Water Smarts: Wrapping Round Rather Than Digging

Everyone knows now that WATER is the key to unlocking prosperity in feng shui, that the shui in feng shui brings the exciting results everyone wants – enhanced wealth. There are so many different formulas one can follow, so many ways to build the Water Dragon, and all that Flying Star stuff, as well as focusing attention on water stars and water flows – that it can all get a bit confusing, especially since not everyone who installs a fountain or pool in their home instantly gets richer. Why is this ? LILLIAN TOO explains smart ways with WATER and reveals some hidden taboos that sometimes block rather than bring wealth luck.

I have often explained that WATER in feng shui brings enhanced income luck and there are different ways of building water features and designing water flows in and around the home to attract this very sought-after result of using feng shui. For sure, when there is a view of water, the feng shui of any abode instantly improves and the best is to have one’s home built near a natural body of water – a lake or a river – and then creating an orientation to the home so that the cosmic forces help one to harvest the riches from the river or to tap into the wealth of the lake. This is where a skilled feng shui master can really help you to capture the luck of the water.

Natural fresh water lakes and rivers that have their source in the high mountains are the most potent in bringing good wealth luck, especially if these waters have been flowing for thousands of years. It is when one can build near such a flow or body of water that it really benefits to get a feng shui master genuinely skilled in the ways of the COMPASS to make sure your home is tilted exactly right to capture the water.


To get this orientation correctly requires the feng shui expert to engage the cosmic forces of that particular environment. Believe me, the orientation exercise can be tricky. It is easy to make mistakes. One needs to know exactly how to use the compass and precisely how to create the facing direction of the home (or building). But get it right and riches should flow to the residents of the home easily and effortlessly. Usually this exercise is best done with the help of the third dimension i.e. engaging the help of the landlord spirits of the land.

But we do not all live near lakes or rivers… people like us must create our own water flows and our own bodies of water – ponds or pools of water that are near enough, deep enough and yang enough to simulate the prosperity-bringing properties of natural water. This is possible only if you live on landed property; only then is it possible to create auspicious water that benefits your home.

The good news about water is that there are probably four or five SPOTS around your home where its presence would either enhance prosperity luck for you or subdue afflictive luck coming from harmful structures in the surrounding environment. Learning to position your water correctly is part of what good feng shui is about.

Thus for instance the front of the house where the front door is located i.e. what we in feng shui term your facing palace, is where the presence of a body of water is most helpful. In this part of the house, having yang water here would definitely enhance your growth luck and increase your net worth. This is based on the sheng chi energy located in the facing palace, and since sheng chi is of the Wood element, Water here helps the Wood grow and expand. So water at the front of the house is always a very beneficial feature.

Then comes the difficult part…

Do we create the water inside or outside the house? Here, different feng shui experts recommend different things. Some prefer the water to be outside gathering the chi and then wafting into the home through an open door or window, while other experts firmly maintain that having water inside the home, in the vicinity of the foyer area, is what will get the prosperity chi moving.

For me, I have water both outside as well as inside the home… and inside the home I prefer to place the water on the left side of the main door, as water in the middle (very good for period of 8) is not convenient for me, while water on the right will cause me too much headache in case my husband develops a heightened libido for sweet young things! To avoid this problem, I have made very sure my water is on the left side of the main door. But definitely I want water also inside the house.

It is the water inside the house which signifies that prosperity is already captured; it is already inside rather than outside the home. And to keep the water yang, I introduce some feng shui fish into the water!

Water inside the home near the foyer area, near the main door and if possible placed in the facing palace of the home is very auspicious. This is also something that can quite easily be built; and APARTMENT dwellers can also have this kind of prosperity-bringing water. The only problem is that water is most effective when it is dug into the ground. There has to be at least some kind of depth to the water – and according to the old Masters I consulted with in the old days, the deeper the water at the front of the house, the deeper will be your wealth luck! That is why building wells in the backyard or near the front of the house in the appropriate Compass location is simply so beneficial.

But while water that fills up a hole dug into the earth is the most auspicious, this is not something that can be done carelessly. Note that to have a pond of water inside the house YOU MUST INCORPORATE THIS INTO YOUR PLANS WHILE BUILDING THE HOUSE. You must not dig inside your house once you have moved in. Digging a hole in a ground inside the home especially if you or your family are living within is so BAD, and is such a TABOO, that it can cause the family to lose the house altogether and to become bankrupt.

Now that’s the secret taboo! If you want to build water inside your home, make sure it gets done before you move in. You cannot and must not dig inside the home. This disturbs the EARTH SPIRITS of your home – and the repercussions can be extremely severe.

ANOTHER SOLUTION. Or you can do what I did!

I had a very nice pond outside my house in the Seventies when my house was first built. That time my knowledge of feng shui was quite inadequate so we kept the water outside the house. It brought me luck but small luck! After I returned from my nine years in Hong Kong, I was armed with more serious knowledge of feng shui. I decided to expand my home by building around the pond, hence wrapping it around and bringing it into the home.

This signified bringing the wealth represented by the water into the home. The effect of this simple move and of the renovation did wonders for us in terms of enhancing our feng shui. Basically I had successfully brought the lucky water inside without digging.