5 Ways to Attract Good Luck this Holiday Season

There are many reasons to get into the Christmas spirit but our favorite comes from a feng shui perspective. As with most festive seasons, the positive energies of togetherness, happiness and joy going around this time of the year are extremely auspicious, making it an excellent time to usher all of this goodness into one’s life, to get it moving joyously throughout one’s home, and to activate it with twinkling lights and the beautiful tradition of gift-giving!

Here are 5 ways to harness the good fortune energies brought by the holiday season.


Christmas light decorations, including your Christmas tree, make potent good fortune activators when placed in the right sectors. Lights are the most powerful energizers of the Fire element, which brings happiness and good fortune. Make it a habit to check your monthly Flying Stars for the luckiest placements. Here’s what December’s chart looks like:


The sectors you should brighten up this December are North (6), Northeast (4) and Southeast (9). Enhancing Fire energy in the North activates Heaven Luck that comes in the form of windfalls, opportunities, helpful people, and things falling nicely into place for you. Lighting up the Northeast brings Peach Blossom luck which helps in attracting love, good friendships and professional allies. In the Southeast, your lights will ignite the luck of long-term prosperity.

Because Fire represents Resources this year and is in extremely short supply, do keep your lights on for as long as you can throughout the night (and even day) hours, all the way till January 5th. You want to avoid adding lights to the central sector though, as that will strengthen the Five Yellow there.


While it is a good habit to add at least one new decorative ornament each year, it is just as important to discard those that look old and faded, unless of course, they hold sentimental value. We love adding feng shui hangings to our Christmas tree that signify growth and expansion, and that symbolize new wealth and abundance, especially new amulets that will be used the following year. Indeed, the flickering lights of the Christmas tree bring their innate qualities to life, energizing these powerful luck bringers at a most joyous time!


Good feng shui is all about creating and living in abundance, so the more presents you have under your Christmas tree, the better! Having a tree with an empty base is a big no-no, as that will signify the complete opposite, so as soon as you have your tree up, make sure to start adding gifts under it straight away. These do not have to be extravagantly expensive. Thoughtful, heartfelt, and especially FUN ones are the best. Encourage family members to get gifts for each other and place them under the tree early. That way, the gifts will have a longer time to soak up the tree’s fabulously festive energies.



The hustle and bustle of having people over fills one’s home with refreshingly new Yang energies. Invite close friends and family over to share a meal. Having carollers over to perform and exchanging gifts at the end will boost happiness vibrations for everyone present as well! When you allow good music and joyful conversations to shake up any stagnant chi, you maximize the good fortune potential of your home, and all of the residents living within it. 


This is a popular ritual that is effective for actualizing deep aspirations. Wish-fulfilling balloons can be released at any time of the year, but when released on big happy occasions like birthdays, pujas, Chinese New Year and even Christmas, they are taken to the heavens by a very special brand of magic.

To send your wishes to the Sky Dragons, you first need helium balloons to write your wishes on. Use a permanent marker and include your name, birth date and address. Once a windhorse flag is attached to the balloon, it is ready to be sent skyward. Choose an open space free of trees and electrical wires to release them so that they have direct access to the sky. When releasing them, remember to visualize your wishes coming true at the same time.

Here’s wishing everyone a joyous Christmas with your loved ones and a Happy New Year!