Dealing with Difficult Children

Feng Shui is an effective tool to use if you are having problems with your children. If they are misbehaving, not wanting to study, seemingly insensitive to the rest of the family, you should check the feng shui of your home. Many a time, your child is not simply being the little tyrant or brat you think he/she is, he/she could be facing a spot of bad feng shui.

Toilets & Staircases

If your child’s bedroom door directly faces a toilet or staircase, the negative energy created will cause your child to be disobedient, rebellious and unmotivated in his/her schoolwork.

To remedy such an affliction, hang a metal windchime above the door to dissipate the negative chi from the staircase or toilet. Hang the windchime on the outside of the bedroom such that when the door closes the windchime is OUTSIDE the bedroom rather than inside.

Sleeping Direction & Conditions

Check your child’s sleeping direction and conditions. If your child is sleeping with his/her head pointed to one of his/her bad directions, he/she will not do well, whether in schoolwork, exams, socially with friends or with siblings.

Make sure also your child is not sleeping with a beam directly on top of his/her head. If there is a beam in the room, try to move the bed such that it does not hit down on the child, especially his/her head. Beds should have solid headboards, and the head of the bed should not be placed against a window.

Try to position the bed such that the headboard rests against a solid wall. Also, avoid waterbeds. No matter how novel the idea, it symbolizes lack of support during sleep, bringing bad feng shui to the occupant of the bed. Also do not let your child sleep on the floor. This can lead to your child being unsettled and can also bring health problems.


Desk Direction

If your child is to do well in his/her studies, it is vital you position his/her desk such that he/she faces one of his/her auspicious directions while working. Use our online Kua calculator to find your child’s good directions.

Education Energizers

For education luck, display a crystal globe in the NE of your child’s bedroom or study room. Another useful energizer for study luck is the dragon carp or three carps embracing a ball. They should be displayed in the NE sector.

You should also get a personal crystal point for your child to hold while he/she studies. If right-handed, hold in the left hand, and vice versa if left-handed. While in exams, ask your child to bring out the crystal and place on his/her examination desk. This is a tried and tested method for enhancing luck in exams and has proven to work time and again.

(N.B. Before giving the personal crystal point to your child, soak the crystal in rock salt water for 7 days and 7 nights to cleanse it of other people’s energies and negative vibrations which may be present.)