Enhancing Growth Chi in Your Home

Growth chi is one of the most important kinds of energy when endeavoring to improve your feng shui. Without growth chi, your business cannot prosper, you cannot advance in your job, you will lack personal satisfaction with life, and you may begin to feel like you are stagnating. It is thus vitally important to always keep growth chi at the top of your priorities.

Especially in years with no lap chun, such as 2021, it becomes doubly important to continuously enhance the growth chi of your surroundings. In this year of the Metal Ox, Chinese New Year arrived late, after the 4th February, which means that this year, there is NO Lap Chun. This indicates that growth will be constantly hampered unless efforts are made to generate this particular brand of energy. So how do you generate growth energy?


One of the best ways of enhancing growth energy is to bring in live indoor plants into your interior spaces. There is nothing quite like having live plants within easy view from your living or dining spaces. Popular plants for feng shui purposes are what have become known as “money plants”, those with succulent leaves that look good enough to “pinch” or to eat. These money plants have leaves that take on the appearance of coins, or of precious jade, and are sized just right for the indoors.


Lucky bamboo are another popular feng shui plant often invited into the home, especially during the Lunar New Year or given as gifts when visiting a friend or attending a housewarming party. Gifting lucky bamboo conveys the wishes for a prosperous and happy life and brings both the giver and recipient good fortune. Bamboo also signifies longevity and good health, thus making a popular gift for the older generation.

Note that the number of stalks of lucky bamboo is important – one should always display an auspicious number of stalks. 9 signifies completion and prosperity that lasts through the generations; 8 is the number for wealth; 6 is the number for heaven and for new opportunities.


Other suitable indoor plants include Dracaena (Lucky Bamboo), Pothos, Ficus, Philodendron (Money Plant), Crassula (Jade Plant), Aglaonema, Rubber Plants, String of Pearls, Figs,  Anthurium, Bird of Paradise,  Begonias, Calatheas, Air Plants, Peace Lilies, Alocasia, English Ivy, Bromeliad, and Croton.

Note that indoor plants should always be placed next to a window, so they get enough sunlight to stay vibrant and healthy. Alternatively, you can move them outside to your balcony or garden for a few hours each day in case they do not get enough sunlight.


Freshly cut flowers are also wonderful sources of growth energy, but make sure you throw out such flowers as soon as they begin to wilt – wilting and drooping flowers are NOT good feng shui. Also, if your cut flowers have thorns, remove these before displaying.



Remember though that there are many plants that require minimal sunlight and watering but should never be placed inside of the home. This includes plants with sharp pointed leaves, or with thorns, such as the Dragon Tree, Snake Plant and all types of Cacti.

Other plants such as the Staghorn Fern or other Ferns should not be placed inside the home as they are parasitic plants and thus carry the bad meaning of being made used of by others.

Slow-growing plants such as Canes and Bonsai Plants indicate stagnation in your career, and so bring the opposite of growth energy to your home. These plants should always be placed outside the home or avoided altogether.


Other wonderful energizers of growth chi are wealth trees adorned with jewels and symbols of auspiciousness. Each year, we design a new wealth tree to add to our growing collection, as it is so auspicious to display a cluster of wealth trees in the home.

Our wealth tree this year is the Tree Bringing 3 Kinds of Wealth – asset wealth, income wealth and growth wealth. We designed this tree also featuring 12 lucky charms representing 12 different manifestations of luck, accentuating the abundance of prosperity of all kinds, a suitable enhancer we thought in a year when everyone’s wealth (and health) is impacted in different ways amidst this unprecedented pandemic.

If you’ve been collecting our wealth trees over the years, a great way to activate growth and wealth energy is to display them in a group where the wealth star has flown to. This year in 2021, the wealth star has landed in the West, so displaying a vibrant collection of wealth and money trees here brings this star to life.