Meanings Of Colours To Enhance Your Feng Shui

Colours represent the five elements of feng shui, but they are also indicative of sacred energies that are associated with the deities, worldly gods and celestial realms that can lift your mood beautifully.

is the colour of appeasement. White pacifies your mood and is the sum of all colours. It represents Metal and it indicates the patriarch, the leader and the essence of power and authority. Its gemstone is the hard diamond or zirconia.
is the colour of increase. It brings new knowledge, new wealth and new success into your life. It can also signify the Earth element and it symbolizes jewels that bring prosperity. Yellow is the sunshine and its rays can be dazzling. Its gemstone is yellow sapphire.
is the color of controlling. It is an auspicious colour associated with good fortune and celebrations, but it also signifies passion, sexual excess, love and marriage. This is the color of magnetizing and it subdues all hostile energies. Red signifies the Fire element and its gemstone is the ruby..
is the color of subduing. Its element is Water and its forces can be dark and powerful. It is the ultimate YIN energy and it is associated with the chi of night time. Black gives accent and power to all colours and it is also the ultimate colour of destruction of all evil. Black gives spiritual strength of a celestial kind.
is also the colour of water, but it is less intense than black. Blue brings calm and soothes the soul. It evokes new beginnings and a fresh start. Its gemstone is the blue sapphire, precious and inspiring.
is the colour of new Wood and a fresh growth spurt to its surroundings. Dark green evokes the energy of old wood, while light green is like the softness of grass. The gemstone is the emerald, which brings fresh success.
is the colour of happiness and hope. This is the colour of asset wealth. There should never be too much of this colour around, as it can subdue the good qualities of all other colors.
is the colour of old wood. It suggests stability, strength and experience. This is also the colour of security – a colour that can be relied on to keep the home safe and sound.
is the colour of satisfying completion and immense good fortune. It signifies both fire and ice, so in terms of elements, it combines fire with water, which brings steam, and hence it is power. Paired with silver it brings money luck and paired with gold it brings wealth.