Aunt Agga Issue #103



 My financial debt is drowning me and I am not capable of paying it anymore. My family and friends are awesome – and my life would be perfectly wonderful if not for the big amount of debt that seem to worry me constantly! Please help me overcome my debts.


I can only imagine how stressful this must be for you! A quick method to attain some help through spiritual feng shui is to chant the mantra of White Dzambhala (the wealth deity) and offer water to him and his four goddess dakinis. Invite the image of the White Dzambhala and his four dakinis into your home. White Dzambhala specialises in bringing quick financial help to those who need it. Pour water over his head daily while chanting his mantra: OM PADMA KRODA ARYA JAMBALA SHRI DAYA HUM PEH.


QI own an heirloom white jade bangle with bats on it. The jade broke in clean equal halves some time ago as I was trying to put it on. I’ve since glued it back together using jewellery glue and it looks like new. Unless you scrutinize it, you can’t tell that it was broken. Is it OK to still wear this jade? Would it bring me bad luck if I wear it?


Oh dear… I’m very pantang [taboo] about these things… especially when it comes to jade bangles. Jade bangles can protect you from harm but if it is broken, you should not glue it back as a bangle. Get your jeweller to make earrings or a pendant necklace from the broken pieces. Cleanse away any negative vibes by soaking it in hot water steeped with sea or rock salt before wearing it again.


QI have been trying to sell my house for 10 years without success! Any suggestion to what I’m doing wrong? My house is old, but livable. I took a feng shui course to learn how to reinforce its feng shui but it is still not sold. I need help!

ASounds like you need to spruce up the energy of your home! If your home is old, the energy is tired and no one will feel “at home” enough to buy it! Unless your house is a bargain, many will not pay a high price for a tired old house. Give your home a good lick of new paint to freshen up the energy. Repair cracks and repaint your roof. Give your home a new door. Mow the lawns and trim your gardens. Just by doing these few things, the energy of your home will be significantly transformed! Finally, offer incense to the local deity of your home and request for a suitable buyer.


QI am having trouble getting my ex-boyfriend to leave as he keeps coming back into my life. I don’t want to be in this relationship anymore as it’s too stressful. Each time I tell him it’s over he gets cold and ugly, and then the next day he comes home telling me he loves me! How do I get him to leave? I really need to move on.


My dear, you need to be strong. Getting rid of everything that symbolises his energy is a great start! Remove ALL photos of him in your home and your Facebook page. Give or throw away keepsakes and gifts from him. Box up his belongings and return them to him. Replace old bed sheets and pillows with new ones. If he has keys to your home, change the locks. Another thing you can do is to steep lemon grass in some hot water, then sprinkle it over your main door and as you do so, instruct your door guardians to keep him away. Chant Mother Tara’s mantra OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA and ask Mother Tara to keep him away from you. Wear the White Umbrella Goddess Mantra Scarf daily to stay protected.


QSeveral years ago we mortgaged our home to finance a badminton-court rental business. We gave our business partner a 50% stake in return for managing the business full-time. Over the years, he has cheated us of the revenue from court rentals. We have collected evidence of his cheating and have asked him back for the 50% share of the business. He refuses to sign back the shares and we are now engaged in litigation with him and have to go to court. How can we ensure that we win?


Oh dear… First of all, you must locate the East sector of your home and office and subdue the #3 Litigation star there! Place 9 red rocks there as soon as possible to weaken the #3 star. Carry the Red Eagle Keychain, especially when you are attending any court hearings or mediation meetings. Locate the Number #7 star in the West and place the Blue Rhinoceros and Blue Elephant there. The #7 star brings betrayal in friendships and business partnerships. Invite the Goddess Chundi into your home and chant her mantra at least 108 times a day: OM CALE CALE CHUNDI SOHA. Ask for her help to resolve this matter amicably.



QI have a lot of jealous colleagues who gossip about me, so I started carrying the Evil Eye Keychains from WOFS to ward off this problem. Since carrying these amulets the “eye” portion seems to break off after 1-2 months. I’ve gone through 3 of them already! The Om Mani portion of the Keychain is still there – should I throw it away? What should I do?


Yes indeed you must be a prime object of jealousy among your colleagues if your Evil Eye keeps dropping away… This suggests to me that you need to carry something more potent! I recommend carrying any of our sacred mirrors. For countering gossip and slander, you should carry the Double Pyramid Red Goddess mirror with you at all times. This brings you the protection of the Red Goddess. Keep it in your handbag, and when you feel jealous eyes nearby, take it out and swipe it around you in an anti-clock wise direction once. As for the OMANI portions of your key chains, you can keep them in a drawer at home or throw them into a river to benefit the beings there.


QI am deeply concerned for my grandson. I checked his Astrological Birth Weight at the WOFS website and the reading comes out to be 3-7: “he will lose his inheritance without even being aware of it and success is hard to come by.” This is quite depressing! What can we do to counter this? Is he doomed for a bad life?


The best remedy would be to offer 3.7 kg of rice to the Goddess Kuan Yin (at your nearest Kuan Yin temple) on his behalf every year on his birthday and ask for her protection of his inheritance and wealth. To increase his success luck, invite the Wind Horse into the home for him and hang Wind Horse prayer flags for him throughout his life. It is also advisable to let him wear the Wind Horse Medallion when he is older. This will help a great deal in countering this negative reading.


QI work as a guest hostess in a night club and I suspect my colleague has cast a black magic spell on me. My tips used to be much higher but these days I seem to be very unlucky – always getting sick or getting injured on nights when the club is full. My boss is also finding fault with me and assigning me to guests who are less generous than before. Someone also commented that my face has developed a “dark aura”. Please help me.


In your line of business, this is very common – so start by wearing powerful amulet protection from the White Umbrella Goddess. The White Umbrella Goddess specialises in cutting away all forms of dark magic! Wear the OM pendant (her seed syllable) and the White Umbrella Goddess scarf while working. Invite her image as a plaque or statue into your home and chant her mantra HUM MAMA HUM NI SOHA (108 times) daily. Also, offer incense to her daily and ask for her protection. Offer incense to the local deity of your work place and request for his protection and to bring more tips for you. Do this consistently for three weeks and the darkness will be slowly lift away, and things will return to normal soon.