What’s In Store For The Year Of The Earth Boar?
Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Extravaganza 2019 Kicks Off In Singapore!

Sunday 9th December saw many Lillian Too fans and followers from Singapore and from many countries near and far descend on Suntec City to keep this important once a year date with her, and as in the past twenty years, she was as mesmerizing as ever as she shared vital Feng Shui updates to the capacity crowd who showed up.

Singapore is traditionally the first of two dates she keeps with her fans and friends from around the world. Many come from as near as the Philippines and Vietnam, to as far away as Russia, Europe and the United States to touch base with her and attend her Annual Extravaganza. As always, Lillian continued to captivate her beloved fans and friends. She follows the Singapore Extravaganza with another date this Sunday on 16th December in her home city of Kuala Lumpur at Hotel Istana. Those who missed her in Singapore can come to Malaysia to stay updated on the energies of the world for 2019!

Not only do all participants get first hand tips and updates from Lillian herself delivered in her trademark punchy, humorous and to-the-point style, they also get to shop for all the latest feng shui cures and enhancers they need at super deals and prices!

The hall in Singapore was packed full and the energies at Suntec buzzing, from great shopping as well as the promise of better times to come in a milder year of the Earth Boar.

Will the Year of the Boar bring good fortune?

Lillian says YES! With the ever-present threat of a full blown trade war between China and America, the ongoing onslaught of natural disaster after disaster, an ailing world economy and sliding stock markets, surely we are headed for better times?! Happily, Lillian predicts 2019 will see definite improvements. The coming year is characterized by the Boar, a much friendlier, more laid-back creature than the Dog.

This Dog Year 2018 has been particularly ferocious being an Earth Dog year – the Double Earth brings far too much malignant Earth energy, so the Dog has more Dobermann than Dachshund, with fierce bite as well as loud bark.

2019 will be better.

Says Lillian, the Paht Chee of 2019 looks much more balanced. It also contains some very promising hidden good fortune stars. There are indications that big breaks are around the corner for everyone. If you can spot opportunities, then seize them with enthusiasm! Half of the 12 Animal Signs enjoy Big Auspicious stars from the winds of the 24 Mountains, and Lillian explains how to make best use of these most auspicious of winds.

In terms of wealth luck, the 2019 chart is dominated by the number 8. This is the Star of Prosperity, and it being in the center is very lucky indication indeed.


If you want to know how to:

  • Harness the dominant WEALTH ENERGIES of the year
  • Boost CAREER SUCCESS in 2019
  • PROTECT YOURSELF against illness & disasters
  • AVOID being at the wrong place at the wrong time
  • Tap SUM-OF-TEN to ensure you finish what you start
  • Attract LOVE & ROMANCE into your life

Let Lillian share with you the road map to success in the coming year at her FENG SHUI EXTRAVAGANZA 2019!

Her next event will be at HOTEL ISTANA in KUALA LUMPUR this Sunday 16th December 2018. DO NOT MISS THIS! BOOK YOUR TICKET HERE!

All participants get a FREE information booklet with Feng Shui charts and tips for 2019, and also enjoy huge discounts on all products, enhancers and cures for the New Year.

Redemption gifts this year are also most delectable! Parachute satchel bags in 4 irresistible colours to match your mood and outfit. Or if you prefer, lucky parasols with falling money motif!

Come and enjoy a wonderfully entertaining and enlightening day to stay prepared for the New Year! Remember, this coming year is one of opportunities! There are many different ways to tap into the energies of this new and auspicious year ahead. Learn how!

See you this Sunday!

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