Two Important Ways to Protect Your Feng Shui


All directions carry a small amount of bad energy no matter how auspicious it is for that year. These are known as the afflictions of the TEN DIRECTIONS – which include all 8 compass directions as well as from the top and bottom. On days that are indicated as BAD on the Almanac, or on a day where a bad flying star flies in, the bad energy from these directions can act as a “trigger” to amplify bad luck. Hence it is a good idea to use some elemental feng shui to suppress these small amounts of bad energy. These are particularly useful for days when you’re planning to be away from the house on business or on holiday. These cures keep your house safe from afflictions of the 10 directions.

  • First, neutralise the bad energy from above you with light and incense.
    You can use light and incense to lighten the energies in your home and dispel harmful chi from above. Turn on your lights and if you can, shine a bright light towards the sky. This dispels negative energy from above. Burn incense and offer it to the local guardians in your home. Incense and light thins out the bad energy of a space, making its negative effects less potent.
  • Use the 5 Elements to your advantage
    You can use the five elements to disarm the power of chi coming from the 8 compass directions. Only a little bit of these elements are required – you must not go so far as to place large objects that represent these elements. Placing large objects could damage the intrinsic element of that sector. So, only a little is recommended.
  • Neutralise bad energy from the ground with luscious plants
    Energy from the ground can sometimes get too yin and this can become the source of illness and other problems. This happens when there is lack of grass, or living life on the earth. Counter this by surrounding your home with luscious evergreen plants and shrubs.
  • Restoring yin and yang balance in the Tai Chi of your home
    There should be a healthy mix of each. It is great to have a little more yang than yin. The balance of yin and yang ensures a healthy combination of these complementary forces.
Directions SUBDUE with…
Directions: Northwest or West SUBDUE with Water – a small bowl of Water (not a fountain!)
Directions: South SUBDUE with Earth – A small crystal point (not a rock!)
Directions: North SUBDUE with Wood – A small plant (not a tree!)
Directions: East or Southeast SUBDUE with Fire – A small light (not a large one!)
Directions: Southwest or
SUBDUE with Metal – A small metal windchime


Activate the interiors of your home with excellent symbolic energizers. These not only protect your home, they invite good vibrations to enter your house!

  • Invest in a Golden Dragon or Phoenix vase to bring harmony into the home. Place in the Southwest.
  • A Ru Yi strengthens the breadwinner’s chi. Ru Yi represents the power of the high official who has the authority to make important decisions. Place the Ru Yi in your home in the northwest direction.
  • Strengthen the mother by keeping the Southwest brightly lit. It is important that SW corner of a home should not be missing. The Southwest corner of very home should be kept clean and free of clutter and be decorated with an auspicious symbol that benefit the earth chi of the mother.
  • Create a spring in your home. A very effective way with water is to create natural spring in your home or at least what looks like a natural spring. Select an auspicious corner inside your home and then dig a small circular hole about 18 inches in diameter. Install a pipe and then pump water through it so that it appears to spout from the ground in a natural fashion. Design your drainage system so the water is constantly recycled.
  • Ceilings can be designed to enhance and transform heaven energy. Incorporate some circular design into your ceiling. The circular shape is symbolic of heaven energy.
  • Square floor patterns boost foundation chi. It is a good idea to create square patterns and designs on ground-level floors, on your driveway outside or even in your garden as this literally cements in the earth chi of your home.
  • Staircases determine quality of family communication. If you want the interpersonal links between everybody living in the house to be generally harmonious and pleasant, then it is good idea to ensure that staircase is well lit at all times and decorate the walls of staircase.
  • Corridors influence the mood that pervades a home. If you have corridors, then the best type are broad corridors and decorated with colorful art. Keep corridors well lit to create yang energy which spills into the rooms and adds to the feeling of harmony in the home.
  • Get Rich and happy with the laughing Buddha. Inviting his image into the home not only brings wealth and prosperity but it also means that everyone living there will be happy and in a perpetual good mood.