Selling Your House? 12 Ways To Make It Happen

The key to making any house yummy enough to attract a buyer’s offer is to literally infuse it with a BIG dose of yang chi… shaking the home’s energy into life, not just to activate its ambience but also to make the energy so good that potential buyers get hooked IMMEDIATELY and also beguiled by layer after layer of lucky shimmering warm welcoming chi. Here are twelve ways how.

1. Dress Up the Approach

Get the potential buyer hooked from the very first step he takes into your house. Keep driveways clean of unsightly weeds. Get the small patch of garden in front of your entrance door looking like a bright hall. Cut back overhanging branches and give shrubs a haircut. Repaint the gate. Nothing smartens a home more efficiently and affordably than a well oiled, well painted gate. If your house has a lucky number, display it prominently.

2. Change Main Door Handles

The main door is a major attraction. It creates powerful magic when it looks strong, sturdy and big enough for the house. Nothing removes good luck faster than a sloppy weak looking front door. Paint it a darker colour if you have to, and give it a coat of varnish or stain it a bolder, darker, smarter colour to make it stand out. Make sure locks work and investing in new door handles is a symbolic way of using feng shui to let the house find itself a new owner. When someone genuine looking for a house to buy turns your new handle granting entry into your house, instant good affinity with the house flows between it and the potential new owner.


3. Plants Keep Chi Alive

Nothing works as well as a few healthy growing plants flanking the door. This is a must have with houses that have even the smallest space. Flowering plants are better. You can display fake flowers that look like the real thing to complement ordinary green plants. This is a quick and easy way to assure buyers that the house is alive with good chi. Flowers work fabulous feng shui magic and artificial flowers do as well if not better, because they never fade and yin chi never emanates from them.

4. Flaunt More Than Surface Shine

Never put an “injured” house on the market. Nothing creates worse feng shui or puts a potential buyer off more quickly than seeing cracks on the floor, broken glass in the windows, peeling paint and rusted grills. When a house looks sick or tired and the chi within has stagnated, it sends out negative signals. Unless the house is being bought to be massively remodeled or simply for its land, when you sell a house it must convey more than just surface shine. It must be livable; not have too many things needing repair. A new coat of paint, clean floors and windows create instant good feng shui.

5. First Impression Room

Make sure there is ONE room in the house that looks and feels so good it “sells” the house. Lead the potential buyer to a special show room that gives the house its mood and ambiance. Arrange this room to naturally welcome the visitor into the house – the flow of energy must be impeccable and no furniture should be blocking the way to this one room! It is not necessary to fill it with designer furniture. Resist overdoing things, but comfortable usable furniture arranged with a couple of pieces of feng shui decorative items almost always succeeds in attracting an offer.

6. A Light in the South

Keep a light turned on in the South corner of the room that greets the visitor as this is the corner that activates the feel-good ambiance of the house. And also light up the corner diagonal to the entrance door. This is the corner which “hooks” the buyer in. Hang an eight-rod metal wind chime here to energize “sale” energy.

7. Master Room Magic

Keep the bed in place in the bedroom and have it placed against the most important wall, and then get rid of everything in the room that might distract. If there is a window, keep it opened and if there is an attached bathroom, make sure it is clean. Let the room smell good and do have fresh white linen and a neutral-coloured bedspread. Bedrooms must be inviting to elicit an offer.


8. Get Rid of Excessive Furniture

Make the house look bigger and more spacious than it is by removing at least half the normal furniture. And get rid of your family clutter. A lightly furnished home sells better than a house with too many distracting pieces of furniture. It overwhelms and distracts from the space being sold.

9. Bring in Plenty of Sunlight

Heavily curtained houses almost never attract offers. Sunlight and colour make all the difference. So tie up the curtains and remove the valances. Make windows look as large as possible. If the room is small, paint a coloured accent wall across from the entrance door and lift a low ceiling by using up-lighting. Sunlight is yang energy and you need this to sell your house. So you must find ways to bring in the sunlight and arrange for potential buyers to view your house when morning sunshine streams in.

10. Letting Go

To really let go of your home and all energy associated with it, carefully dig up some of soil from your home, then take it to the nearest flow of water – a river or a large monsoon drain, then throw it over your left shoulder with your right hand and your right shoulder with your left hand. This will symbolically allow new energy and a new home to flow into your life. Selling your old house then becomes part of a process of renewal and transformation for you.

11. De-Personlize Your Space

All private items, photographs, mementos and special things are best packed away. Homes for sale must feel welcoming to a new owner. De-personalizing the space is an important part of letting go and allowing your house energy to welcome a new family. Anyone wanting to sell their home must release whatever attachment they have to the property. This frees up the energy of the home.

12. Crystal Globe to Smooth the Sale

Place a solid glass or crystal globe in the center of the first room visitors see, preferably low on a coffee table. This creates powerful earth energy that will make any transaction smooth, enabling the sale to go through with no obstacles. But remove all other things. Nothing puts a buyer off more than household clutter.