What Are the Lucky Colors for the Year of the Metal Ox 2021?

What Lucky Colors Should I Wear in 2021?

The Chinese believe that colors resonate with particular frequencies that have different strengths and affinities from year to year. Different homes have different color affinities, and different personalities vibrate better with certain colors in different years.

This dynamic aspect of the use of colors to ensure good fortune is a fascinating study in itself, but for the purposes of the creating good luck, what is needed is a basic knowledge of color affinities, plus their resonance in the Year of the Metal Ox 2021.

In Chinese metaphysics, there are five main colors which represent the five elements of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire, and the eight directions – North, Northeast, Northwest, South, Southeast, Southwest, East, and West.

Depending on the facing direction of your home, different colors bring different effects on the luck of your home. Likewise, depending on what animal sign you are born under, different colors will have different effects on you in different years.

We need to look at the annual birth chart of the year to determine what each of the elements represents, and what the fortunate colors of the year are. According to the birth chart, it is a year that is relatively well balanced in terms of the 5 elements.


For 2021, the color red is very lucky as it represents increased incomes and big wealth. This is a year where Fire only appears as a hidden element. Note that red is the color associated with the planet MARS, and in 2021, it is the color that represents WEALTH luck.

While the color red is universally acknowledged an important and auspicious color, it is important not to overuse this color. Thus while wearing red is very lucky indeed, painting the whole house red is quite another matter. When Fire energy becomes excessive, it can turn destructive. Just like for 2021, when you place a red carpet near the entrance to your home, its energies invite wealth-bringing energies into your home, but when you paint your whole house red, its meaning and effects change to an unhealthy pursuit of money that may lead to financial loss.

Red is always favored for ushering in Chinese New Year, for weddings and for the celebration of happiness events such as the first month celebration of a new-born baby and birthdays for patriarchs and matriarchs. During such events, the yang chi of the color red gets activated, attracting good fortune!

Red is also the favorite color of temples and restaurants, as it is believed to be the most powerful color for attracting customers and clients. Again, one should not overdo the use of red even in these public places.


In 2021, the color yellow represents recognition, power and rank. This is the color of Earth which symbolises stability and patience, making one grounded and realistic. Because Earth is in excess this year, too much of this color will lead to excessive worrying and self-induced stress, especially about one’s source of income and livelihood.

Yellow has always been a noble and high-class color associated with the mandarins at court. The Chinese have always revered this color, associating it with Imperial Authority, yellow being the color of the Son of Heaven. Yellow is also the Emperor’s color. It is also the color of the Yellow River, which brings the much-needed life-giving water to the fields of rice and grain, and it is also the color of the great nation China itself.


White is the color associated with the element Metal, which in 2021 is the element that represents resources, support and authority. The other colors associated with the Metal element are silvery grey and gold. Both of these metallic colors also represent money, so they are always regarded as auspicious. The metal planet is Venus.

BLUES & BLACKS can cause fierce competition in 2021

Both colors blue as well as black symbolizes flowing water, which brings change and swift communication. The flow of news moves as fast as the waters that flow down the great rivers of the world. Wearing black or blue in 2021 strengthens networking, friendship but also competition. Because of an excess of Water in the chart for the year, you should avoid over-using these colors as you do not want to strengthen gossip and betrayals, especially for those born in years of the Dog, Boar or Rat. If you wear a totally black outfit, always balance this out by carrying a colorful bag in another color, or wear an auspicious scarf in another color.


In 2021, the color green is quite auspicious, as green represents intelligence, and creativity. Green is also one of the favorable colors of the year. Note that the color green represents the season of spring, and it stands for steady and healthy growth chi or the living tree. This is very important, as the year of 2021 starts after the LAP CHUN, the first day of spring.

Green represents the element of Wood, and if you are unwell, sitting by a window overlooking fields of green will do you a world of good; there is nothing more therapeutic than this. Green also signifies action, and wearing green will make you feel more energized and action-oriented. Wearing jade jewellery and accessories is another wonderfully auspicious way to incorporate green into your wardrobe.


To make the most of 2021, you can enhance the good luck potential of your home using colors and elements.


The first rule for 2021 is that you should place a red carpet on your doorstep to usher in wealth luck. Make sure that you also hang 3 Chinese coins and bells on the entrance door handle to further attract money luck.

The next step is that you should place some – preferably those that are fruiting or flowering near your main door or in your living and dining rooms during the 15 days before Chinese New Year and to keep it there for the 15 days of the New Year celebrations. Doing so will improve growth energy as well as bringing plenty of success luck.

If your home or main door opens to the South, it will be very beneficial for you to paint that area white, or to introduce the elements of Metal, as by doing so will improve victory and success luck.

If your home or main door faces Southwest, then you should avoid having any plants or colors that represent Wood – such as the color green. Instead, you should place something red such as auspicious floor mats, or to hang up some lucky coins or bells to control argumentative energies while strengthening the harmonious energy of your home.

If your main door faces West, you must have a red carpet at your main entrance and lucky colors here would be red or yellow – colors that represents Fire and Earth elements.

If your main door or home faces Northwest, then blues or colors that represent Water is what is needed to protect your home from financial loss.

If your main door or home faces North, then you must avoid colors that represent the Earth element such as yellow. Instead, you should introduce colors that represent Water or Wood – blues and green to weaken illness-bringing energy.

If your home or main door faces Northeast, then Fire energy is what you need to enhance good luck.

If your home or main door faces East, painting this area green or placing some live plants here will be good for improving family cohesiveness.

If your home or main door faces Southeast, you must not place anything red here. Instead, you should paint this part of the home white in color.


White and yellow are lucky colors for those born in the year of the Horse. Those born in the year of the Monkey, Sheep, Ox and Tiger will benefit from wearing some red. The Rooster benefits from reds, yellows and greens. If you are born in the year of the Dog, Boar or Rat, you should avoid wearing too much blue or black and instead should wear more green. The Rabbit should wear some green, while the Dragon and Snake should wear more white, purple, gold or silver, as Metal benefits them.