How To Select A Good Location For Your Home

Whether you are looking for an auspicious plot on which to build a new house or seeking a new ready-built home, there are a number of factors to bear in mind to ensure good feng shui. The following are 10 easy tips to help you:

1. Look At The Terrain

Check the terrain that surrounds the property. Be mindful of the way the roads are laid out. As a general rule, there should be nothing straight, sharp edged or pointed aimed at the property or building.

2. Look For Natural Water Nearby

The cleaner the water, the better it will be in terms of bringing a flow of good fortune to the residents of the property. The water should flow and not be stagnant. As a general rule, water at the front of the property is better than water at the back.

3. Sea Proximity

It is best to avoid living too near the sea, but a view of the sea in the distance is good feng shui.

4. Check To See If The Road Is Level

Look at the surrounding roads to see if the land is higher or lower than these roads. Land that lies below road level is generally more difficult to develop and less conducive to good feng shui. It is always better to build where the land is the same level as road level.

5. Surrounding Buildings Are Important

Observe surrounding buildings and hill formations to ensure nothing around you is threatening. Physical afflictions in the form of sharp edges, triangular structures and straight arrow-like protrusion can be harmful and it is better to avoid them.

6. Check Secondary Roads

Try to select land that is on a secondary road rather than a primary one. Too much traffic will whiz your luck away.


7. Look At The Range Of Local Landscapes

A field facing the building site is excellent feng shui as it represents the benign bright hall. The good chi can settle and accumulate in front of the home, bringing good fortune. Facing a river that flows past the home, even from some distance away, is also excellent. Facing a hostile building or hill suggests obstacles and misfortune.

8. Land Between Two Roads

Do not buy land located between two roads, especially if they are major highways. This is situation suggests that any house you build there will be “hemmed in”.

9. Check That The Land Is Level

Undulating land is the best kind of land as it houses good earth energy. Make sure the land at the back is higher than the front part, and that the left side of property is higher than right side of the property.

10. Always Check Compass Directions

Check directions and work out the orientation of the property you are considering to ensure it harmonizes with your personalized good fortune directions. If there are many family members to consider, the patriarch’s auspicious directions are the most important for luck of the family unit.