Why Recycling Your Cures Should Be Your Last Option

Quenie Fong of WOFS KUANTAN candidly shares her thoughts and experiences on the question on everybody’s lips each New Year… what to do with last year’s cures?

Late autumn and winter are the seasons when feng shui practitioners all over the world take stock of how the past year has been, and prepare for the forthcoming Lunar New Year, hoping to make life even better than before. This is when they research feng shui information for the coming year, and figure out to where they should relocate their cures or enhancements to best benefit them for the coming year. Annual stars fly to new locations and likewise, annual feng shui products need to be relocated accordingly.

Many people ask if they should recycle their existing products or buy new ones. This is precisely the reason I am writing this article – to answer that all-important question that many of my customers and clients ask. Is it better to recycle old cures or purchase new ones? And for those you do recycle, how can you cleanse them?

Annual feng shui cures would have protected you and your family for the past year. They have done their job, and as a result, their power of protection is exhausted. They have absorbed a lot of the bad vibes of whatever affliction they were made to remedy.So their ‘energy’ needs to be cleansed and revitalized before they can effectively protect you again for another 365 days. You would be bluffing yourself if you think you can just relocate them and they will do a similar job for another year and another year. This is a dangerous way to practice feng shui!

Okay, so since I say this, you would ask me – “How should I cleanse, revitalize and recycle old and used feng shui products?” Read on.


Yes, you can recycle last year’s products, but you need to ensure they are cleansed and empowered properly before they can be re-used effectively. Although recycled cures can still work, nevertheless I always remind myself not to recycle anything too many times, as their power does get weaker with time, especially if they look worn and tired. If they are in any way broken, chipped or scratched, it is best not to re use them.


To properly cleanse feng shui cures, you need the following:
1. Sun Water
2. Moon Water
3. Salt or Salt Water

To produce Sun Water, place a pitcher of clean tap water in the open to absorb the rays of the morning sun for at least 3 hours.

To produce Moon Water, place another pitcher of clean tap water in the open to capture the Moon’s rays for 3 hours.

Salt Water is made from a handful of natural salt. Coarse sea salt is best or rock/mountain salt. Never use artificial salt. The salt can be dissolved in clean water to make Salt Water, or you can simply rub coarse sea salt all over the item to be cleaned. But do take care not to scratch or damage brass or bronze materials this way.

Hold the product and sprinkle with each of the ‘Cleansing Waters’ and salt whilst chanting a cleansing mantra of your choice or the Tibetan Buddhist mantra: “Om Ah Hum” repeatedly as you are doing so. It doesn’t matter in which order of cleansing you start or end with, but do be careful with the salt bath if your product is made of metal, or it will rust.

Rinse thoroughly after the salt ritual and wipe dry with a clean, dry cloth (For heaven’s sakes, do NOT use a cast-off torn old tee-shirt! Get a proper piece of cloth meant for polishing or a new hand towel!)


This will effectively cleanse away all the negative vibes collected and absorbed by the cure or enhancer for the past year. Remember to throw away any ‘contents’ before you start (for example: earth or soil inside a Five Element Pagoda).

You may soak products made of crystal for 7 days and 7 nights for an even more effective cleansing.


Next, you need to revitalize and empower them so that they are powerful again. To do this, use good quality incense like sandalwood or kemenyen in an incense burner and pass the product over and into the smoke, and you will need to recite an Empowerment Mantra of your choice.

You need to cleanse, revitalize and empower EACH and EVERY cure or activator you wish to recycle for the following year. After you have done so, you can then relocate them to the new directions for the following year. Some items cannot be recycled as they have been made specially for a particular year. In this case, you should throw them away into a fast-flowing river or burn and bury them. In order to have continuous effective and auspicious feng shui, you must not be attached to past items.

For example: Wealth wallets and purses. Change your purse at the start of each year. If they have brought you wealth and a good income, they have done their job well. Do not be fooled by the thought that if it had brought you good money, then you should use it forever and never change it for a new one! Not unless you want your money to forever remain the same. What you want is MORE money and NEW money to come in! I have actually seen some of my customers continue to use their torn, faded and tattered wallets, held together with rubber bands because of this wrong conception! How on earth can you expect to earn more money and gain more wealth with a wallet or purse in such a terrible condition? If I were money, I wouldn’t want to come into a container in such dire conditions! Make sure your purse is new and attractive because then it will attract new, beautiful money!


New products are designed specifically for a particular year and are made available before the Lunar New Year. Buying a new product made for that year is a fast, easy and accurate way to remedy that particular year’s affliction, or to activate the goodness of that particular year’s directions.

I figured that if in using a brand new feng shui enhancer my chances of new success and new wealth will be better, and if in acquiring new feng shui cures, my family and I live safely and smoothly for another year, then the amount I spend at the start of each New Year is trivial compared to the benefits they bring… for there is no value to being unharmed, healthy and happy! remember that cures and enhancers work without you even being aware of them working !

Just make sure you buy from a reputable shop, as the energy of the shop is the energy you take home with your product! Choose one with happy, successful and victorious energy! never buy cures and enhancers from shops whose energy is dishonest or who make you feel uneasy.