Star of Aggressive Sword: Do You Have It In Your Chart, And Does It Bring You Good Or Bad Luck?

star-of-aggressive-sword-01bIn this issue, we will be talking about the Star of Aggressive Sword. This star suggests someone who has a very aggressive and intensive attitude towards life. People who possess this star will tend to speak up in favour of those weaker than themselves, even when doing so can be detrimental to their current situation. Those with the Star Of Aggressive Sword will do well as trade union leaders or leaders of political opposition parties. This star brings charisma and staying power in the face of all adversity. People who possess this star in their birth chart can be said to be heavy-handed, quick tempered, strong-willed and determined. And they do not suffer cowards or fools readily.

If you find you have this star in your chart, you will need to know the strength of your self element to see how it affects you. This is because a weak self-element will promote the positive nature of this star, while a strong self element will manifest its negative attributes.

When this star is favourable in your chart, it commands you a high level of respect and admiration from people in your network, building you up as a kind of champion or role model. This star brings added confidence and success, and it helps you to actualize your goals. In addition, if the animal sign that indicates your Star of Aggressive Sword has either its secret friend or ally present in the earthly branch as well, there are added benefits, where success comes more readily and easily, and you will be able to overcome any situation presenting itself.

When this star is not favourable (e.g. when your self-element is strong) interpersonal relationships will suffer, as your peers, friends, relatives and people in your network interpret your zealousness and determination as arrogance and self-centeredness. There will be a high tendency for people finding fault with you, and there will be bickering, especially when the elements of a particular year further strengthens your self element. If the animal that represents your Star of Aggressive Sword is next to its conflict animal, or it is during the year of its conflict animal, then there is a high likelihood of violence and injury. The remedy to this affliction is to keep a figurine of the secret friend of the aggressive sword animal on your bedside, in the living room, and on your work desk.

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If the Star of Aggressive Sword is located in the Hour Pillar, then it means you will have problems with your subordinates and children. It also means you could have a serious medical problem requiring an operation during old age.

If the Star of Aggressive Sword is found in the Day Pillar, then it means you will experience setbacks and problems in getting married as well as in staying married, as petty squabbles will become a norm between husband and wife.


If the Star of Aggressive Sword is found in the Month Pillar, you will be eccentric, bad tempered and generally disliked by many.

If the Star of Aggressive Sword is found in the Year Pillar, it brings arguments and quarrels with parents. This could also indicate loss of inherited wealth.

To find out if you possess this star in your chart, refer to the heavenly stem element in the Day Pillar, and search for the animal sign that represents the Star Of Aggressive Sword in the earthly branches of your chart.

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