Feng Shui 2021:
What Does the Year of the Metal Ox Hold for You?

The year just past – 2020 – has been a strange year, with COVID-19 planting its stamp firmly on the start of the new astrological cycle. As we near the end of the Rat Year and head towards the Ox of 2021, are things looking up? Certainly they must. Twelve months feels way too long to keep up our self-isolation, social distancing, online and masked identities, but it does look like we won’t be returning to pre-2020 times anytime soon.


A first look at the 2021 Flying Star chart however induces some optimism, as the center dominant star number is nowhere as hostile as the ruling Loss Star of 2020. The #6 Heaven Star in the center indicates blessings from heaven, and while this is usually read as a good thing, it pays never to forget that one can also incur the wrath of the Gods. The first thing we recommend to do as we near 2021 is to get heaven luck onto your side, so that it is the benevolent energies of the skies that we acquire.

All homes benefit from placing the Celestial Water Dragon in the center, or invite in an image of the 8 Heavenly Immortals.

The East-West axis and the NE-SW axis are the luckiest axes for 2021, so houses facing these orientations benefit.

East-West oriented houses gain the knowledge and prosperity stars – and these are two areas sorely needed as we come out of a time of health and economic turmoil and devastation. Yes, there will be opportunities, but these have to be spotted when they arise, and it will be those whose luck patterns get touched by these stars that will benefit. Homes that face East or West should activate the good fortune energies with an abundance of wealth enhancers – our favourite is the Asset Wealth Bull with wealth amulet, to ensure any gains you make can last into the long term.

NE-SW homes meanwhile have the Pearl String Combination. Occupants of homes orientated along this Earth axis enjoy prosperity, but in particular, success in building for the future. Those living in NE-SW houses should invite in 9 Phoenixes in Red and Gold, and display images of the Ox, the earth sign of the year, liberally in the home. It is the Year of the Ox and it is always extremely auspicious to display the animal sign of the year in one’s home and living spaces – that is why Chinese often create art and figurines with the year’s animal sign surrounded by gold, ingots and other symbols of prosperity as the New Year approaches.

The arrival of the Ox Year also signifies that the time for rebuilding has come.

This year’s Ox is sturdy and stable and can manifest as the nurturing wishfulfilling cow or the mighty Wall Street Bull. This is a time to continue to practice caution when it comes to health concerns, but it is also time to be unafraid of the future – we are entering a bold new world and need to adapt to our changing circumstances. The energies look hopeful but we need to navigate them correctly and mindfully to avoid the pitfalls, which are there, and to tap the veins of hidden gold that the year 2021 brings.

Different animal signs experience different luck patterns and here we give a quick summary of your outlook for the year…

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The RAT in 2021 has a promising year ahead, with the 24 Mountains bringing the Big Auspicious. You enjoy excellent success and the Rat is notorious for being able to eke out a living whatever the circumstances. The Rat in an Ox Year benefits from it being the year of your astrological secret friend and soul mate. ALL Rats in 2021 benefit from having the image of the Rat and Ox together. Your biggest success this year will stem from receiving help from others, and knowing the right people can open big doors for you. Tap mentor luck for this purpose, and don’t let your ego be your worst enemy. The more humble you are, the more you stand to gain!

The OX in 2021 is the ruling sign of the year and has the backing of the Tai Sui – powerful stuff when you know how to harness this! This sign must carry the Tai Sui Amulet at all times, and give sufficient prominence to the Year God by displaying his plaque and amulet in the home. Your home sector plays host to the Future Prosperity Star, indicating that for you, this is a good time to build for the future. Always think long term. Don’t forgo long term gains for short term pleasures. Persistence will be your biggest asset, and luckily for you, staying power is an inherent character trait for the Ox!

The TIGER in 2021 is the sign that brings hidden wealth luck to the year! 2021’s chart looks to be lacking obvious wealth but there is plenty of hidden wealth when you know where to look! The Tiger is the carrier of this luck, so not only do you enjoy this, others benefit from hooking up with you in projects, partnerships and anything else of this nature. Passion epitomizes your being, so finding things you are passionate about is what will drive you in 2021. Don’t expect immediate success, but dig for what really makes you tick; and when you find it, give it your all! Display the Ox Finding Hidden Gold in the West or NE.

The RABBIT in 2021 enjoys romance and relationship luck! Those of you seeking love find it easily and readily, and if you are looking to get married, this is an auspicious year to do so! The Rabbit also sees the arrival of many helpful people able and willing to help you. Don’t turn away overtures from others. You may think you can do it yourself, but allying yourself with the right people will fast-track your route to success. There are some afflictions to overcome, but your inner power is strong, which helps you to weather minor disappointments that surface. Stay resolute and don’t let temporary setbacks cause you to give up. Carry the 3 Celestial Shields Amulet.

The DRAGON in 2021 has enormous potential! A year when you can go after the really big dreams. You do have the Five Yellow, often a much-feared affliction, but this year’s wu wang is an atypical one – use the Five Element Pagoda with Tree of Life to transform the negative energies into positive ones, and harness its power for growth and expansion. Place in the SE. Many of you will meet up with new opportunities – and while you may feel enthusiastic about many of them, don’t spread yourself too thin. Focusing on a few bring better outcomes than trying to take on too much.

The SNAKE in 2021 is in for a much better year! You have Big Auspicious ,and your strength this year will come from your creativity and resourcefulness. Keep striving to think outside of the box. Continuing the tread the well-trodden path will unfortunately not allow you to unlock your full potential. So be brave and try new things! Don’t allow yourself to be discouraged by past experiences or the opinions of others. This is a year when you are strong and when every cloud has a silver lining. Carry the Five Element Pagoda with Tree of Life to transform obstacles into outstanding opportunities.

The HORSE in 2021 has not one bit TWO BIG AUSPICIOUS. This is really your year! You have the Star of Golden Deity in your corner, and help magically arrives whenever you need it! Don’t turn away opportunities that come your way, because some will hold the key to those big breaks you have been hoping for. There is no need to be overly fixated on certain ideas; learn to go with the flow. What you considered important in the past may no longer hold so much significance now. Allow yourself to adapt, in the comfort that the unknown holds the promise of a lot of success, and happiness. Boost your element luck with the Life Force Amulet.

The SHEEP in 2021 has Big Auspicious coming from the direction of your secret friend and soulmate the Horse! People born in Horse years are extremely good for you, and keeping images of the Windhorse close at all times will give a big boost to your personal success luck! You do however have to keep the Quarrelsome Star under control. Don’t let your temper get the better of you. Don’t try to argue things out – you don’t need to win every fight. In fact, losing can be a kind of winning this year. Maintaining the peace and keeping strong relationships is far more important than any form of verbal or proverbial victory.

The MONKEY in 2021 is the ultimate performer this year with not one but MANY significant achievements! You have superlative element luck, allowing you to reach new frontiers and gain notable recognition. This is a year when you can achieve success at the very highest levels, so don’t think small! The bigger you dream, the more you can achieve. Your strong life force and inner confidence gives you the edge in everything you pursue, and the more you involve yourself in projects related to your personal goals, the more success you will achieve. You have plenty of energy, so doing “too” much will not be a problem; in fact, it will only help you! Your must-have amulet is the Crimson Phoenix Constellation Lucky Charms to activate the luck of right timing for you!

The ROOSTER in 2021 sees your energy levels return with a vengeance! One of the luckiest signs of the year, you enjoy fabulous element luck which gives you the impetus to go after really big success! Don’t let temporary setbacks make you lose steam. You play host to the Wealth Star this year, indicating meaningful money luck is coming your way! The General Star meanwhile brings you leadership luck, so those in managerial or leadership roles can inspire great loyalty and achievement in your charges. A year to think big! Get yourself the 6 Birds Big Aupicious Multiplier!

The DOG in 2021 does well if you have something meaningful to sink your teeth into. Find a noble cause and you can move mountains! You need to work at boosting your element luck, and this you can do by carrying the Spirit Enhancing Amulet. If you believe in something, don’t let anyone talk you out of it. Sometimes it benefits to “go with the flow” but this year you need to occasionally stand your ground. As long as you don’t allow yourself to become too laid back, there is plenty of success to be found.

The BOAR in 2021 has an excellent attitude towards life and it is this that will help you make this a year to remember! You are flanked by a Big Auspicious and Small Auspicious, which get magnified by the Enhancing Star. While you need to remedy some afflictions, if you keep your mindset positive, there is plenty of success in store! Be careful of the Loss Star in your sector – carry the Wealth Protection Amulet and refrain from gambling, or speculating on the stock market. Don’t take big risks when it comes to money!

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