Into the Digital Age

We head into July filled with great confidence and aspirations as we embrace the digital age and evolve with changing times. We expand our Yang energy presence here to bring increased activity and dynamism into as we continue to share our knowledge of feng shui practices and rituals – old and new, ancient and futuristic, aimed at making sure Feng Shui, this fabulous ancient practice, continues to be relevant as it evolves alongside the digital age.

We continue to bring you tested methodology on placements, rituals, practices and analysis of the modern world’s changing times. We have always stressed that making Feng Shui work for us need not be difficult. This resonates with fast moving times that demand results. This continues to be our goal.

Practicing feng shui must continue to be easy and, well, practical.

Thus together with my team of experts, we undertake annual and monthly analyses of energy patterns, follow astrological and feng shui cycles of change and design our findings into the most beautiful CURES, and ENHANCERS to magnify good energies and subdue negative energies. Our sacred jewellery and accessories are to ensure your personal energies stay in alignment with changing chi energies.

Feng Shui SYMBOLIC enhancements must blend with the energy of homes, apartments and work places from year to year. Likewise our individual auras must also resonate with each year’s energies.

These have changed greatly in the past ten years! And thus, as cities grow and urban living takes hold, our living spaces have become more futuristic. Our buildings are no longer just WOOD, now the use of EARTH & METAL energies predominate. Public abodes are larger and higher. As cities grow, the feng shui we practise must become more focused on the “Tai Chi” of our own spaces!


Increasingly then, Feng Shui is about the management of our INTERIORS.

It is about how we arrange furniture; place symbolic CURES to subdue bad energy corners OR magnify powerful auspicious stars and star numbers. The “tai chi” of personal living and work spaces is what we must focus our attention on, to live happier, healthier and wealthier lives. Feng Shui has become increasingly the ART of PLACEMENT. We must be alert to time changes of energy patterns to ensure good fortune luck is sustained, that it blends seamlessly with the energies of every new year and month.

Practising feng shui is developing sensitivity to afflictions brought by nothing more than the passage of time. There is a need to focus strongly on correct placement of CURES and ENHANCERS in our living environment. This is EASY FENG SHUI practice! And it works!

Meanwhile, spiritual comic forces also affect your space. These bring positive or negative influences, so the Chinese have incorporated TAOIST and BUDDHIST practices into their manipulation of energy. They use placements, incantations, prayers and special amulets to preserve good luck and heal the bad luck of living spaces.