How to Increase Your Chances of Falling in Love?



2023 is a lucky year to fall in love as we have the #4 Relationship Star ruling the center of the Lo Shu square. This suggests that people everywhere will get along better with one another, and because the #4 also fosters the likelihood of two people making a romantic connection.

For those who are single, the dating scene could provide interesting prospects. Some may even be so lucky as to have love appear when least expected. But if you seek quick results and do not want to miss out on the best opportunities, you should do all you can to tap into the abundance of love luck available this year.

The most effective way is by activating your Peach Blossom luck. Depending on your animal sign, you can unlock love and romance luck by placing your Peach Blossom Animal in the correct sector.

If you are a Rat, Dragon or Monkey, place the Peach Blossom Rooster in the West.

If you are an Ox, Snake or Rooster, place the Peach Blossom Horse in the South.

If you are a Tiger, Horse or Dog, place the Peach Blossom Rabbit in the East.

If you are a Rabbit, Sheep or Boar, place the Peach Blossom Rat in the North.

The Romance Comb, with a pair of faithful Mandarin Ducks, is another enhancer for attracting new love, and more importantly, the kind that can stand the test of time. Once a relationship has been established, having this comb in the home promotes continued happiness and contentment with each other. Place in the SW in 2023.

You can also invoke the powers of the Moon Goddess, who governs matters relating to the heart by displaying the Rabbit in the Moon” Love Enhancer or Sky Rabbit in the centre of the home or bedroom. Carrying the Love Amulet with Moon Rabbit will also alert her to all one’s wishes with regards to finding love and help bring two people together.

Other enhancers that boost chances of falling in love include the Kurukulle Mini Plaque and Red Tara Love Scarf. These elevate one’s charm, charisma and popularity, and highlights one’s most enticing qualities. Especially suitable for those who already have their heart set on someone.

When deciding on a life partner, it is important to also take note of astrological compatibility. This will ensure any love bonds that are struck up remain strong even after the year is over.

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