The Duplicate Star

When we read a Paht Chee chart, the most important pillar is the Day Pillar, as this is the pillar that represents our self as well as our spouse. The relationship between its heavenly stem element and the element of its earthly branch is also an important factor in determining not only the strength of the self element, but also in telling us about the harmony of that period of one’s life.

It also tells us the strength of the animal sign in its pillar, as this will then give us more information on the effects of that person’s life. Therefore, if the animal sign of the Day Pillar is in a favourable relationship with the other animals in the chart, it can be indicative of good luck, and likewise if the day animal forms a clash with animals in the other pillars, it can bring bad luck or other problems.

Using the same logic, if the animal sign of the Day Pillar is repeated in other pillars, it follows through that we will have a multiplying effect. This phenomenon is called the Duplicate Star. Obviously, if the animal of the Day Pillar brings good luck, this luck will then be multiplied; if unlucky then the bad luck also multiplies. At the same time, we also need to look at the animal of the current luck pillar to see how it affects the end result of the reading. Do not forget to also take into account the animal of the current year so you can come a decision for the current year. Below is the table that lists the Duplicate Star.

Let us look at an example to better explain the effects of possessing the Duplicate Star in your chart.

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Here we have a 53 year old gentleman born on 16th of October 1964. We know that his chart is completely missing Metal, and Water with excess Earth. Although he was born in the season of Autumn, we can safely conclude that his self element is very strong Yang Earth. Favourable elements for him would then be Metal, Water and Wood, and likewise unfavourable elements would be Fire and Earth.

In terms of stars, we know that he has the Prospects Star, the Peach Blossom Star, the War Star, the Star of Money Bags, The Emperor Star, the Squandering Star as well as the Duplicate Star. From all these stars, we know that the Prospects Star is not favourable, as his self element is excessively strong Earth, thus creating interpersonal relations issues at work.

The Peach Blossom, War Star, Money Bags as well as the Emperor Star are favourable for him and bring him luck in Friendships, Career as well as Wealth. So these combination of stars do help with the effects of the Prospects Star.


The Squandering Star is indicated by the Dragon and therefore we know that he needs someone supportive in order to help ensure he does not lose grasp of any opportunities that come his way. We also know that the Dragon is one of the 4 animals that forms the self penalty, thus years of the Dragon activate the self penalty thus creating obstacles and stagnation and also affects his relationships with others in a negative manner.

The Dragon is also in side clash with the Dog in both Day and Month pillar. This means that he offends the Tai Sui every year of his life, and he can be sure that he will encounter plenty of challenges.

When we look at luck pillar 47, we can see that the animal in charge is the Rabbit, which of course is the secret friend of the Dog. This in turn brings him plenty of windfall luck. So we can conclude that for this case, if he does not effect the remedies required –

  • Strengthen Water and Metal in his life.
  • Carry the Tai Sui Cure at all times
  • Tap into the luck of his secret friend the Rooster

– it would be quite unlikely that he be able to enjoy the potential good luck that is seen in his current luck pillar brought by the Rabbit. Fortunately of course, he saw me 6 years ago and now we can see that the method works very well in forecasting his potential good luck and also unlocking his heaven potential.

As for luck pillar 57, there is the Dragon there, which amplifies the clash between Dragon and Dog as well as creating the Self Penalty. And therefore that would be a luck pillar when he needs to pay extra care and take as few risks as possible. It will also be a period when he must strengthen the presence of the Rooster in his home. It would be a good idea for him to introduce the Snake presence in his home, as the Snake and the Dragon form the house of magic and also the animal that represents his Celestial Protector Star.