Copycat Feng Shui Cures Can Be Dangerous

Feng shui is about energy and every physical object displayed in the home, be they remedies or enhancers, or just placed around for their aesthetics and beauty, MUST give out loving energy; they should have been created with the pure motivation to benefit someone or to make someone feel good and happy. When they are Spiritual cures containing mantras and magic syllables, this requirement becomes even more important. Badly made fakes and copycat products hastily put together with cheap materials are not effective at all as feng shui remedies or enhancers.

Our new 5 Dzambala Prayer Wheel

Actually, placing items with bad energy in your home or work space can sometimes do more harm than good. And if they are “stolen” products, i.e. products stolen from someone else and then sold to you, they definitely exude even more negativity than you realize. And far from overcoming and dissolving afflicted energy in your home, they could actually generate negativity instead.

I am very particular about the cosmic fields that surround all the things I display in my home. Objects made of crystals for instance are particularly sensitive to energy as crystals pick up and store both good as well as bad energy. I always advise people to cleanse their crystals either with sound vibrations or with water so that what is displayed in the home exudes good and fresh energy. Sometimes when there is too much quarrelling and loud words in the vicinity of your crystal products, it becomes advisable to cleanse them with a wet cloth soaked in natural salt.

It is an excellent idea to re-energize all the decorative items that you place in the home to attract good fortune. This means cleaning them, moving them around and if they are items of a sacred nature, it is excellent to use incense to strengthen the cosmic field around them. All the prayer wheels, sacred jewellery and plaques that I design contain powerful mantras and syllables.

Each of the pendant prayer wheels for instance contain a million mantras of the Compassionate Buddha’s mantra in microfilm that is specially ordered from Phoenix, Arizona in the USA. This is the only way anyone can fit a million mantras into such a small pendant, and the rolling of these mantras must be carefully done so the mantras are not placed inside upside down!


I was horrified to discover copycat prayer wheels being sold by someone from Penang which contained blank paper!! Worse, the prayer wheel was NOT made of gold at all  but a cheap alloy with the enamel almost falling away. When I first looked at it, it looked like the real thing and it was only on closer examination that I made my horrific discovery – there were no mantras inside the wheel at all! It was this discovery that prompted me to write this small explanation to my readers. Dear ones, please do note that when something is sold impossibly cheap, there is usually something wrong with it.

Prayer wheels are sacred objects and the mantras inside MUST be regarded with great reverence.To wear a prayer wheel that is empty brings harm to the wearer, so do be careful.

It is the same with feng shui wallets, wall plaques and the wish granting tree of life and wish granting jewels. These come with empowering mantras that really must be carefully checked to make sure there are no mistakes. So my dear readers, I do urge you to be very careful and discerning when you are shopping for all your lucky symbols and sacred products. Remember that the underlying energies that come with any product may be invisible but they do carry residual energy; and you want whatever energy they are carrying to be positive.