Purify Energy in Your Living Space by Using the Singing Bowl

Space purification clears away negative vibrations, allowing fresh new chi to enter your home. A cleared space puts us in touch with the soul and energy of the universe so that we live in harmony with each other and our environment. Space purification is done using incense, followed by singing bowl purification. As your living space is cleansed with regular use of the singing bowl, its metalic sound will get purer, and sharper each day to reflect cleaner energy around you.

Characteristics of a good singing bowl

  • Should ideally have a shining golden colour, be fairly thick, and perfectly round.
  • Can be polished or matte; in any metallic shade.
  • When singing bowls are rubbed, hit, or tapped they produce a wonderful, pure and lasting sound. This is true even if you tap it with your fingernails.
  • The quality of sound is determined by the thickness of the bowl’s rim.
  • Its humming resonance and singing vibrations depend on its depth.
  • It is made from 7 types of metals.

Seven Types of Metal

To produce the special singing sound, the bowls should have a round crucible shape and be made from seven different metals: silver, gold, tin, copper, zinc, iron and lead.

Adding real gold into the bowls improves the sound; and it symbolizes the auspiciousness of gold. The seven types of metals are a tradition. Gold represents the sun, the ultimate source of yang energy. Silver represents the moon, the ultimate source of yin energy. Hence, using silver and gold represents the union of yin and yang inside the bowl itself. The other metals each represent the planets in the universe.

Each of the seven metals produces its own individual sound and together they produce an exceptional singing sound that pierces through the energy of space.


Striking the Bowl with a Mallet

Striking the bowl three times creates the first set of sounds. Let the sound ring out loud and follow its resonance. As the sound begins to fade, strike again, and keep doing this as you move around the room.

“Humming” the Bowl with the Mallet

You can also slide the mallet around the rim of the bowl in a clockwise direction to generate a ringing sound. Keep a firm tension on the mallet and listen as a gentle humming sound grows in intensity.

If at first you cannot get the bowl to “hum” using this method, try striking the bowl first to “wake it up” before sliding the mallet along the rim. The trick is in the continuos pressure of the mallet against the rim. Gently press the rim evenly and firmly.

When you get good at it, the sheer beauty of the sound will carry you away. This method brings out the harmonics of the bowl. When your bowl is singing nicely, begin to walk slowly around the room. Try to stay close to the walls so that any unbalanced energy that may be stuck to the walls gets cleansed and purified by the sound. Circle doors and window areas three times in clockwise direction.

Incense Purification

You may also perform incense purification before singing your bowl. Incense fills the home with pure, balanced yang energy especially if the incense is made from special mountain plants and herbs. Incense appeases local spirits and when followed by singing bowl purification, generates immense harmony.


Focus Your Mind

The singing bowl purification also acts as a therapeutic method to open up the chakras of the human body. As you are cleansing your living space with the singing bowl, focus your mind towards clearing negative energies in your body and mind as well as around you.

Benefits of Singing Bowl Purification

  • Clears away negative energies of a living space that originate from feng shui afflictions, quarrels and events.
  • Transforms inauspicious energy into auspicious energy.
  • Activates elemental energies of metal sectors of the home (Northwest for Patriarch and West for children).
  • Opens up the chakras of the human body and cleanses your mind, giving you a sense of uplift and relaxation after bathing in the harmonic tones of a singing bowl.
  • Enhances the effectiveness of feng shui cures.
  • Leaves positive vibrations that make homes hum with happiness.

Using the Bowl in Space Purification

Let the singing bowl sit comfortably on a special cushion in your upturned left palm. Spend a few seconds tuning into the heaviness of the bowl. Then lift the wooden mallet and gently strike the rim of the bowl.

Each person will hear a different kind of humming or singing sound. Strike the bowl continuously to get familiar with the sounds that permeate the room. Close your eyes slightly and allow yourself to be enveloped by the sound waves created.

Hold the bowl in your left palm and walk slowly from room to room in your home. In each room strike the bowl three times, and move in a clockwise direction around the room.

Listen to the sounds generated from the bowl. Sounds produced in “dead” corners are often flat and dull while those that come from a lively part of the home tend to be sharp and clear. Learn to tell the differences. This first round through the home allows the bowl to resonate everywhere. It will balance the energies in your home almost instantly.

If you have a room you consider being especially unlucky, place the bowl on a table with a cushion underneath. Let the bowl steady itself and then strike the rim of the bowl with the wooden mallet.