Aunt Agga Issue #140


Q At my office, I am seated facing East. Directly behind me is a store room and the door is always kept open. Does this affect me in a bad way?

AYes this is not a good location for you. Any position where there is a door behind you is not advised. It weakens your position of power and causes others to back-stab you. But at least the door behind opens to a storeroom and not a toilet or long corridor. I suggest you try to move to another desk if you can (ask your boss). But if this is not possible then close the store room door at all times. You can also hang an amulet mirror behind your seat (facing the store room door) and see if that helps.


QWe have been struggling financially for some time now. Recently electrical appliances started breaking down one after the other (most are under 5 years old). The light bulbs need replacing constantly. I am scared of losing the house and everything we have worked for.

AI suspect that the energy of your home is old. If you are living in a house that has not been refurbished since 2004 then you’re staying in a house that is pre-Period-8 based on flying star feng shui. Usually people who live in such “old” houses struggle with finances and even the smallest things tend to go wrong. I suggest that you give your entire house a facelift with a fresh coat of paint to infuse new energy into the home. Check that your main doors do not have cracks, and dinner plates are not chipped. If there are cracks on your door, sand it and repair it. If you can afford it, get a new door installed. Throw out whatever clutter and junk if you’ve been hoarding it. Keeping junk, especially old electrical appliances that you will never use again (i.e. old computer monitors, keyboards, etc) is a sure way of harbouring stale energy. This is what can cause things to go really wrong.


QWhat does it mean to see birds flying past my window each time I am praying or saying the mantra to Goddess Tara? Is this good? They are either pigeons or swallows. Also, every evening, there are many swallows flying outside my living room window just before sunset (our home is a high rise apartment). Is this good?


AOf course these are all good signs! Birds are spirit messengers and many dakini angels ride on them. When you’re chanting mantras, especially Tara mantras, the spirit beings are so happy.. they fly past your window as a way of saying “well done, keep it up! We’re listening to your prayers and have faith we are working to help you” Pigeons and swallows are very much associated with spiritual growth and messages. Many believe that swallows are the animals ridden by the gandharva nature spirits and pigeons are ridden by fairies that bring abundance. And normally, according to lineage texts, they love to fly around during sunset! So yes my dear, these are all good signs.


QMy daughter’s bedroom door is directly facing our bedroom door. I believe this is what has caused a rift between us. Please advise how to cure this as I would like to once again enjoy a loving and close relationship with her. I’m a Rabbit (1951) and she is a Dog (1982). We are supposed to be astrological secret friends! AIf you

AIf you can, I suggest renovating and moving the door on either of your rooms so that they are not directly facing each other. If you can’t do this, then hang door curtains over both your doors. This should help reduce the confrontational energy caused by both doors. Also do bear in mind that the Dog has had the #3 star throughout the year; this is a very Quarrelsome Star which makes her more touchy and prickly than other years. This coming year, you are afflicted with the Three Killings and Grand Duke Jupiter, and she is going to feel weaker than normal due to the #2 illness star. It is really important for the both of you to place all the necessary cures to suppress these afflictions. This will really help keep the peace and make everything harmonious again.