Feng Shui Art Ideas to Harness the Power of 9

The #9 Star in Flying Star feng shui is grabbing headlines for all the right reasons. On February 4th, 2024, the first day of Period 9, this star number will turn into the new Star of Current Prosperity, bringing wealth, fame, power, popularity, success and positive transformations of the long-lasting kind to all who activate it, and because the changes are already in motion, there is no need to wait. Everyone can benefit from these auspicious energies today!

Having the #9 in your phone number, car registration number, and personal ID is extremely lucky. Arranging decorative items around your home in groups or sets of 9 attracts exceptionally good fortune. Artworks that support the #9 are immensely effective as well.

Lucy has some great ideas on how you can harness the power of this magical number.

Place the “Nine Phoenix” print in the South for fame, recognition and regeneration.

Nine phoenixes symbolize new prospects and new opportunities for growth. These celestial guardians of the South are famed for their ability to rise from the ashes and to rebuild from nothing. They soar amidst a crimson sky, energizing the Fire energy of the South to boost one’s reputation and popularity.

Because the Phoenix is the Yin counterpart to the Dragon’s Yang energy, displaying this print also brings harmony and balance in the Year of the Dragon.

The “9 Birds in a Rainbow Tree” print is another wonderful piece for the South sector of your home.

The birds bring new opportunities, long-lasting wealth and prosperity. The rainbow tree brings growth luck of all kinds. Its Wood element also strengthens the Fire energy of the South, enhancing one’s relationships and reputation. Perfect for business owners and anyone wishing to climb the career ladder.

This print featuring 9 Koi Carps symbolizes prosperity, abundance, longevity, attainment and completion. It attracts new opportunities for wealth-creation and helps ensure you are never short of money.

Place in the Southeast of your home, the sector that governs cash flow, for money luck that can multiply.

Dragons are the ultimate symbol of success, power, courage and charisma, and there is nothing better than to invite new Dragons into one’s home in any new year, and especially in a new Dragon Year.

Having the presence of 9 Celestial Dragons infuses one’s capacity to pursue all of one’s grandest ambitions with courage and conviction. It aids in staying focused on long-term goals without getting distracted by short-term obstacles, andit protects against the negativity of rivals.

Display the “Nine Dragons” print in the Southwest in 2024 to activate the annual #9 Star.

The dominant Quarrelsome Star in 2024 makes leveraging the auspicious energies of the #9 more difficult, especially if problems crop up at home. Married and dating couples can place the “Love Blossoming” print in the Southwest to strengthen their love bonds and help them remain united throughout the year.

It features a pair of birds in a loving embrace watching the sunrise on a bed of blooms. There are undulating mountains offering support, and Fire energy in the reds and oranges to enhance the Earth energy of the Southwest.

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