What’s Your Mahabote Star Sign?

There are many forms of astrology in the world, but in Myanmar, there exists a very simple system that combines the energies of the cosmic planets into a zodiac of 8 animal signs. This branch of astrology is called Mahabote, a horoscope system which has its roots in ancient Pali texts.

Unlike Western or Vedic astrology, which require three pieces of birth information for accurate analysis (your birth date, time and location), Mahabote only needs to know your birthdate. With just your birthdate, a seasoned Burmese astrologer can deduce many predictions about your personality, current situation and immediate future.


The Mahabote Zodiac has 8 animal signs, all corresponding to one of the 7 days of the week (Wednesday is represented twice in the zodiac). The Number 8 is thus considered an auspicious number in Myanmar and it is believed to represent a state where all the cosmic energies are in perfect balance. The eight animal signs also represent the 8 cardinal and secondary directions of the compass; and each of the eight houses is ruled by one of the eight astrological planets.

So how do you know which Burmese animal sign are you?

First you need to work out which day of the week you were born. This can easily be looked up if you own a 1000-year calendar. Alternatively, simply Google “Day of Birth” and you will find many websites that will calculate your day of birth for free. DayofBirth.co.uk does a reliable job of calculating your day of birth.


“Monday’s Child is fair of face”! Perhaps this phrase can be traced back to Mahabote! If you are born on Monday, you are considered a Tiger and your ruling planet is the Moon. As with all Tigers, you command a forceful personality and will work hard for everything you have in life. At work, you have the tendency to focus on details and like to succeed on your own merits. Like Tigers in the wild, you work best alone. You are the sort of person who needs your own space to thrive. With the Moon as your ruling planet, you are blessed with inner powers of divination, intuition and spirituality. It is thought that girls born on Monday capture the feminine essence of the Moon Goddess and are believed to make excellent wives and bear many children. Monday people are typically more in touch with their inner self than those born on any other day of the week. These are people who have a special connection with the Gods.

As a Monday person, your ruling direction is East. This means that good news for you comes from the East – and on years when the East is afflicted, you are also afflicted. Invite the image of the Tiger into your home and place him in the East of your home to strengthen your Life Force. Ensure that the Tiger is not in a hunting position.

Famous people born on Monday: Kristen Stewart, Selena Gomez, President Barrack Obama, Prince William, Leonardo diCaprio, Mark Zuckerberg, Jodie Foster, Michael Douglas, Sam Worthington..



If you were born on Tuesday, then your animal sign is the mighty Lion and your ruling planet is Mars. The Lion is the King of the Jungle, a rightful and fearless leader. You are very brave and will tackle any challenge given to you! And more often than not, you will win! As a Lion, you will come across as strong-willed person with decidedly strong opinions on everything including politics, religion, and entertainment! You will have a clear view of what is right or wrong.

With Mars as your parent planet, you will possess a strong sense of justice and powerful fighting instincts. Mars people often see themselves as Noble warriors, always championing some kind of honourable cause. They cannot bear to see the underdog being trampled on. Justice must prevail. At work, these people often rise to become leaders, or turn into loud disgruntled workers when they do not get their way! As leaders they are never afraid of anything and consider compromise as a weakness. Hence Tuesday people thrive when they live in a world of “black and white” and thus make excellent lawyers, union leaders and district attorneys!

If you are born on Tuesday then the Southeast is your lucky direction. You should invite the image of a benevolent Lion in the Southeast. Make sure he looks happy, well fed, and preferably in a languishing position. Do not invite a lion who looks like he’s ready to attack!

Famous people born on Tuesday: Natalie Portman, Sergey Brin, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton, Tom Cruise, Peter Jackson, Jason Bateman, Ben Stiller, Mel Gibson, Martin Scorsese, Ben Affleck, Ashton Kutcher.


If you were born on Wednesday morning before 12 noon, then you are considered the Tusked Elephant and your planet is Mercury. Being a tusked Elephant, you have the personality and outlook of an adventurer. You are a free-spirited person and love thrill-seeking experiences. To you, hang-gliding in the canyons and sky-diving is your idea of weekend of fun! With Mercury as your ruling planet, you are highly intelligent, and are blessed with being able to think critically and react quickly on your feet. At work, you enjoy projects with a little more “risk” and will often thrive when asked to achieve what others have never done before!

As a Wednesday child, you are generally very attractive to the opposite sex for your passion and exciting nature. To some you will appear as someone who shuns responsibility and commitment, but really, you’re just a person who prefers to “go with the flow” and live each day as it comes. You do not believe in anything permanent as change is the name of your game.

As a Tusked Elephant, your lucky direction is the South. Invite the image of the Tusked Elephant and place him in the South to bring you good fortune. Ensure that the trunk of the elephant is facing downwards.

Famous people born on Wednesday before 12 noon: Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Victoria Beckham, James Franco, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Keanu Reeves.


If you’re born on Wednesday after 12 noon, then you are known as the Tuskless Elephant in the Zodiac. Your ruling planet is Rahu. Unlike your tusked brother, you are almost the direct opposite! “Risk” is a dirty word in your vocabulary. You are someone who has very high I.Q. and every decision you undertake in life is skilfully calculated to accomplish a specific outcome. Because of this, you are often very successful at work and in business dealings with others. You will almost never get into a sticky situation due to poor decision-making. More often than not, it is bad luck rather than bad judgement that will bring you problems in life.

As Rahu is your ruling planet, you are the master of deception. You are skilled at masking your true feelings such that your personality remains a mystery even to those who have known you for life. This is mainly because you are such a private person and prefer to keep your innermost thoughts to yourself. The person who will win your heart is someone who is equally guarded, and enjoys quiet evenings of chess rather than all-night partying.

As the Tuskless Elephant, your direction is Northwest. Invite an elephant with no tusks into your home and place it the Northwest for good luck. Ensure that its trunk is hanging down and all four legs are on the ground.

Famous people born on Wednesday (possibly afternoon): Demi Moore, Cate Blanchett, Ryan Gosling, Hugo Weaving, Steven Spielberg, Richard Gere, Penelope Cruz.


If you’re born on Thursday, then your animal sign is the Rat and Jupiter is your planet. As a Thursday child, you are a natural born survivor. You can thrive in almost any condition and situation life throws at you and you will find a way to make the best of what you have. Among all the 8 animal signs, you are gifted with the attributes of being sharp, witty and street-smart with a hungry desire to succeed. With these qualities you can rise above any challenge in whatever you choose to do with your life.

As a child of Jupiter, you are blessed with the potential to achieve great wealth and success, but you must be prepared to work hard to obtain everything in life. As you get older, resources and help will become more easily attainable, but every cent you make will be hard-earned. In work and business, you will be respected for your abilities to sniff out promising opportunities and take advantage of them. Because of this, you make an excellent business person and will thrive at any profession that involves buying and selling.

As a Rat child, your direction according to Burmese astrology is the West. Invite the Rat into your home and place him in the West for good luck. It is a good idea to invite a bejewelled Rat and place him on a plate of jewels.


Famous people born on Thursday: Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johansson, Orlando Bloom, Catherine Zeta Jones, Steve Carrell, Matt Damon, Steven Seagal.


If you were born on Friday, then your animal sign is the Guinea Pig. Your ruling planet is Venus, the planet of Love and Beauty. As the saying goes, “Friday’s child is loving and giving” and this is the hallmark of your personality. There is no one as generous and as kind as you in the Zodiac and anyone who knows you will always feel lucky to be part of your inner circle and feel very grateful for your friendship.

As a child of Venus, you are an extremely creative, artistic individual and your mind is always bubbling with fresh new ideas. Like a “genius scientist” your mind works in a thousand directions at once, and it will take a highly intelligent and equally creative person to truly understand and keep up with you. Because you are always eager to put your ideas into action, you are often very good at starting something new but less inclined to finish them! Mostly this is because before one idea can be accomplished fully, you have already jumped onto another bigger and better idea which you feel deserves your immediate attention!

Nevertheless the world is very lucky to have people like you as all things beautiful and new come from Venus people or some influence of Venus! The person who marries a Friday person is very lucky, for Friday people love deeply, passionately and eternally.

As a Friday child, your lucky direction is North. Invite the image of a Guinea Pig into your home and place in the North. The Guinea Pig should be plump and prosperous looking. Place it on a bowl of jewels.

Famous People born on Friday: David Beckham, Bill Gates, Adam Sandler, Lady Gaga, Anne Hathaway, Eric Bana, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump, Hugh Grant, Renee Zellweger, Kirsten Dunst.


If you’re born on Saturday, then your animal sign is the illustrious Naga or Dragon. Your ruling planet is Saturn. As a Dragon, you exude a powerful air of confidence in everything that you do and this is both your strength and your weakness. Generally, you excel in all your endeavours due to your courage, stamina and charisma. Socially, you are a magnet to the opposite sex – as you have a quirky sense of humour which many will find irresistible! As a Dragon, your personal energy is so strong that you rarely need anybody’s help to achieve your goals. You alone are the master of your destiny and you have the ability to do anything!

Being ruled by Saturn, which governs careers and positions of authority, you will always find yourself easily rising to leadership positions in the corporate scene. Your intrinsic ability to control your surrounding circumstances will give you an edge which you will use to your fullest advantage.

Being a Saturday person, your lucky direction (according to Burmese astrology) is the Southwest. Invite a Dragon and place it in the Southwest to create good fortune for you.

Famous people born on Saturday: Chris Evans, James McAvoy, Ryan Reynolds, Kate Middleton, Drew Barrymore, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Mark Wahlberg, Daniel Craig, Colin Firth, Bruce Willis.


If you’re born on Sunday, your animal sign is the Garuda and your ruling planet is the Sun. Garuda is a mythical bird which has powerful wings that spread open whenever they sense danger or need the ability to fly out of trouble! Those born on Sunday are said to have a gentle nature and a kind heart, always doing charity and helping the less fortunate. Because of this many will assume that you are a “softie”, but they would be wrong!

According to Mahabote, the Garuda is one of the wisest and toughest animal signs and the only animal in the Zodiac that can fly! Hence those born on Sunday have the ability to reach great heights and overcome all kinds of challenges in life. The tougher the challenge, the more they will rise to the occasion.

Born with the Sun ruling your house, it is believed that you have the capability of becoming a public figure, or someone very famous. You are naturally an inspiring person and rarely allow anything to demotivate you for long. Many people will find you very attractive and will always want to help you succeed.

As a Sunday child, your direction is Northeast. You can invite the image of Garuda or any powerful bird and place it in the Northeast for good luck.

Famous people born on Sunday: Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, Seth Rogen, Sandra Bullock, Johnny Depp.