Aunt Agga Issue #129


Q I’m 38 years old. My husband passed away four years ago but I’m finding it difficult to date a suitable man. Most of the people I meet do not have honest intentions.

AOh dear. If you’re staying in the same house as four years ago then I suspect that the NW corner of your home is either missing or afflicted. The NW corner affects the Patriarch. Missing NW can cause the husband to leave the home, and this may be through a death or a transfer from the home. If you’re still having problems finding a new man, then definitely there must be something wrong with the NW of the house. Suggest you find a new place to live or renovate your house if the NW is missing or afflicted with a bathroom or store room.


Q My house has a water feature directly facing my main door. I read an article from the newspaper saying that it is consider shar chi. How does this affect me? I have been trying to conceive for several years and not successful. Does the water feature affect my chances of getting pregnant? Is so, what is the cure? My inability to conceive is affecting my relationship with my husband.

AMy dear, don’t believe everything you read in the papers. A water feature facing your door brings good luck and it is not at all causing shar chi! Your difficulty in conceiving is due to other factors. I assume that you and your husband have already consulted doctors and verified that your reproductive systems are in working order. If you both have no medical issues, then you must check your feng shui. Check the WEST; this is the location that governs fertility luck. If it is missing or afflicted with a big tree then removing the tree would help. You should sleep with your head pointed towards your husband’s Nien Yen. Finally, invite the image of WHITE FERTILITY TARA and chant her mantra everyday. She specialises is bringing children to childless parents. Her mantra is OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA.


QI have been a widow for 4 years. I met someone last March who is younger than me by 11yrs but he’s perfect. But due to his job and having promised his mother he would never get married, he only wants us to have a relationship with no strings attached. Is there any way I can change this? I’m a Horse (1966) and he’s a Snake (1977).

AMy dear. I’m very happy to hear you that you have found a young and handsome new love! Your new man sounds like a true Snakecharming and lovely but also prone to commitment issues. Somehow I find his story rather hard to believe. You have two choices: 1) Save yourself some time and heartbreak – start looking for someone new now. Clearly you’re an attractive lady who can still hook the attention of a young man – why not find someone older who is more mature and less unsure of himself? If what he says is true, he is truly a “momma’s boy”- and my experience tells me that marriage with this guy will only end in disaster. You’ll end up married to his mom! Your second option is to be relaxed and enjoy this relationship without too much attachment. Enjoy the romance and excitement, and remember, if there are no strings attached, you too are free to do as you please! In any case, I advise you to chant RED TARA’s mantra – OM TARE TAM SOHA and ask for her guidance. Red Tara will lead you down the best road to love and happiness.


QWe just rented a new place and discovered that the toilet is in the centre of the house! And also the toilet shared the same wall with kitchen stove on the other side. I’ve heard that this is very bad for wealth. What can we do?


AOh dear….It’s always a good idea to check these things before you rent a place! But now that you are already there, then there is very little you can do especially since you do not own this property and renovation is probably not an option. You could try and put in a request to your landlord to have the stove moved away to another part of the kitchen, as sharing it with a toilet wall is definitely not a good idea. If you can’t do this, then other way is to buy a portable stove and cook all your food in another location in the kitchen. As for the toilet being in the centre of the house, unless you move the toilet elsewhere you can’t really do much about this. Suggest you strengthen the centre location of all your living areas with good energizers. For 2016 the best is to place the Medicine Buddha Stupa in the centre of your living room and the Golden Garuda Wulou in the centre of your dining rooms. This will really help.


QI forgot to remove my Tara pendant when I showered myself. Is this bad? What should I do?

ADon’t worry about it. It’s not advisable to wear amulets when sleeping but it’s OK to wear it if you’re taking a shower. However some TARA pendants are coated with enamel or set with crystals. Taking showers with them might cause the enamel to come out… so better not to wear it while showering.


QMy boss is finding fault with my work and disagreeing with all my suggestions. I am a Snake and he is a Tiger. We were getting along better last year. What can I do? Is there a remedy?

AThe Snake is not having a great year as the annual #2 star makes life quite difficult and weak for you. This year you would have fallen sick a lot and this may have caused your work to fall behind. But now, the energies of the year are changing, and the Tiger is starting to feel next year’s energy – as the Five Yellow is moving into the Tiger’s location. The good news, is that the Snake will soon be free of the #2 and Victory comes to you next year. But your boss will not be a happy guy. Here is what I suggest. You should place the Golden Mantra Pillar in the Northeast location of your office. Wear the popularity scarf to work daily. Also check that you are facing your good directions at work. All this will help remove problems with your boss.