Lillian Too’s Master Practitioners Course: Excellence In Feng Shui Education

Group Photo of MPC April 2018

Lillian Too’s MASTER PRACTITIONERS COURSE IN FENG SHUI, referred to by those in the feng shui world as the “MPC”, is the definitive course for quickly getting to grips with the subject. Many of the students who come for this Course have been reading Lillian Too books for years, although some are also relatively new to the subject – having heard about it through word of mouth, through a friend who has come for the Course before, or through a parent or relative. There is nothing quite like learning from the Guru herself!

One participant commented that attending this Course was like getting all his answers accumulated over years of reading answered in one week – as if Lillian could anticipate everything that would be asked, or that needed clarification. This April’s course attracted a vibrantly diverse group of students who came from 15 countries around the world – it was a mini United Nations of sorts! Participants in this class hailed from Australia, United Kingdom, Morocco, Spain, Ecuador, Indonesia, USA, Singapore, Tahiti, Philippines, Switzerland, Bahrain, India, Estonia and Malaysia.

It was a vigorous five and a half full-on days comprising daily lectures and lessons with Lillian, together with revision sessions as needed in the early morning or after class in the evenings with Phillip Lim, her teaching and research assistant. The Course is highly practical in nature, so after the theoretical lectures, students are guided through more practical work, through the use of illustrated case studies and hands-on Feng Shui formula and Luo Pan work.

For the MPC, the week always culminates in a friendly “Competition” where students work together in small groups to solve a feng shui case study. Presented with floor plans, family details of the residents of the home, and some questions and problems, the challenge is to present the best solutions in a presentable format fit for a client. While not all students who attend this course intend to become feng shui consultants, when presenting findings as if you need to explain it to someone who knows just rudimentary feng shui does heaps to increase your own understanding.

The quality of the Case Study Competition answers is usually a good indicator of how well the students have absorbed the course material, and also shows how ready they are to take on feng shui audits of their own homes and offices, and those of their relatives, friends and clients. This time Lillian announced that all the students did very well in the competition, as most of the case studies presented showed an impressively proficient level of understanding.

For those who want to go on even further in their practice of feng shui, Lillian offers a follow-up course, the MASTER CONSULTANTS COURSE IN FENG SHUI, open to those who have attended the MPC. But graduating from the MPC is already a huge step-up from the practitioner with just reading knowledge of the subject.

For the WOFS team, Lillian’s MPC is always a fabulous time, because we get to meet her readers, fans and followers from around the world who come with such colourful backgrounds, interesting feng shui stories of their own, and such wonderful energy. While the class always comments on the amazing vivacity and energy that Lillian exudes, it is most definitely a two-way thing. Firm friendships always get formed amongst alumni of these classes, and we at WOFS look forward to keeping up with all of them as they return to their normal lives, but newly-armed with seriously functional feng shui knowledge and know-how.

Some of MPC April alumni in their own words:

School Management Professional, Australia

“I first knew of Lillian when I bought my first Lillian Too book in 2002. It became a common joke among my friends that I had a new bible – Lillian’s bible – and they frequently referred to Lillian as my guru. They were not far off, because I held Lillian in such high esteem that she was my virtual guru.

For the longest time, I wanted to come for this Course to further my knowledge, but mostly to meet my idol in person, but work always got in the way. Finally, this year I made it a point to sign-up! There were times in class when I just couldn’t believe I was actually in there listening to my idol in person! I had to work hard to stop myself from behaving like a fanboy!

I HIGHLY recommend this course to ANYONE who wants to practise feng shui seriously. Lillian simplifies what is traditionally a complex practice. She introduces foundations first without overwhelming the students and then increases the complexity gradually through the week. By the end, it is almost incredible how solid our knowledge has become! A really fun and valuable week I should’ve come sooner for!”

Entrepreneur & Mother of 2, India


“I have been hooked on feng shui since reading a book by Lillian 17 years ago. I applied a few enhancers in my home and saw positive changes. I have been hooked since. I came for this Course as I hoped to get clarity and to fine-tune all that I have learnt and practised over the years. I also want to start practising professionally and this I believe is the first step. It has been a wonderful week. Best part? Lillian’s energy and style of teaching! Now I want to attend the Master Consultants Course. Please organize this at the earliest!!!”

Business Owner, Estonia

“Lillian is considered around the world as one of the best Feng Shui masters. For me, she is the ONLY one that made Feng Shui sound fun and understandable. I thought I already knew quite a lot from reading Lillian’s books, but after attending this Course, I found so many other aspects that needed to be thought through! Big respect to Lillian and her team for their approach. It is not easy to take such a difficult subject and make it understandable in six days with people with minimum background in feng shui! And the whole feeling of belonging to the WOFS family made it so fun to study.”

Educator, Malaysia

“One week of rigorous and intense lessons with sufficient notes and one-to-one discussion with Master Lillian and her capable assistants to clear any doubts! A crucial Course for common person like me, because it is easy to make mistakes when you do not understand feng shui fully. Master Lillian’s approach by using real life experiences and examples makes it accessible for everyone who attends her class. A big thank you to Lillian, her teaching assistants and all her staff at WOFS who took care of all of us participants like one big family!”

Hynotherapist, Indonesia

“What I like most about Lillian’s class is that she makes feng shui so easy to learn. She is so good in feng shui. Her knowledge is so deep. So it is easy to explain to us. And visiting her home, it is clear she applies everything that she teaches to us. She is truly a practitioner!”

Private Banker, India

“My favourite part of the Course was the interaction with Lillian and other students over the tea-breaks, in addition to her truly excellent teaching style!”