Feng Shui 2022:
Outlook for the Coming Year of the Water Tiger

As we move into the Tiger Year of 2022, we head towards a year where all four pillars in the year’s Paht Chee or birth chart are Yang. This suggests it will be an extremely energetic year. The pace will change dramatically as the world continues to open up more and more. While most of Europe is already open, and the USA and UK hot on its heels, countries like China and Australia are re-instating new lockdown measures, while South East Asia are guarded. Nevertheless, everyone is growing tired of COVID-19 so we are definitely well on our way to more movement.

Last year’s Year of the Ox may have been one of unhurried rebuilding; this coming Year of the Tiger looks like it will be the opposite.

Things move quickly, and they may do so simply because individuals and firms are trying to lock in first mover advantage. But another telling aspect of the year’s chart is the lack of Fire and Metal, which in 2022 signify resources and intelligence. Moving too quickly could give way to poor decisions being made in haste, and a waste of resources as a result of lack of strategic thought, or any thought at all.

There are therefore likely to be benefits to actively resist the temptation to react on impulse, and to give space to thinking things through, and studying from all angles, before jumping ahead of ourselves.

The other glaringly obvious point is the presence of THREE Tigers. Yes, you heard right, the year has not one but THREE Tigers. This is rare.

Three of the year’s four Earthly Branches are Tigers. While Tigers bring many positive attributes, they also carry an element of danger. Tigers are wild animals, and while you may succeed in getting them onto your side, you must never let down your guard. Wild animals are difficult to tame, and often revert to their original natures when under stress or duress. And so, this year, it is necessary to watch your back.

The Chinese always believe that the presence of the year’s animal sign displayed around homes and offices ushers in all of the new year’s positive energies; which is why every Chinese New Year, Chinese families and business people often invite in new figurines and artwork of the coming year’s animal sign. These are usually depicted surrounded by golden ingots, coins and other emblems of wealth, to tap into the symbolism further.

It is believed this will allow you to effectively capture the wealth luck of the year.

There is a small difference with the Tiger.

Trio of Tigers with Wealth Gods Plaque

While Tigers are well-known bringers of wealth, you should always invite in the Tiger accompanied by a Wealth Deity. This is because Wealth Gods can control the Tiger, you can’t. Popular deities such as Kwan Kung and Tsai Shen Yeh are often depicted with Tigers to represent bringing wealth luck. To tap into the vein of prosperity that 2022 offers – and yes there is wealth, quite a lot actually, to be made in 2022 – the best way is to activate the animal sign of the year, the Tiger, BUT always ensure these Tigers that you invite into your home are accompanied by Wealth Deities.


The #5 misfortune star flies to the center of the Lo Shu grid, occupying its most important location. The central star of the year is often thought of as the dominating star, as it impacts on all the other stars. And being in the center, it affects not just one corner of the home or living space, but ALL. This is especially true if you live in an “open plan” style home. Because #5 is Earth, and the central sector is Earth, it gets further activated. It is thus necessary to install strong CURES.

For the #5 in the center, we have designed the Supremacy of Heaven Plate featuring 6 Celestial Guardians and Heavenly symbols. The most effective remedy against a strengthened Five Yellow is with powerful heaven energy; here you are controlling malevolent Earth energy with benevolent Heaven Energy, and we recommend all homes this year to place this Heaven Plate in the center area. You can do the same for offices and any other living space. For on-the-go protection, you can also carry the amulet version, or clip it onto your bag to have it with you at all times.


The East-West axis can prove troublesome as the East has the annual Quarrelsome Star #3, while the West has the Loss Star #7, with the misfortune Five Yellow in the center. Homes and buildings built in an East-West orientation will thus need to be remedied. The Northeast, North and NW meanwhile forms a lucky strip, and using this part of the home more brings its lucky energies to life. Homes facing North in 2022 are particularly lucky, as the front part of the home is filled with the three most auspicious White stars, 1,6 and 8. SW-NE homes are also auspicious in 2022, as its star numbers generate a Pearl String.


The NW and SW are important sectors to consider, as these sectors govern the luck of the Father and Mother. When the head of the family does well and enjoys success, his luck trickles down to the rest of the family, and 2022 looks promising as the NW (the sector that represents the Father) plays host to the #6 Heaven Star. This lucky indication should be activated with objects and symbols that signify heaven energy. This year the best enhancers for this are the Magic Golden Dragon and the Supremacy of Heaven Energy Plate.

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The RAT this year enjoys winning energies from the VICTORY STAR. This brings you competitive luck, allowing you to emerge triumphant in whatever you choose to pursue. A year to go after what you want and challenge yourself with BIG goals! But watch for the Natural Disaster Star and Three Killings, which generate obstacles out of your control, so remedying these should be your first priority. As long as you activate your strengths and suppress your afflictions, 2022 holds out huge promise for your sign!


The OX looks forward to an extremely satisfying year with success luck firmly on your side. The Prosperity Star brings you great wealth luck and many lucrative opportunities. You also share a Big Auspicious Star with those born under the Tiger sign, suggesting that working with Tigers bodes well this year. A year to strengthen your financial position, so don’t let money-making opportunities pass you by. Get your timing right and leverage your most auspicious months, as there is much good fortune in store!


The TIGER has much to gain. As the ruling sign of 2022, you enjoy powerful support from the Tai Sui. The Prosperity Star energises your chi and brings excellent potential for amassing great wealth. The 24 Mountains directs the kind of luck that facilitates notable wins and big successes. Set yourself clear goals, as you are perfectly poised to attain whatever you aim for. Make this a year to remember by surrounding yourself with the right people and taking full advantage of all your lucky stars.

As the ruling sign of the year, you enjoy the supreme backing of the Year God.


The RABBIT has excellent indications from the 24 Mountains, as well as robust success and inner confidence! You are blessed with divine energies from the Golden Deity Star, bringing benevolent people and wise mentors your way. Big and Small Auspicious set the stage for life-changing growth, a year when you can make great things happen for you! The Quarrelsome Star can pose a problem, but if you employ your innate diplomacy and control it with cures, you have every opportunity of swinging the year over to your side.

The Rabbit enjoys celestial luck, but watch out for quarrelsome energies.


The DRAGON enjoys a bevy of fabulous stars, indicating a year full of potentially big breaks; the kinds that catapult you onto much bigger playing fields! The feng shui winds bring popularity, mental agility and immense networking luck. Weak Element Luck, however, deters you from reaching your full potential. Aim high but channel your energy wisely and avoid spreading yourself too thin. Hold fast amidst setbacks, stay the course and activate all your lucky indications, as there is much success to be reaped.

The Dragon is full of great potential in 2022.



The SNAKE is one of the LUCKIEST signs in 2022. Your Element Luck ratings are off the charts, giving you great vitality and the determination to go after whatever your heart desires. You are blessed with the Heaven Seal Star, putting success readily within reach. The Scholastic Star sends accolades to young Snakes and benefits those in pursuit of new knowledge. For singles, wonderful opportunities await you in love. An extremely satisfying year, so make it a point to harness your incredibly good fortune!

The Snake is one of the luckiest signs in 2022!


The HORSE is extremely strong in 2022, enabling you to rise above any challenge. Cosmic winds send you the Star of Future Prosperity, enhancing wealth luck and attracting opportunities to reap long-term success. You have the strength and resilience to make bold strides in whatever direction you choose, so don’t let these auspicious energies go to waste! But beware the Three Killings. To maximize good fortune, you MUST remedy your afflictions as well as activate your lucky indications!

A year for the Horse to lay BIG plans for the future.


The SHEEP enjoys excellent success luck and glorious energies from Big and Small Auspicious! Your inherent charm serves you well, your efforts become extra meaningful, and your goals become much easier to attain. But be careful not to push too hard; the Illness Star warns you to take care of your health. Put some focus on nurturing relationships, as they play a big part in how your year turns out. Set yourself up for a splendid year by collaborating with the right animal signs and surrounding yourself with the right people.

The Sheep’s popularity gets you far but watch for the Illness Star.


The MONKEY receives TWO Big Auspicious Stars bringing multiple life-changing opportunities! Your superior Element Luck gives you the tenacity to go the distance, so don’t wait for things to fall into your lap. Be clear with your goals, then go after them! You have the Illness Star to contend with, so take care of your health. But if you leverage your best months and remedy your afflictions, the year promises great things for the Monkey!

The Monkey can catch its BIG BREAK in 2022.


The ROOSTER is wonderfully energized in 2022. Your superlative Element Luck gives you the energy and impetus to achieve great milestones! Cosmic winds send a double dose of Big Auspicious, bringing all kinds of opportunities worthy of grand celebrations. An opportune year to spread your wings and soar! But make sure to remedy the Loss Star, which brings money loss and betrayals. Keep your wits about you and remedy the afflictions, for the year holds great success luck for the Rooster-born.

The Rooster enjoys a year of incredible opportunities.


The DOG enjoys two celestial stars in 2022, the #6 Heaven Star and the Golden Deity Star, bringing windfalls and a steady stream of helpful people. Big Auspicious coming from the Rooster benefits those wanting to make big improvements in your life, and if activated, can bring the big breaks you are looking for! What you need is to remedy your weak Element Luck, so you can make the most of the year. The Dog is the most dependable of all the 12 signs, but this year, you must learn to be comfortable being on the receiving end.

The Dog has the benefit of Heaven’s Blessings in 2022.


The BOAR receives divine blessings and assistance from the #6 Heaven Star! This brings exceptional mentor luck, benevolent people and divine assistance whenever you need it. With your secret friend the Tiger ruling the year, you can be assured of strong support from all quarters. Element ratings shore up excellent success potential, so set yourself ambitious goals. The 24 Mountains brings some afflictions, but these are easily managed with correct cures. Make this a year to shout about by trusting your intuition and tapping your most auspicious months.

The Boar enjoys great success luck in 2022.

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