Aunt Agga Issue #120


Q I have to undergo a major surgery on the very soon. I am Monkey. Please advise how I can decide whether it is a good day for surgery?

A If you need to find a good day for surgery you can consult our “Significant Spiritual Days” calendar that is located at the back pages of this magazine. Here we have listed all the bad days for “medical” so try to avoid scheduling your surgery on these days unless it’s an absolute emergency. In addition to that, check that you are not having surgery on the Day of the Tiger – as this is your personal conflict day. There is also a table underneath the spiritual calendar that tells you where your vitality point located in your body during the month – it is important that you do not have surgery in parts your body that are at or near your vitality point. Cutting into your body at your vitality point can result in serious obstacles and fatalities.


Q My home has 2 wood burning fireplaces in the centre of my home. How do I protect my home and family in the year of 2015?

A This is perfectly fine for this year. In 2015 the dominating star is the quarrelsome #3 star which has the intrinsic element of wood. It causes quarrels, lawsuits and other hassles with authoritative figures. This wood star can be weakened with FIRE energy in the centre of the home which is what you currently have with the fireplace there! So don’t worry. Having the two fire places there is good for this year.


Q What is the best item to place in 2015 to help my children stay focused in studies and achieve academic success?

A The best is to place a crystal that is empowered with the mantra of the Manjushri, the Buddha of Wisdom. In the year of the Sheep, knowledge luck comes from the NW. Activate this corner of your child’s room with the image of the “Carp Jumping Over the Dragon Gate” and let your child carry the Scholastic Amulet Charm to school.


Q After 2 years of long distance relationship, I’ve moved overseas to be with my fiancé. I need a job desperately to secure my residence permit there. I have good education and experience, but every time I apply for a job, someone else gets it instead of me. What can I do? Help!

A My dear, here are the steps of what you can do to speed things along. First, activate your career corner which is in the North. The north is a water sector, so place a yang water feature there. The water must be moving or bubbling – do not place still water as this won’t do any good. You can also hang a picture of a gentle waterfall. Secondly, wear our Popularity Scarf with Benefactors daily and definitely when you are attending interviews as this will make you very likable. Thirdly, burn incense and offer it to the spirit guardians of the land. This is vital as you are a foreigner and the local deities need to get to know you before they can allow you to stay – so make friends with them and ask for their help in finding a job. The easiest way to make friends with your local deities is to offer incense a few days a week! Once you do all these, job opportunities will just come into your life, don’t worry.


Q I want to make a new wealth vase. But once I make the new one, what should I do with my old wealth vase I had made a few years ago? Do I keep the old one as well or discard it once the new one is made?

A My dear… wealth vases must NEVER be thrown away. Wealth vases are collected – the more you have, and the more precious items are inside your wealth vase, the greater your accumulation of wealth! The secret is to make a new one e a c h year with more precious things like gold, diamonds, jewels, etc. and your vases inside a secret wealth cabinet that is hidden from public view. The cabinet should then be placed deep inside the home and kept locked. There is a whole ritual associated with making and consecrating wealth vases and wealth cabinets… come to Lillian’s Spiritual Magic course to learn more!



Q We just relocated our music school to a new showroom and need advice on where to place our 150 gallon fish tank with Koi. Since moving our sales have declined and we have been robbed. A lot of obstacles! Customers are leaving us and we are growing in debt. I’ve burned sage everyday but nothing has changed.

A I suspect that the feng shui of your new place is wrong. Usually when you experience a decline of sales after moving is because the new place has incompatible feng shui with the owners or the manager. Please check that the facing direction of your main door matches your KUA number. Facing your good direction is VERY important for sales to be good. Place your Koi aquarium by the main entrance if it is in the middle sector of your shop. Your office is probably located in a corner with the burglary star – so please place the blue elephant and the blue rhino at your entrance and paste our Anti-Burglary Stickers on all your windows. Hang the Anti-Burglary plaque in a high position at your shop preferably on a structural wall.


Q I am a first year university student majoring in Management at a local government university. I would like to switch to the sciences but my STPM results were not good enough. My first year university results are better but they won’t accept my application to do a science major. I’m so depressed! Is this my destiny to be a Management student? Unfortunately I come from a poor family so I can’t afford private universities. Help!

A I’m very sorry to hear about your dilemma. I suggest you chant the mantra of Manjushri OM AH RAPACHANADI to help you in this matter. Science is a tough subject which requires a lot of hard work. If your STPM results are not good enough, then you might be even more miserable if you take it up! Perhaps being a science major isn’t the right future for you but only the Buddha Manjushri can provide you with guidance on this. Don’t be depressed as there’s no point in agonizing over this. In my experience, success comes from loving what you do, and not doing what you love. Learn to love what you do and you’ll be a star! When you are a star, you will be happy!


Q We have moved into my husband’s childhood home and giving it a long overdue make-over. The paint on windows is flaking but I heard it is not wise to renovate in the North and West this year. Do we have to wait till next year? The paint is VERY bad and it really needs work!

A The North is not afflicted but the West is VERY afflicted. This year the West has the 5 Yellow and Three Killings so its best that this location is not disturbed. If you must repaint then you should place the three Celestial Guardians in the West and also place the Heart Sutra Pillar in the West as you do this. The best is to avoid renovating the West for a year.