Case Study For An East Facing House

When renovating, it is important to generate the appropriate Flying Star Feng Shui charts that apply to your house. This uses the facing direction of your property for this period of 8. Periods last for 20 years, and the current period will end in 2024. Houses completed prior to 2004 are described as “old energy” houses which lack the vitality to receive good feng shui. So if you are living in houses that have not been updated ie are  Period of 7 houses, then it is unlikely your luck can reach its full potential. For you RENOVATION and new layout designs are the key to unlocking great feng shui.

The correct Flying Star Chart of your home reveals energy quality in the nine sectors that you can divide the home in to; it provides a veritable guide on how the layout of your home should be designed to bring out its fullest luck potential.  In this issue’s example, we look at a house that faces EAST 2 which is between 82.5 to 112.5 degrees of the com pass. Here is the flying star chart for this EAST 2 home. The house has been completely designed to take advantage of the best sectors offered by the chart and suppress all bad energy caused by unfavourable stars. Here is how the favourable stars have been captured:

THE CENTRE has the auspicious 186 stars which bring prosperity and good fortune. Hence it is ideal to have an open plan configuration and not to “lock up” the centre.

THE WEST is a lucky sector as the Double 8 stars fly there.  The Water 8 star brings prosperity and the Mountain 8 star brings excellent health and relationships.  Here we have placed the Dining Room in the West, and activated the Double 8 stars with the Waterfall feature at the back of the home. Large sliding doors have been placed here to let in the auspicious chi generated by the waterfall.

THE SOUTH is also very lucky with the energy stars of 6-1. Hence, the living area has been designed as a large space to spread the energy on the right half of the house.

UNFAVOURABLE STARS bring long term problems if they are not suppressed or cured. When the flying stars bring afflicted energy, they can be suppressed by placing a bathroom there, or locking them up in a closet. Where this is not possible, elemental and symbolic cures are used to weaken the effects of these stars. In this example, this is how the unfavourable stars have been dealt with:

THE SOUTHEAST of this home is afflicted by the water and mountain 2-5 stars of illness and misfortune. In the long term, anyone who lives here will suffer from lack of prospects and succumb to serious illness. Hence, placing a bathroom here in the second floor suppresses the 2-5 stars from asserting its negative influence. On the ground floor these two Earth stars are further weakened by placing a plant and hanging a metal windchime in the Southeast corner. In the Pakua, the Southeast represents Palace of Prosperity and is activated by the presence of wood; so this is enhanced by planting a large tree in the Southeast corner of the Garden.

THE SOUTHWEST is also afflicted by the 4-3 stars. The number 4 mountain star brings romance and academic luck, but the number 3 water star spells causes quarrels that reduce prosperity. The number 3 can be weakened by fire energy. Hence a light is placed here to weaken the 3 and strengthen the Southwest palace. Note that the Southwest is the palace of the Matriarch and Martial Happiness – and even if the flying stars here are unfavourable, it must never be suppressed by placing a bathroom or kitchen here. Doing so will severely affect the luck of the mother, and cause the couple’s marriage to degenerate.

THE NORTHEAST has the 7-9 stars which bring burglary and violence. In this house, the NE has been made into a garage, in a way “locking” up the stars away from living areas. The room upstairs here is a guest room, and is locked up when no one using it.

When working out the placement and design of bedrooms, it is important to examine the KUA directions of each family member as well as ensure that doors are placed in a way that they do not “cut” into the location of the bed. Study the design of the upper floor and you will note that the design of the bedrooms in this home have ensured the entrance and bathroom doors have been placed away from “cutting” into the bed which allow the beds to be positioned in accordance to favourable directions of each family member.

The table on top summarises Kua directions of this entire family. Both Parents and two sons belong to East Group directions; they will benefit from any of the rooms located in the Southeast, East, North and South. The daughter is the only person in the household who belongs to the West group of Kua directions. She will benefit from sleeping in rooms located in the Northwest, Southwest, Northeast, and West. If one cannot sleep in a bedroom that matches their kua locations, then select the room which allows the person to sleep facing their good direction.

Here, each family member has been matched to rooms that bring them good fortune according to their Kua locations and directions:


BOTH PARENTS are EAST Group people. They have been placed in the East Room, which is the Father’s Health location, and the Mother’s Wealth location. This room also allows both to sleep with their heads facing SOUTH, which is the Father’s love direction and the Mother’s Personal Growth direction. It is beneficial for the Father to sleep according to his Love direction – this allows him to tap his descendant’s luck ensuring a fruitful and prosperous future generation. Note however, that this room does have the 3-4 flying stars. This is easily overcome by using red colour scheme as their window curtains.

BOTH SONS are EAST GROUP people. They have thus been allocated the South room, which is beneficial for both sons. The South location is the first son’s HEALTH location and the second son’s  WEALTH location. Note that their beds are also positioned to face South. Their study desks face NORTH – benefitting both sons greatly. The South room also contains auspicious flying stars of 1-6. The combination of 1 and 6 bring peach blossom luck – indicating popularity for these two boys. Both boys (Rat and Ox) are secret friends of each other – and they will get along very well and benefit each other sleeping in the same room.

THE YOUNGEST DAUGHTER has been allocated the West room and here, she will rise to be a shining star! The west is the palace of the Rooster, and is also her Personal Growth direction. Note that this room also allows her bed and study desk to be positioned facing West.

This chart shows the annual flying star chart that changes every year. Annual stars that fly into the main entrance and bedrooms assert strong influence over luck of its occupants for the year.

When placing cures for annual stars one should also check that the cures used to supress the flying star natal chart stars do not inadvertently strengthen malicious stars of the annual stars. In this example, both the main entrance and Master bedroom are located in the EAST which is severely afflicted by the FIVE YELLOW in 2011 Year of the Golden Rabbit. The Father is also born in the year of the Rabbit, which means his luck is also badly affected. The red curtains used in the Master Bedroom to control the 4-3 stars represent fire energy – this will strengthen the Five Yellow making its vicious energy more pronounced. Hence so for this year, the red curtains should be brought down, and replaced with gold, white or silver curtains to bring in the element of METAL. Metal will also weaken the 3-4 flying stars as well as subdue the Five Yellow Star.  The couple should place a pair of Five Element Pagodas immediately confronting their entrance in the east, and by the window of their master bedroom.

The number 2 star flies into the South bedroom and this will affect the mental and physical health of both the boys this year. Hence, metal Wu Lous should be placed in the South sector of their bedroom to “lock up” the annual star.  The West is afflicted by the Three Killings, which brings misfortune that affects the Rooster daughter. This can be subdued by placing the three celestial guardians in the West sector of her bedroom. The Dining room below should also display the Three Guardians placed directly facing the back sliding door.  See the diagram across the page that illustrates how the cures are placed to subdue bad stars and enhance good ones.

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