Vibrational Alignment


The secret to manifesting your goals, is to be in vibrational alignment with your goals. You must be a vibrational match with what you wish to create. If your vibration is in contradiction to the vibration of your goal, you will not succeed in manifesting your goal.

Everything is energy

Everything in the universe operates on vibrations and frequencies. We live in an energetic world and we are all energy beings. Your every thought, word and feeling, is vibrating on certain levels of frequencies. High frequencies exude positive vibrations while negative frequencies send out low vibrations. When you are vibrating on high frequencies, you will attract into your experience, positive people, things and circumstances that bring success, happiness and joy.

I find this fact of quantum physics most empowering, because you can create whatever goals you wish, by choosing to be on the frequency of your goal.

Your Personal Energetic Frequency

In recent years, breakthrough scientific studies have discovered that every person possesses a personal energetic frequency that dictates what kind of circumstances and events he/she will attract into his/her life. These breakthroughs have allowed researchers to measure a person’s energetic frequency on a specific Vibrations Scale. On a Vibrational Scale of 0 (lowest) to 1,000 (highest), most people are vibrating at 207. This is the level at which your dominant emotions are apathy, grief, anger and fear. At this level of low frequencies, it is not possible to manifest your goals, which are vibrating at much higher frequencies.

The level at which it becomes easy to manifest your goals, is 500 and above. At this level, your dominant emotions are love, joy, peace and gratitude. These are also the qualities of your higher self. When you consciously choose to experience these high positive frequencies, by the Law of Attraction, you will magnetize to you people, events, circumstances and things that match your high energetic frequency.

Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want

There can be only one reason why you fail to realize your dreams and that is because your vibration is a mismatch to the vibration of your dreams.

The only reason the things you wish for are slow in manifesting in your life, is because you are focussed more on their absence than their presence in your life. Your contradictory thoughts, words and feelings offer a contradictory vibration, which blocks the manifestation of your dreams.

Let’s see how this vibrational contradiction operates on the issue of money and health.


Where money is concerned, most people wish for financial freedom, yet they spend far too much time focusing on the lack of money in their lives right now. By doing this, they are overcome with worry, fear and frustration. The vibrations of these emotions are negative and low. It is impossible to create financial freedom, which is a high frequency emotion, if your state of being is vibrating on these low frequencies.

How To Shift To Positive Vibrations

Your emotions play a vital role in indicating to you whether you are vibrating on high or low frequencies. Anytime you feel good about anything – yourself, people, things and experiences – you are on the right track to attracting more positivity into your life and vice versa. Thus it is highly beneficial to consciously choose to entertain only positive thoughts and beliefs which make you feel good.

When you are in a tight financial position, continuing to think and speak about the lack of money will worsen your financial position. If you keep repeating to yourself, “I never have enough money,” your low vibrations will attract experiences where more money will be constantly drained out. You may recall a time when your car broke down, followed by some other repairs which needed urgent fixing.

When you change your self-dialogue to “I am looking forward to having more money,” this thought produces a totally different vibration and feeling. It lifts you up immediately. When you say, “I am so grateful for all the money that I have received in my life thus far,” your perspective shifts totally and you begin to feel better. Reaching for better feeling thoughts is the way to raise your vibrations, and sooner or later, you begin to experience positive changes.

You cannot look at things that make you unhappy and be happy

Any negative beliefs about money such as, “Money is the root of all evil” will subconsciously keep you away from any financial opportunities that could make you prosper. When you start developing healthy attitudes towards money by entertaining happy thoughts on how money can change your life and that of your family and friends for the better, your money situation will change. Imagine the presence of wealth in your life bringing you and those around you more joy. Visualise the details, and feel the positive vibrations of financial freedom and joy. By doing this, you are allowing for better things to happen.

Improved health

Medical research has proven the direct co-relation between unhappiness and poor health. If you wish for great health, but you keep thinking and speaking of poor health, it will depress you further and you will then attract ill-health. Repeating words such as,

“My arthritis is getting worse by the day,” only results in magnifying your existing pain. Instead, if you say,” I am on the road to recovery from this pain,” you are paving the way for a vibrational match with your intention, which is freedom from pain – a high vibration goal.

You have to imagine and feel the joy of good health now and all the things that good health means to you. Visualize all the joyful activities you can engage in when you recover. Joy is vibrating at a frequency of 540 on the Vibrational Scale. At this level of vibration, you will achieve your desire.

Keep your focus on how you want to feel and let the Law of Attraction manifest your desires. This principle and practice works on all problems – relationships, career, etc.


Moments of complete alignment with your desires

The moments in your life when you feel absolute exhilaration are the moments you are in complete alignment with your manifesting powers. Recall those moments when you manifested easily your desires, whatever they were. At those moments, you were “in the flow” and connected to the creative force.

The power of positive affirmations

Positive self-dialogue is the fastest way to shift to positive thoughts and feelings. Saying the following positive affirmations immediately raises your vibrations:

“I am divinely guided at all times.”
“I am so grateful for all the good people, things and experiences in my life.”
“Every cell in my body is vibrating with good health.”
“My body heals quickly and easily.”

Think, speak and feel the emotions of the things you want. Act as if these things are already in your life. Being the human magnet you are, you will soon attract the things you wish for into your life.


Laughter is pure joyful energy. It is spontaneous and unbridled.

Dancing and singing

Dancing and singing liberates your soul. You experience freedom!

Do what you love

When you are doing what you love, you are in vibrational alignment with your creative powers and you will attract big success.

Commune with nature

When you sit amidst nature, admire its beauty and miracles, you are communing with the source of all creation and you will experience vibrational alignment with source.

Love yourself

Loving yourself means feeling good no matter what others think about you. When you love yourself, you will love others easily. Love is the greatest healing energy. Love heals all wounds and purifies all lower energies. Love vibrates at 500 on the Vibrational Scale! This is the level where you can manifest your goals easily.

Meditate for 15-30 minutes daily

The best way I know to sustain calm and inner peace is to meditate. This is the best way to connect with source energy and feel empowered to create the life you choose. Here, you experience peace which is vibrating at 600!

Develop self-awareness

In order to consciously shift to higher vibrations, you need to be fully aware of your emotions throughout each day. Only then can you shift from negative emotions to positive ones. Focus only on what you want, never on what you don’t want. Ask yourself, “How does holding on to this thought make me feel?” If you feel bad, find a thought that makes you feel better. Keep strengthening the feel good vibrations until eventually, feeling good becomes your daily habit. When this happens, you will be “flying” because you will notice how effortlessly you are manifesting your goals.

Mind your own business

Do not let other people’s opinions of you or anything else, disturb your vibrational alignment with your creative powers. I love Mahatma Ghandi’s quote, “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” The calmer you are mentally, emotionally and spiritually, the closer you are to aligning with the creative force.

Happy where you are

A really good place to be – is happy right where you are, despite your temporary problems and always looking forward to better times. This attitude of positive anticipation will attract a positive life.


When you are in vibrational alignment with your higher self and source energy, your life will thrive and prosper. You will always feel good, look good and enjoy great health. In experiencing perfect balance, you are empowered, you experience clarity and confidence, and you will easily attract abundance in all the things you consider good.

Shahreen Kamaluddin is an empowerment author, trainer, coach and speaker. She can be contacted at Her website is