Aunt Agga Issue #109



My husband and I drifted apart and getting a divorce. Since separating, his luck has gone awfully wrong – being hospitalized and lost his executive job. How can we improve his luck since he is still providing for the family and I’m a stay-at-home mum without income?


If he has moved out from your home, then the new place where he is staying obviously has very bad feng shui. Check the NW corner and see if it is missing or afflicted. It’s also very obvious that the divorce has taken a big toll on him, affecting his health and ability to hold his high-powered job. In 2014, Patriarchs suffer from the terrible 5 Yellow which has flown into the NW. This must be cured with the Five Element Pagoda – let him wear the five element pagoda pendant throughout the year.


QAt the entrance of my apartment I have a bag of salt which I refresh each month. But my apartment is also my businesses place where I receive clients. I’m starting to wonder if the salt keeps my clients away. Should I remove the salt?


Yes you should definitely remove this bag of salt! Salt is caustic to local deities and spirits. It’s like acid to them – so if you place this by your entrance, you are hurting your spirit guardians that guard your main door. When your local spirits are hurt or angry they become aggressive and cause problems for you. Remove it instantly! If you wish to have more clients then burn incense by your door step each day and ask your local spirit guardians for help to bring clients!


QLillian advises we have to change heaven, earth and mankind energy to transition into Period 8. We bought our house before 2004 and have done some renovations here and there. We repainted our main door, walls and ceilings in the kitchen and bathrooms. We installed mouldings between the ceilings and walls. We also changed our flooring. We did not paint our garage, living room or dining room. Is this good enough to “change to Period 8”? Do I use Period of 7 or 8 charts?

AIt sounds like your house is as confused as you as you’ve only completed the transformation halfway! You must COMPLETE the transformation for you to benefit from the stars. To change the heaven energy you must “open up the roof” to let new energy in. I suggest changing your roof tiles or at least a third of them –and you can paint the rest. Earth energy has been changed if you have renewed your flooring. Give all your walls a new coat of paint – especially rooms where you spend lots of time – dining, living and bedrooms included. It is dangerous to use Period of 7 charts now as we are already halfway through the P8, and P7 houses are now degenerate.


QI frequently dream of myself in the toilet at times and at times with poop left by others! What does it mean? I can’t help but think that this is a bad sign


I think you’re going through stressful times and feeling as if others are always heaping their troubles and woes on you. While this may be true, you should recognise that it is all in your mind and you can easily overcome it. I suggest doing a nightly visualisation routine. Place a huge JEWEL next to your bedside and imagine that from this jewel radiates rainbow light transforming your bedroom into a treasure room full of gold and jewels! Then imagine all your friends in the room offering you a piece of golden or jewelled treasure, with big smiling faces! Do this meditation every night before falling asleep and you will stop having these dreams. In fact, you will find some very interesting changes in the way they treat you.


QIs there any feng shui method we can use to stop my spouse from travel abroad due to work? Living apart is unhealthy for the kids and our marriage


I suspect your husband’s Patriarch corner in the Northwest is either missing or located outside the house – like a balcony or patio area. Houses where the Patriarch corner is missing result in difficulty for the man to hold a stable job and income. If it is missing or forms part of the “outside” of the house, he will constantly stray away from home due to work or other activities. You must activate the NW sector of the living room and bedroom to make up for this missing luck. Place a row of 6 windchimes to strengthen his luck and display a HUGE family portrait of your whole family in a prominent position at home. This will create his presence and bring him home.



QAccording to the “Significant Spiritual Days Calendar” published in this magazine monthly, “No Prayer Flags Day” means no hanging Wind Horse or Mantra Flags. Does it apply to the ritual of releasing of Wind Horse Flags tied to helium balloons? This was recommended in Lillian’s astrology book. I’ve been doing this regularly but I’ve only just discovered the Spiritual days calendar here and I’m not sure if I have to check the dates first.


Congratulations on doing this ritual as it is truly a VERY POWERFUL ritual! Yes, you must check the dates which is why we have included the dates in the magazine every month. Windhorse flags should be raised as high as possible which is why helium balloons are used. Releasing Windhorse flags on dates where “no prayer flags” should be raised can bring continuos obstacles! Remember to chant the mantra KIKI SOSO LAJALO as many times as you can before you release the flags!


QPlease help me. I need to get a new job as soon as possible. I’ve been unemployed for a two months and my financial situation is getting worse.


You can do a number of things to get the energies aligning well for this. First, check our Hair Calendar on the back pages of this magazine and get a haircut on a day where it says you will be offered a job or a promotion. This is crucial as you want to get rid of the old energies that that has accumulated around your crown chakra. Next, activate your North corner with a water feature or an image of a river – this is your career corner. Work out your four good directions based on your Kua number and use only the good directions for sleeping, eating and attending interviews. Good luck!


QI’m really worried about my son (Earth Dragon) who seems uninspired in his life. All his peers are doing well, but he doesn’t want to work or pursue any tertiary education. He just stays home and does nothing! How can I activate his luck?


Check the location of his animal sign and in this case it is in the Southeast (Dragon). If you have a storeroom, laundry or bathroom there, this could be the cause of his luck being locked up or drained away daily. Activate the SE of your living room and the SE of his room by placing the image of a Monkey sitting on an Elephant. This should jumpstart his luck!