The Eight Auspicious Signs and Their Numbers

The number 8 can be very effectively invoked by displaying the powerful set of auspicious signs so popular with Tibetan Buddhists. Each of the eight signs is also associated with the numbers 1 to 9 (excluding the number 5, which is signified by the tai chi symbol of yin and yang).

  1. The BANNER OF VICTORY brings the good fortune of being victorious over one’s enemies and foes. It helps those who are engaged in a competitive situation with others.This symbol does extremely well for those whose Birth or Name Number is 1.
  2. The DOUBLE FISH brings the good fortune of abundance and also good descendants luck. This symbol is also regarded as a protective symbol by many, who see the double fish ensuring that all one’s descendants stay safe and secure. In Thailand, a strongly Buddhist country, the double fish symbol is often given to children to wear as a protective talisman. This symbol resonates strongly for those whose Birth Number is 2.
  3. The VASE brings the luck of peace and harmonious relationships into all your interactions with others. This is a wonderful symbol of things going right in your life, so aggravations are drastically reduced. The vase is one of the most popular symbols of peace and harmony. The number most of the associated with the vase is the number 3; it reduces any aggravations brought by this number.
  4. The LOTUS is the sign of purity and symbolizes the power of the highest motivation, that of others above the self. This sign is closely allied to the number 4, and to some, it also signifies the good fortune of a happy family life.
  5. The CONCH is the symbol associated with good news. The sound of the conch transcends the dimensions of space and time so that as a symbolic representation of good fortune, the conch resonates with the number 6, providing a channel to the dimensions of the celestials.
  6. The PARASOL is the sign of protection and is often associated with the number 7, as it offers protection from war, violence and harmful people. When this symbol is present in your environment, it signifies safety from those who would harm you. In Chinese feng shui, the umbrella has always been a symbol of protection.
  7. The MYSTIC KNOT brings the good fortune of never-ending happiness. The knot symbolizes a continuity of all the good things coming to make you happy and contented, and this includes prosperity, good relationships, love, romance, and marriage. This symbol does extremely well for those whose Birth or Name Number is 8.
  8. The WHEEL symbolizes the good fortune of having wisdom that reveals the true nature of reality, bringing happiness and bliss. This symbol is often associated with the number 9 as it signifies the completion of all things.