How to Protect Yourself From Being Cheated and Robbed

One of the key things everyone should take note of is the safety and security of your present way of life. We can call this protecting your assets, your money, your valuables and most of all your lifestyle. This requires you to watch against getting robbed and being burgled of things that belong to you. Being cheated or robbed is one of the worst things happen in life.

In feng shui, being robbed of something that is rightfully yours can also refer to your position, your job, or your good name. Intangible things like that that mean as much as physical possessions.


Chances of falling prey to the robbery affliction increase when the number 7 star flies into your main door sector or into your bedroom. The Number 7 star is a number that has extremely unpleasant connotations, bringing violence and bloodshed associated with metal energy such as knives, swords and guns. But it also stands for burglary and the negative luck of having someone steal from you or cheat you. Whenever this star makes an appearance, you are advised to be very careful.

To guard against something unfortunate like this happening to you or any members of your family, it is a good idea to update the annual feng shui of your home by looking out for the misfortune star that brings robbery and burglary luck. The annual number 7 in 2022 is located in the WEST sector.

There are many ways to protect you against this harmful energy.

  1. Place a pair of rhinoceros and elephant, preferably in blue. These creatures will prevent people with bad intentions from reaching you. It will also protect you from burglars and cheats, and unsavoury and dishonest people.
  2. The presence of Water element energy is also excellent for suppressing the ill effect of 7 in house feng shui. The best is to use a specially-designed water feature. The flowing water will dissolve all the violent energy brought by the number 7 star. Water has the power to exhaust the Metal energy of seven.
  3. Attach Anti Burglary amulet stickers onto your vehicle windscreen and home windows to keep safe against robbery, violence and road rage.
  4. For personal safety against snatch thieves and petty crime, use the Anti Burglary Amulet. Clip onto your handbag as a lucky charm hanging to bring you protection and security.
  5. Display a pair of Fu Dogs flanking the front entrance to your home to protect any negative energy from entering your home.
  6. Do not place any crystal or Metal energy such as windchimes in the area where the violent 7 resides. Make sure there are no windchimes in the West this year!