Your Health Potential Revealed in Your Paht Chee

A Paht Chee analysis of your date of birth can be very helpful for finding answers to what can happen in your life. Apart from providing analysis on your career and wealth potential, and marriage prospects, it can also be used to help us understand our physical health condition. When used properly, we are able to better implement preventative measures to improve our health and strengthen our body.

The philosophy within Paht Chee is very similar to that used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The 5 elements of Metal, Earth, Fire, Wood and Water are the basic components of the universe and hence, our body is also composed of the 5 elements. Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on the 5 vital organs and this can be associated to the 5 elements. In addition, other body parts are also connected to one of the elements, as described in the chart below.

We need to have a good balance of the 5 elements in order to have good health. So if your chart has all 5 elements in balanced quantities, it can be said that you will have perfect good health. When there is imbalance, sickness will occur.

Let us say someone has 4 units of Metal in their chart and is missing Water. This means that Metal goes out of control since Water is missing. Since the vital organ associated with Metal are the Lungs, this could mean some kind of lung disease such as infections or even lung cancer. Water on the other hand represents the Kidney, and since Water is missing, it indicates there could be poor kidney function. Of course, the elements of the Ten Year Luck Pillars as well as the annual element of the current year will also play a part in affecting this person’s likelihood of getting lung or kidney disease.

In addition, we also need to see the relationships of elements in the heavenly stems, and this gives us more insight into the functional relationships among the various organs in your body. This then gives us the ability to trace the origins or root cause of sickness in the body.

The relationship of animals in the Earthly Branches can also indicate potential problems.

The above two tables provide us with the relationships between the various parts of the body, and this is most importantly seen in the Day Pillar of your chart. For example, if your heavenly stem is Yang Water and the Earthly Branch is Dragon, then we have Earth destroying Water. This indicates that your bladder functions are weak, which will affect your skin. Furthermore, there is a possibility of varicose veins in your legs, as this is also a function of your bladder function. There are possibilities of keliods in the skin around your chest area, and this becomes more pronounced if there is excessive Earth in your chart.

In addition to using Paht Chee, here are 3 effective methods to protect your health and strengthen your immunity.



According to the Chinese, the 24 hours that we have each day is governed by the 12 zodiac animals. Each animal takes care of 2 hours, thus giving us 12 time slots of 2 hours each. The day starts with the animal sign of the Rat and this corresponds to 11pm – 1.00am in the morning. It has been common practice in the Chinese culture that we should all be in bed asleep during this time period as it is during these 2 hours that our body carries out its daily maintenance and repairs. If you sleep late, this means that your body has little or no time at all to carry out proper maintenance and repair, thus leading to premature aging, and reduced resistance to illness.


The Chinese also believe that our last meal of the day should be at least 2 hours before the start of the following day. This means that you should not eat any solid food after 9.00pm. This allows our stomach to do its job properly by passing on any solid food that we have eaten into our intestines for proper digestion. When you eat late, this means that not all of the food eaten is passed into the intestines and thus will go bad in the stomach. This leads to increased bloating, gas and other digestive ailments. It also allows for an imbalance in the intestinal flora, allowing unwanted bacteria to flourish.


Breakfast is not only our first meal of the day, it should be a complete and balanced meal that provides our body with all of the required daily nutrients. The most ideal time for having breakfast is within the hour of the Dragon, which is between 7.00am – 9.00am. Try your best to not to skip eating breakfast.


A PAHT CHEE HEALTH ANALYSIS: What he desperately needs is Wood element energy…

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We can see from his chart that he has excessive Water and he is missing Wood. Thus, we know that Wood is what is needed in order to create balance in his chart. The Water element is indicative of the Kidney, and relates to the Thymus gland, tonsils, lymph nodes and bone marrow. When Water is excessive, his body’s natural immunity and toxin cleansing systems are on hyper drive. This of course can lead to many medical disorders such as Sarcoidosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s as well as a wide range of sickness caused by an overactive immunity response.

When we look at his Day Pillar, the heavenly stem here is Yin Water, further strengthened by the Yin Metal of the Rooster in the earthly branch. When you refer to the two tables, you will see that Yin Metal deals with the lungs, and the Rooster deals with the intestines and blood. From a Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view, this would mean that his lungs are overly strong, which weakens the intestines and also affects his blood. This combination further enhances the indication of immunity disorder, as the lungs are also very closely linked into the body’s general immune system. We can say that this health condition is one he was genetically born with, which can only be helped with the addition of Wood element.

When you look at his 10 Year Luck Pillars, you will notice that Wood element appears in the early years and ends when he past age 30. Once that Wood element is gone, his Parkinson’s Disease set in and progressively got worse. However, remember that he has a full set of allies (Ox, Snake, Rooster) and his secret friend the Rat to help protect him. When we see the following two luck pillars, they are governed by the Ox (age 31- 40) and the Rat (age 41 – 50) which of course bring him divine assistance, and help slow down the progression of his disease.

His current age of 54 means that he is about to end the first half of the next luck pillar, which has Yin Fire and Yin Water Boar. We know that his run of helpful good luck is coming to an end, and we see it in his acting career, where in 2013 and 2014 he appears only minimally. It is indeed sad, but based on his Paht Chee reading, it looks very much like we will continue to see less and less of him on the cinema screen as his Parkinson’s overcomes his health.