Understanding the 5 Aspects of Your Element Luck

The relationship between your Birth Elements and the Elements of the Year give rise to 5 important aspects of element luck; namely your Life Force, Spirit Essence, Success, Health and Wealth. These form the foundation on which all other luck indications are built on, so their importance when analyzing one’s annual luck outlook must not be underestimated. Ideally, all 5 aspects of element luck should be at healthy levels but that usually requires some intervention on our part.


Life Force and Spirit Essence are arguably the most important categories when it comes to reading an Element Luck chart. Much like the resource element when reading a Paht Chee chart, they are what give us the impetus to do things, helping us fulfill our maximum potential.

Life Force governs your vitality and reflects the strength of your body and mind. It is the cosmic powerhouse that resides in your heart and sustains your life, so in years when it is strong, you will feel more energetic and more likely to go the extra mile in the things that you pursue. You cope with the challenges of obstacles and new opportunities much better, and when you fall ill, you will often enjoy a quick recovery.

Spirit Essence meanwhile defines the quality of your inner chi, which has psychic connections to your outside environment. This category of luck offers a window into one’s soul and is often expressed as the luminosity of one’s spirit. When your Spirit Essence is strong, it resides within the body, making it difficult for others to harm or bring you down with gossip and backstabbing. Because external forces have less of a negative impact, you will tend to see things from a more positive perspective. However, when Spirit Essence is weak, the spirit will tend to wander outside the body. As a result, you become vulnerable to mischievous spirits and cosmic disturbances, and may start to doubt your own abilities and judgements, all of which can result in indecisiveness, lowered confidence, depression and stress.

Life Force and Spirit Essence are what bring you the feel-good energies to enjoy life, so it is important to keep them reinforced at all times. Energize them with the Hamsa Hand Life Force Amulet and Sky Unicorn with Spirit Essence Amulet.


This category of the element luck chart measures success potential in any given year. It is brought to you by your inner “Windhorse” or Lung Ta, and is responsible for igniting the powerful energies of your mind. A strong inner Windhorse enhances your charisma and conviction, while giving you the aptitude to make the most of your good fortune and to overcome any obstacles. At its zenith, it lends strength and support to the other four categories of luck that determine your well-being each year.

When you enjoy a powerful Windhorse, you are more likely to achieve whatever goals you set for yourself. Harness it by inviting in the Bejewelled Flying Windhorse and carrying the Period 9 Windhorse Amulet. You can also wear the Windhorse Necklace.


The Health category reveals your health forecast. Weak readings indicate an increased risk of illness and a need to take better care of your safety. Avoid extreme sports and dangerous activities as physical injuries can be serious, and if you are dealing with chronic health issues, you should be extra mindful of unusual symptoms, especially in months when the Illness Star 2 flies into your home sector.


Strengthening it removes obstacles to good health and success. Place the Medicine Buddha Plaque by your bedside and the Sky Unicorn on your work desk, and keep the Abundance Wu Lou Amulet with you at all times.


The last category, Wealth, refers to the stability of your finances. Strong wealth ratings indicate you can attract wealth and prosperity using your own efforts, hard work and determination. If you have big ambitions and grit, you will have a good chance of generating additional or new sources of income, but when Wealth ratings are weak, it can be impossible to prevent outflows no matter how careful you are with your money.

Counter this by surrounding yourself with wealth enhancers. The more you have around you, the better. Place them in the North and SW where the annual 8 and 9 Stars reside, in your living room and on your work desk. Wear accessories featuring auspicious wealth symbols. You should also carry the Wealth Lock Coin or Padlock of Wealth to safeguard your income and assets further.

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