Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Extravaganza 2018

If there is one event you must try never to miss, it is Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Extravaganza. It is at this once a year event that she explains invaluable updates and priceless information unobtainable elsewhere and also not in her books. It is difficult to even summarize all that she says, as her explanations are so subtle yet so spot on!

Being in Lillian’s presence and sharing in her positive energy, especially before the start of each new year when she gears up to share everything we need to know about the new year and how to put what she advises into practice, is a whole new experience that is difficult to translate into words. If you missed this year’s event, you should definitely catch the whole video of her show online (go to for more details). And next year, do not miss it!

This year, she held her Extravaganza in Singapore on Sunday 10th Dec 2017 at Suntec City, and on the following Sunday in Kuala Lumpur on 17th Dec 2017. Fans, readers, students and fans flew in from every corner of the globe to soak in the wonderful energy, and as one member of the audience from Japan put it, “Every time I am in her presence, Lillian recharges my positive meter!” This follower makes it a point to fly into Malaysia at least once or twice a year, because Lillian Too weaves a special kind of magic not just in the content she delivers, but in the energy she emanates. We all felt it. It was amazing.

Here are some bite-sized recaps for those who missed it, or to jog the memory of those of you who were there with her.

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Feng shui talks about balancing the elements and about living in harmony with the environment, and part of this is studying the charts, noting the imbalances, and bringing the energy around us back into balance… as much as we can. In 2018, Lillian notes that this is a year completely lacking in Metal. There is hidden Metal, but none whatsoever in the main chart. Metal this year is the element that brings Wealth, so there is a lack of wealth in the chart. The one hidden Metal however indicates there IS money to be made, if you know how to activate for it.

Parasol 9 Rod Windchime

How do you activate the hidden Metal? You wear gold. Auspicious jewellery and accessories in gold, the most precious metal, becomes especially important this coming year. You can also wear auspicious symbols made of brass and plated in gold, because brass contains a high copper content, and copper is highly beneficial in so many ways. Copper is known to kill bacteria, it can reduce the symptoms of arthritis, supports a healthy metabolism and helps maintain a healthy nervous system. Indeed, the ancient craftsmen of China often worked with copper and brass because of their positive properties.

If you don’t wear jewellery, you can also wear the colour white or shades of metallic hues to activate Metal energy around you. And for the home, windchimes are especially lucky in 2018, because the sound of metal on metal is extremely powerful.


Her talk focused not just on the Paht Chee of the year, but the results of how each individual’s chart combines with the chart of the year. This year, being a double Earth year, there is real danger of being afflicted by the Triple Earth Penalty. If you are an Earth sign – of Dog, Dragon, Ox or Sheep – you are at risk of triggering this penalty. Similarly, if you have any of these Earth signs in any of your chart’s four pillars.

To get your birth chart, go to and download your Four Pillars from the resource column on the right-hand side of the page. What you need to do to combat this clash is to turn the Triple Earth Penalty into an Earth Cross. How do you do that? You need all four of the Earth animal signs. One of these is the Dragon, and the Dragon, the epitome of all lucky symbolism, is always a safe bet to invite into your home. So get yourself a Dragon.

If you would like to learn more about Paht Chee, you can also sign up for Lillian Too’s Paht Chee Master Class (email for dates and details).

This year, being a double Earth year, there is real danger of being afflicted by the Triple Earth Penalty. If you are an Earth sign – of Dog, Dragon, Ox or Sheep – you are at risk of triggering this penalty. Similarly, if you have any of these Earth signs in any of your chart’s four pillars.


Magical Windhorse Amulet

The year’s Paht Chee features two thirds of the Trinity of Victors – the Dog and the Tiger. But to benefit from its positive potential, you need to complete the trinity with the Horse. When you have the Dog, Tiger and Horse together, this brings you winning luck – the kind of luck that lets you beat the competition when going after a promotion, the luck that gives you the edge to come not second or third, but first. For students, it is the kind of luck that helps you come first in class, first in your exams, win scholarships and gain entrance into the top schools. And the best kind of horse to invite into your surroundings is the magical Windhorse, the faithful companion of King Gesar, the horse that symbolizes one’s lung ta or success essence.

WOFS offers two versions this year – the bejeweled Windhorse, a gorgeous enameled Windhorse with secret compartment for mantras or wishes, and the Magical Windhorse Amulet hanging, a portable enhancer you can clip onto your bag and keep with you at all times.


Three Great Emperors on Horseback

The Paht Chee chart of this year also produces some special stars, and two to take note of are the Emperor Star and the Commanding Star. In general, this indicates that people in power will stay in power, and those in positions of command will see their leadership strengthened. Whether this is good or bad will of course depend on which side of the equation you are on. To wrest yourself onto the right side of the equation, you should activate these stars with the Jade Emperor Heaven Amulet and invite in the Three Great Emperors on Horseback into your home and office.

Activating the Emperor Star is especially important for bosses, managers, business owners, leaders, politicians, but also for those of you who want to jump from being a follower to a leader in your own circles. Ride the top half of the wave this year by making sure you bring this special star to life.

Another lucky star of 2018 is the Celestial Protector Star, which indicates blessings from above. It also indicates that this is a year when it benefits to be spiritual. It is a year conducive for meditation and other such spiritual pursuits. To bring out the best this star has to offer, you should get yourself auspicious Treasure Boxes with Fu Dogs and display these in the SE of your home, office or study room.


Rooster with Amethyst Marriage Saver Amulet

The year boasts a lot of love luck, a good indication for those looking for romance or wishing to get married. But for others, this can also mean too much love! The negative side of the love star manifests in sex scandals and affairs that can lead to the break-up of relationships and marriages. To ensure you stay safe against this, you should get yourself the Rooster with Amethyst amulet (aka known as the “Marriage Saver” pendant. “The Rooster is so fierce no girl has a chance with my husband. Poor husband,” jokes Lillian, who herself is a Rooster-born. She continues, “I have lived long enough that I have seen every scenario of love possible. And because I have seen it, my advice is, whenever you are hit by this star (i.e. infidelity, etc), don’t panic, don’t get angry. Put the cure.”

The animal sign that needs to watch out for this affliction is the Horse, who is “so loved up there is nothing the Horse wants more than to make love all year long.” Lillian is joking of course, but yes, the Horse-born is particularly susceptible to the roving eye in 2018, so all those married to a Horse may want to watch out, get the Rooster with Amethyst, and keep an eye on their partners!


108 Lime Tree

For business, the year is not especially promising because there is no Lap Chun. This lack of springtime at the beginning of the year indicates that this is not a year conducive to the launching of new businesses or new projects. Those who want to get started on anything new should do so before the solar year officially begins on Feb 4th. Says Lillian, the coming year, when the ruling number is 9, is a year for completion, not for new beginnings. This is a year when things you started a long time ago can come to a successful conclusion, but it will be a difficult year to get new projects off the ground.

To combat the lack of a Lap Chun, it is beneficial to display the 108 Lime Tree in the home. Place in the Southeast, the sector that represents Wealth and also the sector which houses the Prosperity Star #8 in 2018. This tree represents unending wealth for the year, and will ensure your projects and businesses can succeed.


Wish Granting Peacock Mirror for Victory Luck

From the charts, it looks like the markets will surge in the summer months, and peak in the Autumn. August and September are months when there is windfall luck, and sudden wealth to be gained for those who can successfully capture it. The benefits are especially great for those born in the years of the Snake and Dragon, but can be harnessed by anyone who keeps their wits about them, and who activate the Monkey and Rooster of these months. Put a Peacock Mirror on your desk and invite in the Dzambalas, the Tibetan Gods of Wealth.


The combination of the Paht Chee of the year indicates there will be unstable Earth. While it is a Double Earth Year, with two Earth pillars in the Year Pillar, the first half of the year features only Earth and Wood, a destructive combination. It is only when we get into the second half of the year that we see productive combinations in the chart. On a macro level, this indicates great danger of natural disasters related to Earth – i.e. landslides, earthquakes, etc. It is important to stay protected against becoming an unwitting victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and this you can do by wearing or carrying amulets.

You can start by displaying the 8 Hums Protection Wheel Mirror in the center of your home; you should also wear the Ten Hums brooch or carry one as an amulet, or get yourself the Hum seed syllable as jewellery in the form of a pendant, money clip, brooch.