Birthday Numerology: The Meanings of Numbers

Last article talked about how to derive birthdate charts based on one’s date of birth, and explained how this affects one’s disposition, behavior, personality and attitudes. This issue, we will be talking about the meanings of the numbers in the birth chart. Pythagoras in his studies indicated that most people possess a set of “dominant numbers” which then exert their influence on one’s personality traits. Dominant numbers are simply numbers that appear more than once in the birth chart. When your chart is balanced where there is no real indication of dominant numbers, it means good news, as such people tend to lead very balanced lives with little or no excess in the intellectual, spiritual or material dimensions.

During the 20th century, everyone was born between the years 1900 to 1999, so we find that everyone’s chart would contain the numbers 1 and 9. Since the number 1 belongs to the Intellectual plane, and the number 9 belongs to the Material plane, we see a lot of scientific progress as well as material gains. When we compare it to the 19th century where people were born between the years 1800 – 1899, we found great increases in wealth but not so much in the area of scientific progress due to the lack of the number 9.



Located in the center of the material dimension, the number 1 represents a person’s practical nature and his concerns over material needs. Having this number in your chart indicates that you have the potential to have a comfortable lifestyle.

Having a single 1 indicates average money; if there is also the 6 or 8 present, then the combination is very auspicious and you can be capable of great riches. However, if there is only the number 1, then you can be comfortable, but being obscenely wealthy is unlikely.

When you have two 1’s, the effect is doubled, bringing prosperity luck in small doses. If combined with the 6 or 8, it symbolizes a rich and comfortable life.

Three 1’s denotes a happy person, one whose material needs are always met and whose disposition attracts the presence of other wealthy persons into your life. When combined with the 6 or 8, luck become phenomenal, and combined with double 7’s, it indicates extreme good fortune.

Four or more 1’s indicates excessive concentration or obsession with the accumulation of material wealth.


This number belongs to the intellectual dimension, and indicates rational (or irrational) thinking. When found with other intellectual numbers, such as 9 or 4, this is a sign of a powerful intellect. Among the 3 intellectual numbers however, the 2 is considered the least fortunate, as it reflects more of the negative aspects of the intellect when compared to the other two numbers.

One 2, without the 9 or 4 present, signifies a mediocre mind; such people require lots of guidance and help. However, if both the 9 and 4 are also present, it indicates a mind that is strong, suitable for those who aspire to study law or medicine where there is a lot of reading and good memory required.

Two 2’s alone indicate possible mental disease, but when found with the 9 and 4, or in combination with the 5 and 8, brings good luck.

Three 2’s is totally inauspicious and on its own, without the 9 or 4, suggests illness and perhaps a short life.

Four or more 2’s is even more unbalanced and can mean a really short life, severe illness or even suicide.


This is one of the spiritual numbers, and symbolizes intuition and emotional strength. A chart that is missing the 3 does not mean an absence of feelings, just as many 3’s does not mean someone that is excessively emotional. Much of this has to do with balance, and how the numbers combines with others. Thus:

One 3 in the chart suggests a lack of sensitivity to cope with competitive situations, unless combined with 5 or 7 of the spiritual plane. People with a singular 3 in their chart often get their feelings hurt and can suffer from frequent headaches. Such people should avoid high-stress jobs.

Two 3’s indicates a higher level of intuition and sensitivity. These people are often believed to possess a high intelligence, capable of sniffing out false friends. When combined with the 5 and 7, it means someone who is spiritually inclined.

Three or more 3’s by themselves indicates someone who is hyper-sensitive, and as a result can be lost in a cocoon of emotional turmoil. Such people can come across aloof or even spiteful, unless there is some balance with the 5 or 7.


The number 4 represents the rational aspects of the intellectual dimension. People with this number in their chart are logical and meticulous, and they tend to be highly disciplined in their approach to life.

Individuals with one 4 have a flair for logical thinking. However, they tend to be skeptical and cautious when making decisions.

Two 4’s strengthens the effects of the number and can mean an individual who is intolerant and impatient. If you also have numbers in the spiritual plane, then this is tempered with a certain amount of compromise. However, if there are no numbers in the spiritual plane, the double 4 can bring dogmatic tendencies and a stubborn inclination to belittle others’ viewpoints or ideas.

Three or more 4’s indicates people who are extremely difficult to get along with. Such people should guard against extreme stubbornness, or failure will follow them through life.


This number governs the intensity of one’s feelings, and so exerts a strong influence on the power and passion of one’s emotions as well as the strength of one’s resolutions needed to render thoughts into action, and ambitions into results.

One 5 in the chart suggests emotional control, bringing reliability and groundedness. People who possess two 5’s can be easily recognized by the intensity of their inner fervour. They exude an air of confidence, which if supported by the 9 or 1, makes for a formidable individual. However, some of the negative aspects of the 5 can also be seen with arrogance and overbearing attitudes, unless balanced by numbers in the other two dimensions.

Three or more 5’s is very negative, and this means too much inner energy for one individual to handle. Unless balanced by other numbers on the spiritual plane, such individuals will burn out quickly.


The number 6 brings satisfaction in the material sense. It is considered very auspicious and indicates good protection against poverty. Thus having a 6 in your chart is a good indication of monetary health.

People with one 6 in their chart enjoy monetary luck and often do not need to worry too much about money, as somehow money will come to them when they need it. Even when down on their luck, such individuals will rarely suffer from hunger or poverty.

Two 6’s indicates a doubling of the creative ability for generating income. However, there may be some increased anxiety should any setbacks occur. The double 6’s should have the 3, 5 or 7 in their chart, as the lack of any of these balancing numbers indicates hypersensitivity to obstacles, and such people thus need a lot of encouragement.

Three or more 6’s indicates increased worries. But if there is the support of the 1 or 8 in the chart, material abundance will help alleviate fears of failure.



One of the spiritual numbers, the 7 indicates a fear of loss, and represents an interest in metaphysical studies or anything to do with the human existence.

One 7 in the chart when combined with the 8, 1 or 6 brings success together with compassion and kindness. On its own, the 7 brings desire for perfection.

Two 7’s in the chart aggravates the desire for perfection. Such people need to rationalize what is possible and learn to balance between the three major issues of love, money and health.

Three or more 7’s in the chart can indicate manic depressives when not balanced by other numbers on the spiritual plane.


This is the luckiest number in the chart and it brings lots of good fortune! We can see many people born in the 80’s enjoying plenty of good fortune.

The single 8 if combined with either the 6 or 1 means a life filled with good fortune.

Having two 8’s in the chart is very beneficial and indicates a high degree of success when running one’s own business. However, if there is a lack of other numbers in the two other planes, the double 8 brings about misfortune later on in life.

Having three or more 8’s indicates a delay in prosperity, when prosperity beckons but does not materialize.


The number 9 as the central number of the intellectual dimension represents the fullness of heaven and earth. Also known as a multiplying number, it exerts a strong influence on the effects of the other numbers in the chart. In this century, this number appears at least once in everyone’s chart, explaining why there has been so much progress made in technology and all fields of research.

One 9 in the chart brings self assurance, ambition and intelligence. There is high potential for success in all fields of academia as long as the chart is balanced with other numbers on the intellectual plane. If the birth chart is balanced with other numbers in all three planes, there is good news in terms of authority as well as an excellent career.

A double 9 is a sure sign of intellectual ability, with a love for acquiring more knowledge. The double 9 is an expression of idealism coupled with serious thought. People with the double 9 are level-headed and ruled by their head, and seldom by their heart, unless there is a heavier weighting in the middle numbers of 3, 5 and 7.

Three or more 9’s turns negative, as balance is lost; such people tend to be hot-tempered, impatient, insensitive and possibly even mentally unbalanced.


We can see that her chart possesses numbers in all the three dimensions, which means that this is someone who leads a well-balanced life. She has three sets of dominant numbers, namely the double 2, the double 5 and the double 1. The single 9, combined with the double 2, means she is someone who has a powerful intellect and who thinks rationally. The double 5, together with the 3 and the 9, indicates that she is one formidable person who can be a philanthropist and generous. This chart however is of someone who is very careful of whom she helps. The double 1 indicates big potential for material wealth. Indeed, the above is true, as she is not only well-known for being the greatest black billionaire philanthropist, she is also well known for her direct and no-nonsense views on her popular talk show “The Oprah Winfrey Show”. Her chart also possesses the special line of willpower.


This vertical line of 9, 5 and 1 brings a stubborn streak. At its most positive, it brings endurance, persistence and determination. However, at its worst, it gives rise to extreme stubbornness, and inflexibility. People with this line tend to be argumentative and do not take kindly to discipline imposed on them. Indeed, most successful politicians have this line in their chart, as it makes them tough enough to overcome all.