Your Luck & Lucky Symbols for the Year of the Water Tiger 2022

The Rat enjoys competitive luck but also faces some obstacles from the 24 Mountains. Place the New Victory Banner in the North to activate and display the Sky Horse with Flag of Success on your desk to enhance success. You contend with the Natural Disaster Star and Three Killings. Stay protected with the White Umbrella Goddess Plaque, display the 3 Celestial Guardians Protection Shield and carry the amulet version when out. Weak personal chi can impede your progress. Boost with the Life Force Amulet and Spirit Essence Amulet. Get your timing right for important moves and decisions with the Lunar Mansions Harmonizing Plaque. Water Rats suffer ill health; remedy with the Wu Lou with Joyous Cranes and Health Talisman Holder.
The Ox born has two lucky stars! Display the Activating Prosperity Tree in the NE of your home to activate. As the Tai Sui is located in the NE, you should also place a Pi Yao here to protect your wealth. The annual lucky #8 star visits thus placing the 100 Blessings Energetic Deer on your work desk will be most helpful. To improve your chances at the lottery or stock market, carry the Winning Hand Wealth Amulet. As you suffer from very weak Life Force and Spirit Essence, you must strengthen them with the Life Force Amulet and Spirit Essence Amulet. Place the 3 Celestial Guardians Protection Shield in the North and carry the 3 Celestial Guardians Protection Shield Amulet to subdue the Three Killings. Counter the Yearly Killings with the Boudhanath Stupa.
The Tiger gains the support of the Tai Sui! Keep him firmly on your side by carrying the Tai Sui Amulet and placing the Tai Sui Plaque in the NE3 location. Display the Big Auspicious Mirror in the living room to attract success and carry the Sum-of-Ten Amulet to ensure things proceed smoothly. To support your career, you should have the 100 Blessings Energetic Deer and Sacred Resource Cow on your work desk. Attract the attention of good people with the Designer Astrology Animals. The year brings challenges – overcome with the Trio of Wealth Gods Sitting on Tigers. Carry the Annual Taming Tiger Amulet to ensure protection against competitive energies. As timing is important, keep the Green Dragon Lunar Mansions Harmonizing Amulet close to you.
The Rabbit receives heavenly blessings but you must control your emotions, as the Quarrelsome star #3 also visits your sector. Place the Magical Cosmic Apple and Harmony Lock in the East of your home and carry the Magical Cosmic Apple Amulet at all times. Make sure to strengthen your Life Force with the Life Force Amulet. To activate Golden Deity luck, display the Kuan Yin Mini Plaque. Carrying the Jade Emperor Amulet meanwhile, attracts helpful mentors. Keep the Green Dragon Lunar Mansions Harmonizing Amulet close to ensure your timing is always right. For promotion luck, display the Activating Prosperity Tree on your work desk. There are backstabbing and betrayal energies – carry the Anti-Evil Eye Amulet to subdue. Protect your health by placing the Wu Lou with Joyous Cranes on your bedside table.
The Dragon enjoys strong relationship luck, as well as Big and Small Auspicious from the 24 Mountains! Place the Big Auspicious Mirror in the SE to boost success. For business and career growth, you need the Dragon Carp with 3 Legged Toad and Sky Salamander. As you suffer from weak Life Force and Spirit Essence, you must carry the Life Force Amulet and Spirit Essence Amulet at all times. To strengthen money luck, keep the Wealth Lock Coin on your work desk. Protect and improve health by having the Wu Lou with Joyous Cranes on your bedside table. It is a fortunate year for singles to get married! Display the Kurukulle Goddess of Love Plaque to activate for long-lasting love.
The Snake clashes with the Tai Sui, making it important to keep the Tai Sui Amulet close and display the Tai Sui Plaque in the NE. To improve wealth management, carry the Wealth Lock Coin. As there is a lack of creativity this year, it will benefit you to have the Manjushri Wisdom Stupa in the SE. Those in business need the Wisdom Kwan Kung Plaque to help make the right decisions and overcome competitors. Ambitious Snakes should carry the Talent Star Activator to magnify all your talents. Display the Teapot with Completion Horse on your work desk to ensure success in all that you do and carry the Mighty Phoenix New Luck Keychain to activate the luck of good timing.
The Horse gains the luck of the multiplier star #9! Boost its positive energies by displaying the Heavenly Completion Horse or 9 Bejewelled Celestial Horses with Golden Manes in the South. As you are also afflicted with the Yin House Star, it is necessary to energise the home with the Yang Energy Enhancer. To improve wealth luck, place the Trio of Wealth Gods Sitting on Tigers in the NE. Counter the 3 Killings by carrying the 3 Celestial Guardians Protection Shield Amulet and subduing it in the North with the 3 Celestial Guardians Protection Shield. Display the Lunar Mansions Harmonizing Plaque for added opportunities and improved timing. As success luck is relatively weak this year, carry the Sky Horse Victory Amulet.
The Sheep suffers weak health due to the Illness star #2. It is thus necessary to display the Mega Wu Lou with Joyous Cranes in the SW, the mini version on your bedside table and to carry the Health Talisman Holder when you go out. If you are dealing with an existing illness, you need to wear the Good Health & Well-Being Medallion. Both your Life Force and Spirit Essence are weak so keep the Life Force Amulet and Spirit Essence Amulet with you at all times. Carry the 3 Celestial Guardians Protection Shield Amulet to defend against the 3 Killings. Display the Activating Prosperity Tree and Big Auspicious Mirror to activate the Big and Small Auspicious that bring you good luck and good news.
The Monkey is in direct conflict with the Tai Sui which makes it important to carry the Tai Sui Amulet and display the Tai Sui Plaque in the NE. You should have the Pi Yao in the SW facing NE to appease him further. As you play host to the Illness Star #2, make sure to strengthen your health by placing the Wu Lou with Joyous Cranes on your bedside table and carrying the Health Talisman Holder. Two Big Auspicious Stars bring big opportunities – activate with the Big Auspicious Amulet. Keep the Sacred Resource Cow close to overcome obstacles. Protect your relationships with the Anti-Toxicity & Jealousy Amulet. Carry the 28 Hums Lotus Protection Amulet to shield you from spiritual harm.
The Rooster possesses strong element luck and good fortune from Big Auspicious Stars! Display the Big Auspicious Mirror in the West to activate or Activating Prosperity Tree in the SE to share the luck of your secret friend, the Dragon. You can also speed up your success with the Sky Dragon. The annual Robbery Star #7 in your sector is very strong. Remedy by carrying the Armoured Rhino & Elephant Amulet and placing the Anti-Robbery Protection Tablet with Elephant & Rhinoceros in the West. Protect against backstabbing with the Anti-Bad Intentions Amulet and Kwan Kung Riding a Horse Mini Plaque. Elderly Roosters need to take special care of their health and should wear the Medicine Buddha Pendant.
The Dog has some helpful celestial stars, but there are also some afflictions you must remedy. It is important to carry the Life Force Amulet and Spirit Essence Amulet at all times. Display the Amithabha Gau or any of the Kuan Yin Mini Plaques in the NW to activate Golden Deity luck. Place the Yang Energy Enhancer in the NW to counter the Yin House Star. You should also carry the Supremacy of Heaven Energy Charms as well as the Anti-Violence Amulet with 9 Dragon Kwan Kung to stay protected from trouble. Tap into heavenly luck with the Jade Emperor Windchime or Heavenly Star Windchime. Place the Activating Prosperity Tree in the SE to further enhance your good fortune.
Although the Boar is the secret friend of the Tiger, you clash with the Tai Sui this year. You must thus carry the Tai Sui Amulet and display the Tai Sui Plaque in the NE. You also need to protect against the 3 Killings by carrying the 3 Celestial Guardians Protection Shield Amulet. To subdue the Robbery Star and ensure you do not get cheated, have the Armoured Rhino & Elephant Amulet close by at all times. Counter the Yin House Star with the Yang Energy Enhancer Plaque in the NW. Display the Golden Earth Dragon on your desk to improve income luck. To overcome obstacles, carry the Annual Tiger-Taming Amulet. Enhance business and career luck with the Sky Beaver.

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