Personal Grooming To Boost Your Success Luck

Personalized feng shui has to do with the personal elements that rule our birth chart and these are usually viewed as a “basket of elements” in accordance with our four pillar charts. However, using the Kua number to identify the elements works as effectively as using the Four Pillars elements.

Look at the list below and note the shape that will enhance your good luck. Incorporate the rectangular, square, round, wavy or triangular shapes into your clothes, as well as the patterns and prints you select for your ties, shirts, hair and so forth to bring success and harmony into your life.


Five Element Shapes Chart with Kua number

Personalized feng shui can be guided by the elements symbolized by our body shape which changes as we age. First you need to work out the shape that best describes you and then dress according to the productive cycle of the elements. If your body shape is triangular i.e. small on top and heavy at the bottom, then dressing with the rectangular shape in mind is excellent since Wood (rectangle) produces Fire (triangular).

Productive cycle of 5 elements

Good feng shui in personal grooming can be achieved by skillfully balancing the elements that make up the total look. Combining shapes and colours in a way that ensures the elements stay in harmony can do this.

For example:

  • Long way hair always suggests the Water motif. If your body shape is long and tall, then the element combination suggests Water and Wood – a most auspicious combination as the elements are in harmony.
  • Long wavy hair (water element) matched with a suit in blue, purple or black would mean too much water. The effect would then be unbalanced, and the feng shui not very good!
  • If your body frame tends to be short and stocky, then wearing a straight tailored suit suggests an excess of the Earth element, since the overall shape is square. It would help if the suit is white (metal) since the combination or Earth and Metal would then be very auspicious.

Good feng shui in dressing always means good element harmony. The way to ensure you get this right is to look in the mirror and to pick out at least three items that represent element harmony. From the shape and texture of your hairstyle to the cut of your clothes, the colours and the patterns of your outfit, you will be able to form an impression that seems harmonious or not.

It is always a good idea to memorize the element, or elements, that can harm you or which are discordant with your Kua number, or with your body shape.

Face and Hair Shape

  • A rounded hairstyle on a rectangular-shaped face indicates Metal on Wood, so this is not a good style to have.
  • A rounded hairstyle on an oval or heart-shaped face indicates Metal above Fire, which is a bad style to have.
  • A rounded hairstyle on a square face represents Metal above Earth. This is a much better hairstyle as Earth produces Metal.

Pattern and Colour Combinations


  • Are extremely lucky when done in all shades or reds and maroon
  • Are very unlucky when done in metallic colours or in white
  • Are very lucky when the background colour is blue or black
  • Of white on blue are lucky
  • Of white on gold or silver are bad
  • Of green on darker green is excessive wood and not good
  • Of green on black or blue are excellent
  • Of green on red denote success


  • Are best done in metallic colours, gold, silvers and white
  • Are auspicious on a beige or earthy background

Zigzag Lines:

  • Match well with orange, beige and browns
  • Are most auspicious on a background of green or brown

Squares and Checks:

  • Match extremely well with reds and yellows
  • Match well with whites and metallic colours
  • Are very inauspicious in a blue or black background
  • Are not recommend in greens or blues

Wavy Lines:

  • Balance well with blues and greens
  • Are excellent against a white background
  • Clash with bright reds and orange
  • Mix well with dots and circles
  • Go well with rectangular shapes

Do not wear dirty, torn clothes or dress like a hippie, as it creates negative vibes and attracts poverty. Take trouble to change your clothes, apply your make up, and always stay well groomed, ready to greet in any good fortune that may come your way that very day. When you look good and feel good, your feng shui will likewise be good also!