Thinking in New Direction Using the Power of Creative Thought…

Images have power, symbols have meanings, plants have cures, sounds have effects! The sights and smells of our Universe are as diverse and as creative as our mind’s depth – so start thinking in new directions, for within your own creativity lie secret codes to your personal brand of success. This is the exciting promise of thinking in new directions.

There is so much still locked away from our consciousness, yet discovery of new wisdoms and new sciences in this period of time is moving faster than at any other time in known history. The past fifty years alone have seen the world change in ways we would never have imagined possible; and if we cannot think forward, we can go back in time, explore other cultures, borrow from other’s spiritual discoveries to enhance our lives.

This is a time to discover new rituals of magic, to unravel the new powers of sounds and investigate new meanings of the signs that come our way – a meteorite landing in Russia, a plunging of temperatures in England, an exodus of millions of fish in the oceans… a sudden rise in young billionaires!

In the esoteric world, it seems the key to unlocking the secrets of the Universe lie in the mind’s ultimate creativity and this is not something that is the monopoly of anyone. These days, anyone, even young kids, even those not yet out of school can create a “winner”.

Explore then your own creativity, your own spirituality. You can use the methods of a past age to slice through the different realms that exists alongside us… or you can use rituals to explore new ways of channeling luck, use mantras to blend into the spiritual Universe or use your own faith to communicate with the Gods and Goddesses of the Universe.

Here are two methods I have found incredibly useful for making my own outer and inner life more pleasant… using white smoke offering to invoke the Windhorse that brings greater success and prosperity to my enjoyment of life. And using the visualization of lights to make my mental world happier and more pleasurable.

INVOCATION OF THE WINDHORSE using white smoke offering

The Windhorse has always been a great favourite with the Tibetans and amongst the peoples who live in mountainous regions, as it is always associated with total safety and one’s heart’s desire. Lives are said to be greatly enhanced when the image of the Windhorse is present, especially when it is displayed high above homes. This is why it is so common to see the Windhorse depicted in colourful prayer flags hung high across houses and mountain tops.

The practice of hoisting the Windhorse up to generate good fortune continues to be popular, and in recent years, the practice has been rediscovered by a new generation of spiritual feng shui practitioners.

The Windhorse is red in colour, and on its back, it carries a wishfulfilling jewel, which dazzles the cosmic realms with its radiating light rays. The horse’s back and body are further decorated with precious gemstones and pearls that glitter as the horse flies through the skies. Around its neck too are glimmering jewels, which radiate yet more light as the horse streaks through the skies. And as it flies, the mantra wheel on its side generates empowering energies. This is the visualization to hold in your mind as you perform the Windhorse invocation ritual.

Offering WHITE SMOKE to the Windhorse – a ritual meant to invoke the Windhorse to activate its benevolence.

Place the Windhorse on a small table just outside the front door of your house. Use juniper incense to create white smoke. Burn some small pieces of charcoal and then place some incense over the charcoal. The best is to place freshly-cut young juniper leaves that are still green. Never use dried juniper as this does not create white smoke.

The purpose of offering white smoke by burning fresh juniper leaves is to purify the psychic channels (i.e. spiritual channels) in your locality. This also pacifies the local spirits of your home environment. Note that it is important to think of the Windhorse as a mighty spirit essence and to visualize its radiating rays entering your home as the white smoke is offered.

Do this white smoke offering over a period of 15 days in the mornings beginning your ritual at the start of the waxing moon until the full moon. If you miss the first day, you can start on the second or third day, but in any case, do at least 7 days worth of white smoke offering. Remember to recite three times the offering mantra NAMAH SARVA TATHAGATA AVALOKITE OM SAMBHARA SAMBHARA HUNG. This ensures that the psychic channels to the cosmic universe gets opened to benefit your environment.

VISUALIZING the BRIGHT LIGHT using the power of lights

One of the most powerful things you can do that is incredibly beneficial is to train yourself to always gravitate towards the bright light. This is an ancient secret – the training of one’s eyes to instinctively move towards the light. This is because the bright light is always the source of the greatest survival. The bright light is never hot – indeed not. Think of the bright light always as embracing and it is a comforting kind of cool.

Dazzling yellow light brings wealth and richness.

WHITE LIGHT is always associated with moonlight. Its clarity and special kind of brightness turns even dust into glittering jewels. This is the kind of bright light to imagine in your mind while training it to visualize white light. Always use full moon evenings to practice; the act of doing so generates some incredible side benefits because when you gaze at the brightness of the full moon, you will be invoking everything associated with the success in all your relationships. The moon has always been associated with romance and the Moon Goddess brings magical marriage luck. Think of yourself channeling the brightest, most dazzling white light flowing from the full moon into you!

YELLOW LIGHT is always sunlight. It bathes you in a golden glow and its power stays singularly similar through all the days of the year, only gaining greatest brilliance during the summer months. Dazzling yellow light brings wealth and richness, increasing your prosperity steadily and surely. Practise looking at yellow light and train first your eyes, and then your mind to visualize bright yellow light. If you can imagine the sun channeling the brightest yellow light entering into your body through your crown, it will fill you with pure luck vibes so strong that you can actually feel yourself tingle with anticipation!

Another very effective visualization is to simply think of yourself stepping into the sun itself – like taking a sun bath which completely dissolves everything unlucky within you! The sun’s dazzling yellow light is so powerful that if you do this visualization ritual regularly, good things will start happening for you and to you… unexpected good news, opportunities and big breaks will flow your way.

RED LIGHT is fire light. Going towards the brightest fire light is excellent for getting over grief, disappointments and heartbreak. Red light also dissolves all misunderstandings, quarrels and hostilities that may be causing you grief and aggravations. When this kind of unhappiness mires you in misery, turn on a very bright red light, stare at it and then close your eyes and imagine yourself totally subdued in red light. It is extremely therapeutic and effective!

GREEN LIGHT is the light of the Goddess. This is the most powerful light that transforms and pacifies all jealousy into effective action. It is a miraculous kind of light and is powerful for subduing feelings of envy and jealousy. You may not be aware that you are feeling hostility because you resent someone else’s success or achievement. When you lose in a competition, when you fail to land a much coveted job, or see your rival get something you feel should rightfully have come to you… these sort of negative feelings are hard to deal with and nothing anyone can say can make you feel better.

When you feel like this, counter it with magical green light. Dazzling green light is hard to create and you will have to be creative to train your mind to actually visualize green light. But filling your inner world with bright green light is simply so effective for dissolving all negative thoughts and galvanizing you into taking remedial action, it will go a long towards spiraling you to victory the next time around! Remember that green is the light of the all-powerful Goddess!

BLUE LIGHT is the light of intense love. It pacifies all anger. It heals and it softens. Blue light here is the colour of dark blue – the blue of deep water – translucent but dazzling at the same time. Blue is the colour of the Medicine Buddha whose radiating blue light has the power to subdue all feelings of wrathfulness. Train your mind to surround yourself to blue light so that you can always bring it on to subdue all your anger.

Remember that anger negates everything. It causes good fortune to instantly change into misfortune. Each time you allow yourself to succumb to anger, you will have lost whatever it is you want at that moment in time and if you are convulsed in an argument, getting angry instantly makes you lose.

Use the magic of blue light to immediately calm your mind. It is powerful and transformational!

When you actively train to visualize dazzling light, you will instinctively reject dim light which pulls you down and causes you bad luck, brings loss and failure!