Getting Acquainted with Period 9



On February 4th, 2024, we leave Period 8 and step into the next 20-year period known as the Period of 9. This is a significant milestone in Flying Star Feng Shui because it is when the stars transition into their next Chi states, and when an array of new influences begin to take effect.

A period change is a big thing. In Flying Star Feng Shui, there are 9 periods altogether; each one ties to a sector in the Lo Shu Magic Square. Each period lasts 20 years and is governed by a number, with each number being associated with particular qualities, giving us an indication of what kind of luck patterns any particular period will bring.

What can we expect from Period 9?


In Period 9, the number 9 reigns supreme, bringing fame, fortune, new opportunities and new wealth.

While the number 8 continues to be an auspicious wealth-attracting number, it loses strength in Period 9 and can even start to manifest some of its negative qualities such as weak health and low vitality.

The number 9 meanwhile becomes even more powerful and auspicious. As the number ruling the period, it replaces the number 8 as the Star of Current Prosperity, holding the power to steer you towards greater health, wealth and happiness. It is also the magical number of completion; the last single digit number after which everything comes back full circle, and the only one where every multiple adds back to itself, so unlocking its auspicious energies churns up the luck of successful endings and happy outcomes as well.

To harness the power of 9, incorporate it into as much of your life as possible. Have it in your phone number, car registration numbers and membership numbers. Arrange decorative items around your home in groups or sets of 9. Even better if they come activated with auspicious symbols. Excellent activators for Period 9 include the Lucky 9 Enhancer, the Double 9 Plaque and the 9 Dragon Plaque in Royal Blue. Putting up artwork that support the 9 is immensely effective as well.


Each period takes on the characteristics of the Trigram that rules that period. Period 8, the period we are about to leave, is ruled by the Trigram KEN, represented by the Earth element, and typically bringing stability and growth. The coming Period of 9 is ruled by the Trigram LI. By contrast, this Trigram is represented by Fire, which brings brilliance and innovation, but also instability and flux.

Fire-related industries can be expected to boom, which in modern terms does not mean only those that deal with literal fire and heat. Any industry at the forefront of emerging technology such as artificial intelligence or cybersecurity can also be interpreted as having a major advantage in the next 20 years. These are the industries that ignite change, set new directions and pave the way for an entirely transformed way of living and working.

Because of the volatile nature of Fire, however, Period 9 is likely to be more tumultuous than Period 8. It will be a time of rapid transformation, when things can change in the blink of an eye. While there is much to gain, the risks can be just as great, which is why it is important to have safeguards in place.


The Chi energies within every home, office space and building are also expected to go through major shifts in luck patterns, more and more once we pass Feb 4th, 2024. Premises built or renovated in Period 8 will begin to lose their Chi energy and strength, and residents could thus experience a corresponding dip in their luck, as what used to work before may not necessarily work anymore.

To enjoy continued good fortune, you must ensure that the feng shui of your home is kept up-to-date and aligned with the energies of the new Period.

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