Chinese New Year Colors & Symbols for 2021

To greet in the New Year, there are several colors and symbols that simply MUST be brought into the home, as these are the decorative enhancers that will ensure everything auspicious comes to you.

Red lanterns are one most easily identifiable as auspicious symbols of Chinese New Year. Here, their color red resonates with everyone as it is universally acknowledged as the most auspicious color of the New Year. Thus red is always the principle color used in restaurants and temples and on clothes worn by everyone to reflect the good energy it represents. For good luck, everyone wears red, or at least try to, during the first day of the Lunar New Year festivities.

Yellow Chrysanthemums bring increasing luck during the New Year.

This is the time of year when the color yellow – the kind almost bordering on gold – brings auspicious increasing prosperity luck. The flower itself is also auspicious, as it is usually filled with an abundance of petals. If there is an altar in your home, placing these yellow blooms as offerings to your Gods and Buddhas through the fifteen days of the Lunar New Year is very auspicious.


Kumquat Orange

This plant brings the symbol of gold into the home, and in 2021, these bushy plants studded with bright juicy kumquats ensure that wealth luck gets attracted into the home. Place a pair of these plants flanking your main door inside or outside your home. The orange color here can be closer to red or yellow, but both colors are considered to be auspicious, especially during the first 15 days of the New Year.

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Auspicious Sonnets or Calligraphy

Gold on done on plaques or on rice paper art in auspicious rhyming couplets with master brushstrokes are also very welcome during the New Year. The gold ink is considered very special as it signifies the color of accumulated wealth. When the calligraphy has a red background, it is more auspicious. The use of auspicious words has been popular in China for centuries. They remind readers of the strongly worded affirmations, which in recent years have become very popular as well.


To the Chinese, the word Double Happiness or Hei “喜喜” is considered very powerful for attracting good marriage luck, but should always have red in the background to infuse it with the needed yang chi to activate its energy.

Pink and White Flowers in the Living Room

Pink and White Blossoms indicate the coming of spring. These are one of the most important of auspicious symbols, as it has multi-layers of lucky meanings. They are also known by the Chinese as the Three Friends of Winter – Plum, Pine and Bamboo; together, they symbolize steadfastness, perseverance, and resilience. They continue to live through the cold winter months and as soon as spring comes, they send out glorious blooms that signifies the growth energy of the Springtime Wood element – all extremely auspicious as they welcome a bright new year filled with blossoming chi energy.

Red Packets filled with Money

This is one of the most important rituals of the Lunar New Year. This is when money is placed inside an auspiciously designed red packet to be given to all children and unmarried relatives in the family who visit your home to wish you a prosperous new year. In the old days, it was deemed very auspicious for the recipient to receive a red money packet from elder members of the family and from the boss, but it was considered equally auspicious for the older relative or boss when they give the red packet.

The amount placed inside the packet is not as important as the sentiments behind the giving. It is advisable to place an even-numbered amount inside the red packet and even more auspicious when meaningful words are printed in gold and the packet itself is a bright vermillion red. You can use any lucky symbol to decorate your lucky money packet, as long as the packet is red in color.

Using any other colors are considered unlucky, even when the year deems the other colors to be auspicious. Remember that during the 15 Days of the Lunar New Year, use red as background color and gold as secondary color and you will have a fortunate year!