10 Ways To Be Daring With Your Feng Shui Placements

Updated Feb 2018


to subdue the 5 yellow wu wang, which brings misfortune, sickness, problems and even reversals of fortune that cause suffering and tragedy. Determine the North sector of your home or living room; then place the Sun and Moon five element pagoda here to suppress the misfortune energies of the wu wang.

1. Shine bright light on enhancers

Activate the energies of your feng shui enhancers by shining a very bright light on them. Shine light on the wealth trees placed in the Southeast to energize the #8 star and on the Trinity of Horses in the Northwest of the room to bring victory, success and wealth. This is one of the best ways of strengthening these symbolic enhancers.

2. Display more than one of the cure or enhancer you need in any sector

In 2018, the Northeast part of your home is harmed by the number 3 star, which often brings more than just hostile energies. It brings misunderstandings that lead to serious disagreements which can degenerate into legal entanglements and litigation. Place more than one of the Red Eagle remedy in the Northeast. Likewise, it is a great idea to also place not one but two of the Sun Moon Pagoda of five elements in the North to suppress the wu wang.


Turn on the TV or radio. The energies in the home must never be allowed to stagnate, so it is always good to generate soundwaves by allowing music and voices to flood the room. Be daring when activating your home this way; occasionally let the sounds be really loud, because that is the best way to effectively dissipate bad energy!

4. Wear multiple amulets

Be daring in the way you put on your amulet accessories and jewellery. These generate powerful radiating energy, attracting good fortune and keeping you protected. In the enhancing of one’s personal feng shui, more is better than less.

5. Drape talisman scarves on your favourite chair

There are so many talisman scarves which we have made through the years, and these work really well worn on the body to energize the neck and heart chakras; but you can also drape these empowering scarves in the family room sofa chairs or living room settee sets for the room to benefit from the empowering sacred symbols and syllables printed on the scarves.


It is always beneficial to add surface space to your living room, so there are more display opportunities for the enhancing symbols that activate the auspicious stars of the year. Be bold when it comes to arranging your space, especially at the start of each new year. This is the best time to add at least one new piece of small furniture. This can be a display cabinet, a new side table or even a larger coffee table.



Do this by remembering to move the chi within your living space as frequently as you can. Remember that every object in the home, even though inanimate, possess their own energies, which can get stale and weaken unless they are given strong doses of yang vibrations. This makes them come alive so to speak, and that is when their very presence in the home enhances the luck within.


Place our colorful protective stickers on the windows of your home to ensure better security against petty thieves and burglars. Those living in high-rise apartments also attract wonderful energies from the elevated atmosphere. Sacred stickers radiate blessing vibrations around the home


A daring new way to decorate your home is to stick powerful sutras on the walls of the home. There is wonderful energy associated with the sacred syllables and dharanis so that not only are they decorative, they also imbue the walls of the home with empowering vibrations.


Add new greens into the living area of the home. You will be surprised how uplifting this can be, especially if these come in the form of live plants that increase the oxygen level in the room. Some of the auspicious plants you may want to consider are the Kuan Yin indoor bamboos or the fabulous iron plant – place these in the East and SE or in the corners of the room to add some wonderful Wood energy. Wood element energy brings creativity and enhances the intellectual capabilities of those living in the home, making it especially beneficial in homes with school-going children.