Aunt Agga Issue #123


Q I would like to get a tattoo like “Om Mani Padme Hum”, and 8 auspicious signs and others. In FSW May issue it said that the inner arm is a good place. For the 8 auspicious symbols, can I get it all on one arm or can I split it 4 on each arm?

A I’m generally not a great advocate of tattoos because they are permanent. But yes if you would like to get a tattoo of sacred syllables like OM MANI PADME HUM, then the inner arm is a good place as this part of your body is near some of your important chakras and also you won’t run into “disrespect” issues like sleeping on it. The chest area (between the breasts) is also a great place – but it’s very painful. If you can bear the pain, this is an amazing part to place sacred mantras. As for the Eight Auspicious Objects, this can be tattooed pretty much anywhere you like as they are not “sacred” objects as such. And yes you can tattoo the eight auspicious objects, four on each arm.


Q My husband is a Monkey, I am an Ox. He has a very bad temper and is verbally abusive. Our family has suffered his temper for 7 years! I get tense when he shouts at me that my face now twitches. He says unkind things and then afterwards acts like nothing has happened. He shouts at me in the presence of our domestic helpers and our son. We are living in my family’s ancestral home. Now I just want him to leave me for another woman so we can end this marriage.

A My dear. Living in an ancestral home may not always be the best thing. Most of them are old, and many of them have not been renovated to update the feng shui energy of the house based on time feng shui. Living in a house with old energy always creates problems – and most times, it’s either serious financial misfortune or marriage failures. I also suspect that your husband is under a spell or spirit harm. People who get violent or hot-tempered and then act like nothing is wrong later are usually victims of some kind of spell or harm. Start by placing House Amulets above the main door of your house to systematically remove the bad energy. Hang the Guru Rinpoche Dusum Sangye plaque at your main door. Invite the White Umbrella Goddess and place in the SW to strengthen your personal luck. If you wish to get a more detailed consultation for your home, email us at


Q My main door faces Southwest. I have a water feature in the Southwest of my garden close to the main door on the left hand side facing outside. Is this OK?

A Definitely this is fine. The Southwest is the “indirect spirit” of Period 8 and placing water here activates wealth luck for you! As your main door faces this water feature, it really helps. Just make sure the water feature is not flowing outwards, as this is inauspicious.


Q My office desk is next to the staff toilet. I can hear everything that goes on inside the toilet – even when the sink or flush is being used! It concerns me a lot. What can I do? But my desk faces NW. My back is not facing the door.

A Sharing a wall with the toilet is not great. But if you’re facing your good direction and your back is not towards the door, then at least your feng shui is not too bad. I suggest playing uplifting music on your desk to counter the sounds coming from the toilet. If you cannot play loud music, use headphones. The other thing I recommend is to hang a large red painting on the wall which shares the toilet with you. This will help counter the bad energy coming from the toilet.



Q We put our parents’ house on sale since June 2014. In September there was a buyer but he cancelled the sale in January 2015. Until now no serious buyers have come. How can we sell this house as quickly as possible? We live in Indonesia.

A The local spirits in this house are not giving you their co-operation in selling! Try this. First, offer incense to the home and ask the local spirits to give you their permission to sell the house. Then take a red packet (angpow) and place these items inside: some soil from the garden, a small piece of wood from the kitchen (this can be a chip of wood from the cupboard or a small part of a wooden spatula used for cooking), and piece of metal from the kitchen. Place inside the angpow packet, take it to a river with fastrunning water. Throw the packet into the water and make a wish that it will bring a buyer for this house. This method has worked for many people – it may not necessarily give you the price you want, but it has brought buyers to houses that have not been able to sell for a while. It’s useful to keep offering incense to the local spirits of the house, especially before you show the home. This will keep the local spirits happy and help in the process of selling it.


Q I am launching a new business in the massage, chiropractic and acupuncture industry. It has 2 rooms and a reception area. Any advice you have regarding paintings and colour? We are thinking of a calm yellow as it also creates Yang energy. Also thinking of hanging 3 coins inside. Thank you.

A Yellow and red are not suitable colours as these strengthen the illness vibrations brought by the flying stars. The best is to use whites, greens and have lots of light and plants. A light cream or very light beige is acceptable. I suggest you check the flying star feng shui of your clinic and identify where the illness #2 and misfortune #5 in the clinic are located. Then place the Heart Sutra Pillar and Garuda Wu Lou in these locations to suppress illness stars. As this is a healing centre, I also recommend hanging a large painting of the Medicine Buddha Mandala. It will magnify healing energies and also protect your clinic from spirits that cause illness to develop. You can order this from or source your own.


Q My husband and I are from a different Kua groups. So when deciding the facing direction of our bed, we cannot agree on which direction to face. My husband is Kua 9 and I am Kua 2.

A For you, this is very easy to solve. Although your husband is Kua 9 (which is East Group), the direction NW2 is also good for him as this is the Patriarch’s direction. Both you and husband can sleep facing NW 2 as this is good for you and for him. NW 2 brings plenty of luck for your husband and it will elevate his career. As for you, NW is your Nien Yen direction too – and this will strengthen your marriage with your husband!