What the Forehead Reveals

If there is one part of the face that says a lot about a man, it is the shape, width and contour of his forehead. If his is a high impressive forehead that is wide and clear, the man is likely to achieve a great deal in life. He possesses high intellect and great forbearance. Such will be a man of courage, big vitality and great stamina. If he has the opportunity to pursue educational and political aspirations, such a man will rise to high office in either field.

In a woman, the same forehead indicates strength and stamina, but here there is a downside for few women can sustain the yang energy inherent in such a head. Instead, for women, a shorter narrower forehead is preferable as it suggests a happier, more meaningful life, one with room for the matriarchal energy to be nurtured.

The forehead is a yang aspect of the face. It represents the person’s strength of character and also indicates intelligence, creativity and educational attainments. Foreheads – their shape and contour – are also an indication of one’s relationship with parents.


According to many texts on ancient Chinese face reading, the forehead is the planet Mars on the face, indicating fire element and signifying trigram Li. So the natural colour of the forehead should be various shades of red. Foreheads that are tinged red to pink and which show a radiant glow suggest positive characteristics, while yellow and sallow looking foreheads suggest some imbalance and are thus negative indicators.

Wrinkles and lines on the forehead indicate experience. Positive and good experiences are indicated when wrinkles are straight and unbroken. Negative indications are when wrinkles look crooked or broken as if the wrinkles were forged from uncertainty and troubled experiences. Having said this, a clear forehead is to be desired as this is one of the best indicators of a clear mind with a capacity for good judgment.

Foreheads should never look dry and sallow. The most auspicious foreheads always look “plumped out”. So the modern discovery of botox is a great boon to the auspiciousness of faces. There is nothing wrong in getting cosmetic or medical help. If you subscribe to the theory that our face is our fortune, then using face creams to create a healthy looking forehead should be encouraged as part of a daily ritual.


Tapered Foreheads

When such foreheads are also narrow, it suggests a very adventurous person. This is someone who will happily take risks and explore change. Sometimes they can be foolhardy. A tapered low forehead suggests someone impulsive and sorely lacking in good judgment. They need to think through decisions before plunging foolishly into new ventures or taking unnecessary risks. There is a tendency to make foolish decisions.

Square Foreheads

Foreheads that are square in shape and also high indicate good intellectual ability and excellent values. It is usually found in people with good family backgrounds and who possess outstanding mental faculties. Such people have truly awesome intellect, and they are often reliable. This feature is especially desirable in men.

Square foreheads that are moderately high suggest persons with strong intellectual capability with the potential to find success, although rarely do such people attain the highest levels of managerial positions. They shine as number two rather than as the leader. But they do possess outstandingly sound practical instincts. They make incredibly loyal and reliable subordinates. This kind of forehead is most desirable for women as it indicates someone with outstanding home-making skills.

When the forehead is square but short, it indicates a difficult start in life, but with a good effort success is possible. The square forehead suggests a person with a big dose of common sense and good character. Success however comes in later life.


Round Foreheads

High, rounded foreheads (especially with no scars, moles or indentations) indicate someone with a peaceful and friendly nature. Such a person probably enjoyed a pleasant childhood. These individuals are rarely interested in achieving prominence. They are content with what they have and are not ambitious. This forehead is more desirable in a woman than in men.

A forehead that is rounded and moderately high suggests a timid person who is uncomfortable being adventurous. He/she is perfectly happy with a sedentary existence. They are uncomfortable with change and will not make any effort to alter their life situation. If you read this as lacking in ambition you would be correct.

Rounded foreheads that are low indicate a poor start in life.


Straight foreheads

that are high, straight and flat when observed from the side, and which extends straight down from the hairline to the brow bone indicates someone with strong character and impressive intellectual power. But there is a tendency to be dogmatic and even stubborn. From a young age this person has very fixed views on a variety of issues. They dislike change unless initiated by them, and they are paranoiac about stability and security. When the forehead is straight and flat but low, it suggests someone who has to work hard during the younger years. For such a person, nothing comes easy.

Domed foreheads

appear rounded and full from the side. This forehead indicates a strong person who can adapt to circumstances. This is their great strength. In a woman, the domed or rounded forehead indicates someone who can find success in the performing field. They tend to be passionate and romantic and are capable of being sexually vulnerable. So they are advised to beware strangers bearing gifts or flattery.

Sloping foreheads

indicate a restless and foolhardy person who would benefit from discipline and the presence of a strong guiding hand. In a woman this forehead is not a good indication especially if it is dry and lacking in moisture. Better to use bangs in the hair or wear a fringe.

Bulging foreheads

that stick out from the hairline suggest someone with excessive energy and drive. In some people, this comes across as restlessness and being out of touch with reality, but in others, this can spell success and great achievement. This forehead type brings much better luck for women than for men.