedicated to dancing and exercising, and she wants to set it up in the centre of this room so that she has space to manoeuvre then it will be OK. But definitely I would not advice placing the pole in the centre of the living room, study room, dining room or bedroom.


Q I saw a rat running from my kitchen to the living hall and exit through the main door of the house. I’m worried this might be a bad omen.

A Yes this is generally not considered a good sign when a rat in your house leaves your main door. This could mean that you may soon lose some money or one of your assets. But don’t worry, you can nullify this bad omen by reading a special sutra which we have published in the Chant a Mantra Book. Inside this booklet, look for the “Excellent Stack of Auspiciousness” sutra. Read this three times as you think about the bad omen… and it will neutralise this bad omen. I recommend reading it once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once before bed.


Q I am going through a financial crisis. My bathroom is located in the Southeast, which is the Wealth corner of the house. What can I do?

A There are more than one “wealth spots” in your home. If your Southeast has a toilet then I suggest looking for another wealth spot and activating this location. The easiest wealth spot to locate is the one directly in front of your house, in the centre grid. Place a water feature there and you’ll activate the house’s “sheng chi” location. You should also look for the Water 8 star location, and quite likely, this is also in the same location as the central front of the house. Place a water feature there. Good luck!



Q I have bought the peach blossom animal to activate the peach blossom luck in my bedroom. But right now I’m sharing my bedroom with my married sister who is about to move overseas to join her husband (next year). Will this have any impact on her? We have the same zodiac sign.

A Yes the peach blossom animal will also affect her.. but if you’re worried that she might meet someone new, then don’t worry. If her bond with her husband is strong then the peach blossom animal in your bedroom will strengthen her marriage luck with her husband. You can place the peach blossom animal in your bedroom without worrying about her romance luck.


Q I read an article somewhere about calling back a loved one. It mentioned that there are two types of separation – temporary and karmic. What are the differences between these two?

A Everything that happens to you in life is a result of karma. The Sanskrit word karma translates to mean “action”… which creates a “result”. So when you meet someone you feel a strong attraction to, it’s definitely a result of a karmic connection from a past life, and meeting this person again is a result of unresolved business based on actions from both sides from a previous life together. When we separate from someone, this can be temporary or permanent. Either way, the separation is also a result of karma – actions committed from this life or past life. Normally when people say that a separation is “karmic” it means that it is permanent at least for this lifetime. If the separation had some kind of closure – like an amicable split where both parties go on to meet new people or when one person passes away, then it means that karma with this person for this life is finished. If the separation is bitter and there is a lot of unfinished and unresolved business, then it is likely you will meet this person again either in this life or in future lives to continue what you have left unfinished.