Aunt Agga Issue #110



We were involved in a hit-and-run accident 3 years ago but till today the authorities have been unable to track down the person who did it. It feels like our lawyer is stringing us along and for the past year we have not heard any updates from him. What do we do?


Oh dear. I’m not sure what good will come out of finding the perpetrator as you will have to deal with quite a harrowing court case plus legal fees that may not amount to anything in your favour! After all it has been 3 years and evidence grows cold after this time! My advice is to drop the court case altogether – it will save you the worry and the fees! If you do want to proceed, then you really need cosmic help for this one. Chant OM MANI PADME HUM at least 1 mala a day and make incense offerings every 3 days. Ask the local landlords to help track down this guy.


QI intend on having an extension to my house built in the Northeast sector in 2015. Does this break any renovation rules?


The renovation rules say to avoid digging or banging in the locations where the Grand Duke Jupiter, Three Killings and Five Yellow are located. In 2015 all three are in locations other than the NE sector; however, a word of caution is necessary here before you go ahead. In 2015 the Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter) is located in SW1 (palace of the Sheep) which is directly opposite the NE. Thus the NE sector is said to be “confronting” the Grand Duke. Many feng shui masters feel very uneasy about allowing renovation in the sector facing the Grand Duke. So here, I suggest that before you begin, you must make strong offerings to the Tai Sui – place food and incense in the SW corner and ask the Grand Duke for permission to renovate. Place the Piyao in the NE corner at all times while renovating. Display the 2015 Tai Sui Plaque in the SW corner before starting and carry the 2015 Tai Sui amulet at all times throughout the year.


QMy Wu Lou fell down and the top is broken. Can I still keep it?


ADefinitely not! Please do not reuse any feng shui items that are broken or chipped! A broken Wu Lou cannot protect you from illness so it’s time to replace it with a new one. I have found that cures have a way of telling us that they need to be changed! Here’s your Wu Lou sending you a big signal that it’s time to get reinforcements as it can’t cope with the illness energies of that sector!


QI dreamt of a pool of black tadpoles in the water swimming. What does this mean?


Many tadpoles could mean fertility or impending wealth. You could be expecting a child soon or some windfall wealth or business opportunity coming to you. In both cases it is a good sign. You should display some three legged toads in your home to capture the auspiciousness of this dream.


QI am looking to buy a new storage bedframe for my wedding bed to keep more stuff below my mattress. I was told that it is not advisable as it would symbolise “sleeping on top of unwanted problems”. Is this true?


Normally this advice pertains to “junk” that is unwanted as you definitely do not want to sleep on top of “junk”. It would be OK if what you are placing in inside are not junk. You can store winter clothes, pillows, bed sheets and blankets that’s fine. But do not store any type of junk, shoes, old items that no longer have value, photographs, books or anything that is holy or sacred.


QI had my daughter’s Paht Chee read by a master and he said that she will be facing danger till 2033! Her studies will be affected and I can already see signs of evil people destroying her school and future career. The master also mentioned that men will take advantage of her. She is a Dragon born in Dragon Hour. I thought Dragons were blessed but it seems her luck is nothing but doom. How can I protect her with feng shui cures? Please help!



My dear, please don’t let someone worry you like this! If he can tell you these things he should also be able to give you remedies! Even if he is right, all Paht Chee charts can be balanced to minimise these setbacks. Usually when someone has this kind of negative luck, it means an excess of elements or a missing element. As I do not know her self-element, I can’t advise you how to balance her chart. However, I can recommend some ways to keep her safe. Firstly, I recommend getting the HUM pendant for her to wear at all times – this will keep her safe from those with bad intentions. Secondly, I suggest inviting the Buddha Manjushri into her life and to chant Manjushri’s mantra: OM AH RAPA CHANA DHI as many times as possible. This will help her focus on studies. If she cannot remember the entire mantra, then just chanting DHI DHI DHI DHI… as many times as possible is also good.


QI’ve had 8 sailing ships near my entrance with incredible success but over the years it has gathered a lot of dust. Can I wash the ships? I don’t want to wash the luck away! How do I clean the ships?


Yes you must keep the ships clean otherwise you will start to encounter obstacles that will deplete your wealth or stop the flow of your income! Start by removing all the items you have in the ship. Crystals can be washed and left in the sun to soak up sun vibes. Soak coins in metal cleaning solution to get rid of dirt. If yours is a wooden ship then wipe it down with a damp cloth. Use an aerosol can with air (you can get this from computer shops) to spray dust away from hard-to reach spots. Everytime you clean your ships, always refill them with additional items (more than what you had before). This symbolic gesture ensures that you continue to prosper and increases your wealth!


QLillian’s feng shui book advises me to place a boar in our bedroom to help resolve problems between me, a Metal Tiger Lady and my husband a Wood Rat. We are still arguing a lot… why is that?


Check whether you and your husband are sleeping in a room with the natal #3 flying star? The #3 brings hostility with others and if you are fighting a lot, then this could be the problem. If this is the case you need to change your bedroom colour scheme to RED unless it is in the NW or East this year. The Boar improves relations with the Tiger but it does not improve relations with the Rat. For that you need the Ox as well. So display the Ox and the Tiger in the NE of your bedroom and check if things improve. You should also display the animal that is your secret friend.


QI think my feng shui at work is very bad. The server room is on my left. I have an open balcony on my right with TV antennas & aircond compressors shooting at me. Behind me is the air-cond, above me is a toilet cistern and in front of me are wooden blinds shooting blades at me! I’m miserable working here – vicious colleagues and difficult boss who sits next to me in a glass office. My health is declining. What can I do?


Oh dear! Yes indeed your office desk definitely has very dire feng shui for you! In fact anyone siting here is sure to suffer badly because the toilet is right on top! If you are so miserable here why not consider changing jobs? Until you find something new, here are suggestions to help minimise these feng shui ailments. First, hang some bamboo flutes above your computer monitor to keep the toilet energies from affecting you too much. Place two Golden Wu Lous on your desk to soak up negative illness vibes around you. To deal with office politics, place a perfectly round crystal ball and an image of Kuan Kung on your desk. Behind your chair, stick the image of a mountain (without water) facing the air-cond. Try these little suggestions and see if things improve. You can also practice visualisation – visualise your boss moving you to a much better spot in the office.