Three Killings Affliction of 2024

Updated on 26th December 2023

The 3 Killings is one of the major annual afflictions requiring our attention before the start of each new year, as it brings three types of bad luck; loss of money, loss of a loved one, loss of reputation. The Chinese Solar calendar starts on 4th Feb, so you should update your feng shui against the Three Killings before this date.

To determine the Three Killings’ location in any given year, we look at the ruling animal sign of that year and which Trinity of Allies it belongs to. Each trinity is associated with an element and one of the cardinal directions – North (Water), East (Wood), South (Fire) and West (Metal). The position of the 3 Killings will then be read as the direction DIRECTLY OPPOSITE the direction of the Trinity of Allies.

Below are the trinity groupings with corresponding Three Killings directions:

Since we are entering the year of the DRAGON in 202E, the trinity of Monkey, Rat AND DRAGON prevails. This trinity corresponds to the element of “WATER” and the cardinal direction of NORTH, so the sitting position of the Three Killings in 2024 is SOUTH.


As such, it is vital that you do not disturb the South part of your home or office between 4th Feb 2024 and 3rd Feb 2025. Avoid renovations, digging holes, building foundations or using heavy machinery for maintenance works here, as this will activate the Three Killings, which can bring grave misfortune. If possible, minimize activity in the South part of your property.



The most effective remedy for the Three Killings is the Three Celestial Guardians With Chakra Protection Wheel. The Pi Yao protects against loss of wealth, the Fu Dog protects against loss of loved ones, the Chi Lin protects against loss of relationships. The circular form of the shield represents the power of heaven over earth, especially important in a year when the quarrelsome #3 star dominates. ALL HOMES should have this shield in the SOUTH IN 2024.

Homes sitting South (and facing North) will be most severely affected and in cases like this, we recommend members of such households to enhance protection further by carrying the 3 Celestial Guardians Amulet.

Being in the SOUTH, the Three Killings directly affects individuals with bedrooms in the SOUTH, as well as those born in Snake, Horse, Sheep, Boar, Rat and Ox years. Keep the portable version of the 3 guardians amulet close to stay protected at all times. You can hang on your bag or use it as a keychain.


Note also that “confronting” the Three Killings is fine, but you must never sit with your back to the Three Killings. In 2024, this means you MUST NOT FACE NORTH in 2024, even if North is one of your “lucky directions” based on the Kua formula.