Understanding the Three Killings

Updated 12th November 2020

The Three Killings (San Sha 三煞 in Mandarin) is one of the major afflictions that need our attention before the start of each Chinese Solar calendar, which falls on 4th Feb each year. It is always good to have each year’s new cures and enhancers in place by 3rd February.

The annual location of the 3 Killings is easily available from the internet or books, but it is good to have some basic understanding on how this location is derived each year. The location of the 3 Killings is calculated through the San He combinations of the 12 Earthly Branches on the 24 Mountains of a Luo Pan Compass. Its annual position is defined according to one of the 4 cardinal compass directions: North (Water), East (Wood), South (Fire) or West (Metal).

The concept of the Three Killings is associated with the Trinity of Allies of the Earthly Branches. The 12 animal signs are divided into four groups of harmonious alliances, with each group comprising 3 animal signs. Each trinity belongs to an element associated with one of the cardinal directions – North (Water), East (Wood), South (Fire) and West (Metal).

In any given year, the position of the 3 Killings corresponds to the direction DIRECTLY OPPOSITE to the direction of the trinity of allies. So in 2021, because it is an OX YEAR, the relevant trinity consists of the Ox, Snake and Rooster. This trinity corresponds to the element of “Metal”, which indicates a West direction. Thus, the sitting position of the Three Killings in 2021 is EAST. (Note that the Three Killings always occupies the direction opposite to the current year’s trinity direction.

Below are the trinity groupings with corresponding Three Killings directions:

The Three Killings brings 3 types of bad luck; loss of money, loss of loved ones and loss of one’s reputation.



You MUST NOT undertake any form of noisy renovations in the EAST part of your home or office between Feb 4th 2021 and Feb 3rd 2022. DO NOT DISTURB the ground in the EAST by digging holes, building foundations or conducting any kind of maintenance work with noisy equipment in the East part of your property. Once disturbed, this affliction can bring about 3 types of misfortune.

To safeguard against this affliction, we advise ALL HOMES to place the appropriate remedy in the location of the 3 Killings.

In 2021, the best remedy for this affliction are the THREE CELESTIAL SHIELDS with Pi Yao, Fu Dog and Chi Lin. The Pi Yao protects against loss of wealth, the Fu Dog protects against loss of loved ones, the Chi Lin protects against loss of relationships. This affliction is especially severe if one’s home sits East (and faces West), in which case, such homes MUST have the 3 CELESTIAL SHIELDS. In addition, we recommend that members of such households carry the portable version of these shields to stay protected from this affliction at all times.

As the 3 Killings is in the EAST in 2021, this also directly affects all those born in years of the Rabbit and Rooster – these two signs are thus advised to carry the 3 Celestial Shields Amulet as much as possible. You can hang off your bag as a bag decoration, clip onto your belt loops, or use as a keychain.

NOTE ALSO that you MUST NEVER sit with your back to the 3 Killings. So in 2021, you MUST NOT FACE WEST, EVEN if West is one of your “lucky directions” based on another formula.