The 10 Intelligent Day Pillars

A number of articles back, I introduced you to the 6 Talented Stars, where people who have this star in their chart are believed to possess strong inborn talents, much like the 6 famous Apsaras from Hindu and Buddhist mythology. Such people are said to be very good at singing and dancing, and have great talent in the arts.

When you read Lillian Too’s book on the Secrets of your Birth Chart, she explains very clearly about the Scholastic Star. In this case, people who have the Scholastic Star have a strong interest in furthering their knowledge, and they also find it easy to learn new skills. Of course, if they have more than 2 units of the Scholastic Star, it could well indicate someone who is a career student.

This time, we will be looking at the 10 Intelligent Stars. Unlike the other 2 stars, this star indicates someone born with a high intellect and who is very clever. Such people are also usually very versatile in their skillset and will find it easy to gain fame and success. They also tend to have a good reputation and can gain fame through their efforts.

So how do you know if you have this star in your chart? Look at your Day Pillar, and if your Day Pillar is similar to one of the Day Pillars in the table, you have this star.

So let us look at an example chart from one of my clients. Her chart is balanced with all 5 elements present, and her self-element has been determined to be weak Yin Fire. There is a slight excess of Metal in her chart, so we know she is someone with a strong character and who can be stubborn at times. Favourable elements for her would be both Wood and Fire. Her current age is 36 in 2017, and you need to understand that since her chart does not lack any of the 5 elements, we can safely assume that regardless of what element the year brings, or is found in her 10 year luck pillars, those elements would have only a small effect on her overall heaven luck. Thus Wood and Fire is lucky, while Metal, Earth and Water are not for lucky for her. When we look at her earthly branches, we can observe that she has the Tiger and Boar combination, which brings her the luck of having good and supportive friends.

Next, we see that she has the Rooster self-penalty, as a result of the Rooster in both Year and Day Pillars. We can read this as her having some problem with getting married, where her romantic relationships can be said to be stormy or disharmonious. This self-penalty clash can affect her overall luck if she allows her inner feelings of inadequacy to affect her confidence and perseverance. Therefore, for her, the Dragon becomes very important, as this would be the remedy for the self-penalty clash.

There are many hidden stars in her chart, among them being 2 units of the Scholastic Star, 2 units of the War Star, the Fortune Noble Star, The Nobility Star as well as the Intelligence Star. These 5 stars are most auspicious for her and indicate that she is one clever and talented girl with a wide range talents. Add to that the Nobleman Star and 2 units of the Star of Powerful Mentors, which ensures that success comes easily to her.


While all this is sounds very positive, there is one taboo to her luck. Her chart has the Star of the Yin Gate – so she must avoid attending white events such as funerals, visiting people who are on their deathbed in hospitals, or going out late at night especially during the Chinese 7th month or visiting cemeteries.

Doing so will negate the good effects of the Tiger-Boar secret friend combination, as the Star of the Yin Gate is indicated by the Boar. So if she ever accidentally breaks this taboo, she will need to perform more prayers and spend more time under the sun to attract more Yang Fire to strengthen her self-element.

Remember that the Boar happens to be Yin Water, while her self-element is Yin Fire. There is a period of her life when this taboo does not apply, and that would be during her age between 27 and 36, as the animal of this luck pillar is the Tiger.

So now we know that she has great intelligence with a good measure of luck, what can we say about her luck in 2017 the Year of the Fire Rooster?

For starters, we know that the Rooster of the year further aggravates the Rooster self-penalty. She is also deemed to antagonize the Tai Sui. The Fire element of the first half of 2017 is helpful, while the second half is going to bring her problems, mostly through her own stubbornness. She should thus make an effort to strengthen the energy of the Dragon this year by placing figurines of the Dragon in her home, beside her bed, on her work desk and also to wear a pendant of the Dragon. She must also carry the Tai Sui Amulet and place the Tai Sui Plaque in the West part of her home.