Ritual for Inviting in the God of Wealth for 2022

Based on detailed calculation, this year is a good year to receive the God of Wealth on the first day of Chinese New Year. The God of Wealth this year brings immense wealth and abundance of good fortune.

This year, the direction the God of Wealth comes from is the SOUTHEAST.

On the first day, the daily Lo Shu number 8 shines in the South sector. This brings immense good luck to homes that face South, or that have main entrances located In the South sector. Homes that face South will thus enjoy plenty of wealth, prosperity, and unexpected career advancements if they invite the God of Wealth to come into their home.

Inviting in the God of Wealth brings plenty of prosperity, and unexpected career advancements coupled with salary increase for household occupants.

But note that just because your home does not face South does not mean you cannot greet the God of Wealth. All you need is to have an open space in your garden that allows you to face Southeast when setting up the offering table.


To receive the God of Wealth, select an auspicious hour according to your animal sign of birth. The table below provides time guides for the welcoming ritual. (Note: those born in the Year of Rabbit, you are advised NOT to receive the God of Wealth as this day is your conflict animal sign day.)

Time Auspicious Inauspicious
Time: 12am to 1am (Rat Hour) Auspicious: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Dragon, Snake, Dog & Boar Inauspicious: Rabbit, Horse, Sheep & Rooster
Time: 11am to 1pm (Horse Hour) Auspicious: Ox, Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Sheep, Dog & Boar Inauspicious: Rat, Rabbit, Snake, Rooster & Monkey

Firstly, take a shower. It is important to receive God of Wealth with a clean body and new clothes.

Secondly, use the compass to locate the Southeast direction. Turn your altar table to face the Southeast direction. Place an incense burner in the center of the table. Place all ingredients on a red-colored plate behind the incense burner. Place two sets of three small cups in front of the incense burner. Make two rows. Pour the tea into the first row of cups and white rice wine into the second row of cups.


When you are ready, you can start to receive the God of Wealth at the auspicious time selected. Light the candles on the altar in your home and turn on all the lights, and open all doors and windows. Make three prostrations to the Deities on your altar, then light the candle and 3 large incense sticks on the small table set up outside the house.

The Patriarch of the family should hold the large incense sticks and prostrate to the God of Wealth. When making prayers, he should hold the incense stick in both hands and kneel down. He must invite the God of Wealth to come to the house, and make the request on behalf of the family members. Then he should place the large incense sticks in the incense burner. Light the medium incense sticks and distribute to the rest of family members. Everyone should pray to the God of Wealth and invite him into the home.

When incense sticks are burnt half way, focus your mind on inviting the God of Wealth into your home. After that, make a toast. Pour 3 cups of tea (about 80%) to the floor. Then you make the second toast of the wine. Pour 80% of the wine of the 3 cups onto the floor.

Light three incense sticks and hold both hands. As you do so, visualize the God of Wealth walking in front of you and entering your house, bringing your home all kinds of wealth luck.

Let the God of Wealth enter your house first before your foot enters your house. Go straight to your altar at home. Place the incense sticks on the incense burner. Now inform the Deities on your altar that you have invited in the God of Wealth into your home. If you have previously purchased the Trio of Wealth Gods sitting on Tiger Plaque or figurines, you should place them in the Northeast corner of your living room to symbolize the Gods of Wealth taking up residence in your home. Place 3 cups of rice wine as offering to your Gods of Wealth as well as 3 freshly-lit joss sticks.

Ingredients to pray to the God of Wealth:

  • 3pcs of large incense sticks and a pack of medium incense sticks.
  • Two sets of 3pcs small size porcelain cup (for tea and white wine)
  • One set of red candles
  • One “Fatt Gou” cake
  • One “Fatt Choi” vegetable
  • Five types of fruits
  • Mushrooms
  • Pineapple
  • Sweets
  • “Lian Kou”
  • Pot of Gold
  • Gold Bar, Gold Ingots, I Ching coins
  • Trio of Wealth Gods sitting on Tiger Plaque or Figurine (Place in the Northeast)