Tuning Into The Universe To Improve Your Life

Taoist feng shui engages the inner chi, using secret techniques that unite heaven, earth and mankind to create awareness of shifts in subtle energy. These movements affect our well being, facilitating direct communication with nature, and with the winds and waters. It enables us to read signals from the environment and from the realms of animals, from weather changes, from cloud formations, from signs sent from the cosmos – all seen within the context of time and space.

Birds are powerful symbols of new opportunity, particularly the Crimson Phoenix. Having the bird image in the home is said to attract prosperity, opportunities and abundance. A hundred birds would be a hundred times more opportunities. Birds signify protection for those who take financial and business risks. When placed in the South, birds ward off bad business luck. Birds bring wealth, and bird feathers protect from accidents during travel. In Taoist feng shui, birds are regarded as cosmic messengers.


Birds flying towards you are the best signals. Birds flying away from you suggest a missed opportunity. A bird flying upwards is a good sign. Birds singing in the morning bring good news. When birds build nests in you garden, it is a very good sign heralding prosperity or increased income.

How to Read the Signs from Birds

How many birds do you see?

  • A single black bird indicates an important message.
  • A pair of birds means love is coming your way.
  • A family of birds suggests the possibility of a new addition to the family or a family reunion, which brings happiness.

Do you see healthy or injured birds?

  • An injured bird is a warning. Be careful for the rest of the day. Drive slowly.
  • A healthy, lively bird suggests a happy occasion.
  • Several birds chirping merrily means increased social partying.
  • When birds are singing, it is a happy sign suggesting a busier social life.

What colour birds do you see?

  • A blue bird means promotion at work.
  • A white bird means healing. If someone close to you is desperately ill, this is a sign of recovery.
  • A bird with red markings means an honour of some kind is coming to you.
  • A yellow bird means sudden wealth or a happiness occasion (such as a pregnancy).

What kind of birds do you see?

  • Magpies mean new friends coming into your life.
  • Birds of prey always mean wealth; the eagle, for instance, suggests good fortune.
  • Small birds, such as sparrows, indicate good news – these are happy messengers.
  • Love birds suggest romance or meeting a soul mate.
  • Crows mean some divine message can be expected – perhaps having a prophetic dream.
  • Owls indicate a teacher of great significance coming into your life.